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11 April, 2022

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Well! Old saying: “if it’s global, Jews pioneered it.” (Vhy, vhy vould dey say dat, Moishe, vhy? Dey hate us, Moishe, vhy? Such hate, Moishe…vee must flee to Jerusalem, Moishe…). 1. The question “is Klaus Schwab a Jew?” (but apparently he’s not) has been rendered moot. “Two Jews” beats “one Jew.” (But no, I have […]

5 October, 2021

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(Above: the flag of Rhodesia; technically, there have been two Rhodesias, due to name changes: Southern Rhodesia, from 1923 to 1965, and Republic of Rhodesia, until 1980). Look at this video from far-eastern Rhodesia (i.e., south of Mutare, near Honde Valley), Africa. It’s like Heaven. Where’s Saint Peter?? I almost booked plane reservations, but then […]

21 September, 2021

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Interesting. Follow the globalist/NWO noses: Hook and Kissinger are both Jews. But, although I have heard that Schwab is also a Jew, I have seen no good evidence of it, just random claims. Readers? Do you have a good link for that? […] “It was during this period that Burnham met Sidney Hook, who was […]

15 July, 2021

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1993: “We must allow Blacks in South Africa to govern themselves” the globalists said. So, stupidly, we did allow it. Guess what happened? (The Jewish diplomat Henry Kissinger spear-headed the effort to end apartheid in South Africa. Strangely, apartheid is okay in Israel. It was Jews who created the movement to end apartheid in South […]

6 June, 2021

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(Above: U.S. diplomat Henry Kissinger, circa 1971) They knew. When the so-called “international community” forced South Africa to end apartheid (White rule) in 1993/1994 and allow Blacks to share political power with Whites, the globalists knew it was a bad idea. They knew that, very soon afterwards, Blacks would rule South Africa entirely, and, that […]

6 May, 2020

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Newbies, let me tell you a sad, but not really surprising, story: Once, there was a country in Africa called Rhodesia [1]. It was a great place. It was known as “the bread-basket of Africa” since it had huge farms that were so bountiful that they seemed heaven-sent. But, there was one “problem”: Rhodesia was […]

30 March, 2020

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(The other day, I said that it was wrong for America to charge Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro with drug trafficking into America, and, it was also wrong for America to put cash “bounties” on Maduro and his staff. I still believe that. America should stay out of that stupid drug and bounty nonsense. But, it […]

7 September, 2019

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(Above: Robert “Mudboy” Mugabe: “Would you like a banana? Oh, wait, I forgot. We don’t have bananas anymore. No more fruit. Well, then, how about a piece of moldy bread?” Blacks can only destroy. They can’t build or nurture. Rhodesia/Zimbabwe was the best country in Africa but Mudboy ran it off a cliff. Of course. […]

20 August, 2019

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The myth: “The BDS movement wants to use boycotts to destroy Israel!” The fact: Israel can never be destroyed financially, because America funds and protects Israel via a special 1975 law (Germany also funds Israel, to a much lesser extent, via endless Holocaust reparations payments) [1]. This lie about the possible “destruction of Israel” via […]

4 July, 2018

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Yes, it’s good to celebrate the fact that America is no longer under the thumb of Britain. But now, America is under the thumb of Israel [1]. Same bondage, different “master.” . [1] America has been Israel’s slave since the 1975 Sinai II agreement, which included a secret agreement which is renewed regularly:  “Kissinger’s series […]