11 July, 2007

Cesar Chavez Gaining Stature Fast

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Meanwhile, White heroes are vanishing down the memory hole:


  • 2 Responses to “Cesar Chavez Gaining Stature Fast”

    1. ubersaxon Says:

      Here in Corpus Christi, Texas the pro-Mexican vote city council named a parkway after Chavez. Soon, they will also be changing a local highway to Hector P. Garcia. When Selena died, the city named an auditorium after her and made a shrine on the bay front for her. Meanwhile, Clara Driscoll saved for us Whites the Alamo, created a foundation to fund a local hospital that shares her name but now she has become simply that, just a name. We are fading and go to any we can go to any urban area to be reminded that this country is no longer ours.

    2. Olde Dutch Says:

      Chavez opposed both illegal aliens, and legal guestworkers. He was smart enough to realize, that nothing would improve for his members, if the labor market was flooded by cheap foreign scab labor.

      Naturally the judeo-commies are trying to claim the guy.