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25 April, 2022

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Right on schedule, as many people had predicted! When Covid-19 reached the half-way point (2021), many people were predicting dramatic changes in the relationships between citizens and government. And here they are. Covid-19 had nothing to do with “health.” But it had everything to do with “ushering in a New World Order in which the […]

11 April, 2022

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Well! Old saying: “if it’s global, Jews pioneered it.” (Vhy, vhy vould dey say dat, Moishe, vhy? Dey hate us, Moishe, vhy? Such hate, Moishe…vee must flee to Jerusalem, Moishe…). 1. The question “is Klaus Schwab a Jew?” (but apparently he’s not) has been rendered moot. “Two Jews” beats “one Jew.” (But no, I have […]