1 January, 2020

Re: the Prior Post About White Nationalism, or, Offer Them Free Money

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Everyone likes cold, hard cash, so why not offer them some, for free?

I once asked a smart liberal (yes, there are a few of them around) this question: “If race doesn’t matter, why is it that, wherever you go in the world, the lighter a person’s skin is, the smarter and more successful he is; and the darker a person’s skin is, the dumber and less successful he is; I’m speaking generally and not about specific individuals; and that’s universal, regardless of the country or the location.” “In fact,” I said, “I’ll give you $100.00 cash if you can answer that question with a logical answer that excludes race/ethnicity.” Well, I still have my $100.00. He couldn’t answer the question logically. He just stammered “well, uhhhh…uuuhhhmmm…it’s because of…uhhhh…certain economic factors…blah, blah, blah…” [1][2].

That might be a good tactic for use on your friend or co-worker who still thinks that “race doesn’t matter.”


[1] e.g., all of the successful, powerful people in Mexico have White or almost-White skin, because they are Spaniards, not Brown mestizos

[2] the 10 most prosperous countries on earth are all White, according to a 2016 British study. Listed last place to first place, they are: United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, and New Zealand. Strangely, or perhaps not, the U.S.A. was not listed in the top 10 in that study, apparently due to its crime — let’s face it, some American cities are almost third-world in criminal nature due to negroes, e.g., Detroit and Baltimore. Here’s a similar study but it includes, not surprisingly, Japan

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