30 March, 2020

Venezuela: Destroyed by Leftists, Just Like Chile and Argentina

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(The other day, I said that it was wrong for America to charge Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro with drug trafficking into America, and, it was also wrong for America to put cash “bounties” on Maduro and his staff. I still believe that. America should stay out of that stupid drug and bounty nonsense. But, it doesn’t change the basic fact that leftists destroyed Venezuela and most of South America as well).

First of all, a fact: South America has been regularly buttfucked by leftists since 1970, or even earlier, long before the right-wing, anti-leftist, regional military movement called “Operation Condor” began in Chile in 1975. And the buttfucking will never stop. Brown people love leftism. They believe that governments exist only to care for them. Contrary to popular myth, U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (a Jew) did not create Operation Condor, although he did support it. Operation Condor was founded to fight leftism at the request of the Pinochet regime in Chile in 1975; it was founded by the first five Condor nations: Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia. The name honors Chile’s national bird, the Condor. Years later, many of the top right-wing people involved in Operation Condor were prosecuted by leftist judges for “human rights” abuses. Strangely, leftists like Fidel Castro and Daniel Ortega are never prosecuted for “human rights” abuses. Leftists are immune to such prosecution. Must be just a Cohencidence. (Among the victims of Operation Condor were Chilean anti-Pinochet activist Orlando Letelier and an American, the Jewish leftist Ronni Moffitt, who were both killed with a car bomb in Washington DC in 1976. Of course, there is a concrete and bronze memorial to Letelier and Moffitt today, built near the bombing scene. Leftists always make memorials to their heroes).

Anyway, Venezuela was once the richest country in South America due to its huge oil reserves. Then leftists got ahold of Venezuela. Guess what happened.

President Hugo Chavez (a buddy of Fidel Castro) started the (recent) rot in Venezuela in 1998 by spending massive amounts of Venezuelan oil profits to address “social inequality” (this is basically Marxism). Chavez also sold oil at below-market value to places like Cuba and China, and he failed to properly maintain Venezuela’s oil machinery (i.e., oil wells, refineries, pipelines, etc.) which led to huge problems with Venezuelan oil production. Like most leftists, Chavez knew nothing, and cared nothing, about making money or following normal oil production procedures.

After Chavez died in 2013, the leftist Nicolas Maduro (who is at least part-Jewish and who was hand-picked by Chavez to take over before his death) took control of Venezuela [1]. He was as bad or worse of a leader than Chavez was, taking even more control over the economy and driving it into the ground; he silenced and arrested all critics of his ineptness. Even leftists hated him. Now Maduro is nearly finished, politically speaking. He has lots of enemies. Yes, America placed sanctions on Maduro’s regime due to its close ties to Cuba, but Maduro should have expected those sanctions due to his ties to Cuba.



[1] “He (Maduro) stated in a 2013 interview that “my grandparents were Jewish, from a Sephardic Moorish background, and converted to Catholicism in Venezuela” — Wikipedia

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