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6 November, 2019

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Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador: “As the president of Mexico, I say this: we must continue with our policy of taking bribes…oops, heh, heh…I mean, uhhhh…we must continue with our policy of hugs, not bullets. If you need a hug, I will hug you…hugs will defeat the drug cartels…yes…lots of hugs will defeat the […]

23 September, 2019

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(Above: like most powerful people in Mexico, Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard is a White Spaniard). Those evil White people! But wait: most of the important people in Mexico are White Spaniards (or Jews). So, Mexico is going to wage war…on itself? Hmmmm. Let’s see how that works out, eh? [Article].

6 June, 2014

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Jewish radical Saul Alinsky trained the Mexican labor/civil-rights activist Cesar Chavez. Furthermore, Jews provided critical funding for the California-based Community Service Organization (CSO), a group which Chavez worked for and was later president of. [Article].