6 May, 2020

Zimbabwe, a Black Toilet That No One Cares About Anymore As Long As Rhodesia is Gone

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Newbies, let me tell you a sad, but not really surprising, story:

Once, there was a country in Africa called Rhodesia [1]. It was a great place. It was known as “the bread-basket of Africa” since it had huge farms that were so bountiful that they seemed heaven-sent. But, there was one “problem”: Rhodesia was run by White people! I know! How evil! How horrible! This racial fact was quite scandalous to the “international community” (read: rich and powerful Jews). “A White-ruled country in Africa? We can’t allow that!” said the bankers and the billionaires. So, Rhodesia was dismantled. The Jewish diplomat Henry Kissinger played a key role in that dismantling. Rhodesia became “Zimbabwe” in 1980, and it was run (badly) by a Black communist named Robert Mugabe. He actually destroyed Zimbabwe. Of course! Does anyone care that Mugabe destroyed Zimbabwe? No. The only thing that matters was that Rhodesia, the successful White country, is long gone. (As noted here, Kissinger’s diplomacy actually dismantled 3 White-ruled nations in Africa: Rhodesia, South Africa and Namibia. You see, it’s okay if Blacks rule over Whites, but it’s not okay if Whites rule over Blacks. That’s “racism.” That’s why the “international community” was so thrilled when Barack Obama became president of America. Twice! In fact, the Jewish community of Chicago “sponsored” Obama’s entire political career. The Jews “built” him, so to speak. Aren’t the Jews wonderful people? Yeah. You bet).

Now, Mugabe is dead and Zimbabwe is in a horrible situation and needs another financial bailout. Of course!



[1] Here are some photos of Rhodesia, before it was destroyed by Blacks: [Photos].

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