26 June, 2007

An Anti-Racism Plan for UK Children

Posted by Socrates in Jew World Order, jewed culture, public skools, Socrates at 6:16 pm | Permanent Link

The ghost of Max Horkheimer says: “Simple, yet sophisticated. I like it.”


Horkheimer: [Here]

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  7. 3 Responses to “An Anti-Racism Plan for UK Children”

    1. Steve Says:

      Systematic brainwashing. People who let their kids attend public schools are indeed guilty of child abuse. It takes years for the mental bruising to heal, if ever. The default worldview they’re teaching is so intertwined with everything, we need an alternate, intertwined, consistent worldview. The scientific method is being replaced by a new religion teaching the inherent evil of applying the scientific method on humans and human behavior.

    2. FeralWhiteMan Says:

      You’re absolutely correct, Steve. This is child abuse. What’s even worse is that it is directed to eradicate the most natural and healthiest qualities that a child could have: racial instincts. All of these goddamned useful-idiot Marxists will pay when patriotic Whites regain control of their countries.

    3. Tommy Gun Says:

      FeralWhiteMan is correct. Listen you don’t have to look too far to find the answers to all your questions. Click my name and get all the answers that you need.

      National Socialism is understanding the laws of nature and obeying them. Thats it !

      What is happening today, happend to Germany from 1918 through to 1933 then sanity prevailed and the understanding of those laws of nature.

      Never call a Jew a “Zionist” a Jew is a Jew !!