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8 December, 2021

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An essay about Afghan militia fighters and homosexual activity/pedophilia (which is surprising, given their Islamic beliefs). Afghan fighter #1: “Ohhhh, ohhhh, Farzaad! (*swoon*)…I didn’t know that you had such deeeep feelings for me! Ohhhh!” (*swoon*). Afghan fighter #2: “I really don’t, Abdul! The truth is, I’d screw a Golden Retriever — in fact, I did […]

20 July, 2020

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Brown/Black people always outbreed White people. With that fact in mind, read this: Here is the 2019 Christchurch, New Zealand gunman Brenton Tarrant on why he committed his fatal shooting attacks on two mosques in March 2019 (this is from his manifesto; edited to correct a typo): “To ensure diverse peoples remain diverse, separate, unique, […]

2 January, 2020

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Ann Coulter’s getting really close to White nationalism here. Like, 1 inch away from it (unless the article has been edited since I read it). Anyhow: I thought the Allahu Snackbars were moral, uptight, Muslim “servants of Allah” and they were totally against the “sexual depravity of the immoral, degenerate, Western world.” Guess not! It […]