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6 June, 2014

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Jewish radical Saul Alinsky trained the Mexican labor/civil-rights activist Cesar Chavez. Furthermore, Jews provided critical funding for the California-based Community Service Organization (CSO), a group which Chavez worked for and was later president of. [Article].

24 March, 2014

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Now, it’s a Mexican leftist who must be worshiped. Look for city streets and public schools to be renamed in honor of the new, brown hero. [New Movie].

20 May, 2011

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(Above: Chavez [r.] with communist activist Humberto “Bert” Corona) How appropriate! If you’re going to have a multi-racial navy sailing around the world fighting wars for non-Whites, then why not name a ship after a non-White? [Article].

1 March, 2010

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Never mind “Si se puede.” How do you say “stupid White people” in Shitskin? [Article].

11 July, 2007

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Meanwhile, White heroes are vanishing down the memory hole: [Article]