25 July, 2007

Country Music These Days

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There was a time when no country singer would have anything to do with a function that concerned M. L. King, Jr., whose closest adviser was a Jewish communist [1]:


[1] Stanley Levison was King’s top adviser. More about Levison: [Here]

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  7. 13 Responses to “Country Music These Days”

    1. Stewart Gavin Says:

      Montgomery Gentry’s “Some People Change” is a similar display of the new Judaized cuntry.

    2. DQ Says:

      washed up stars like to suck up to the jews to see if they can make a sorry “comeback”.
      Honkytonk badonkadonk is another example of judaized country as well is the singers that make degenerate lyrics and sound overly southern. I think the record companies are looking or were looking(maybe they will tone it down) for people with dumb sounding voices.

    3. Heather Blue Says:

      Investigate Garth Brooks. I think he has some Jew in his background. He was promoted more than any country star in country music history as the greatest of the great. Fake fan calls to radio stations requesting his records, etc. He was a manufactured super star.

      Investigate Kix Brooks of Brooks and Dunn, as well. He was teamed with Ronny Dunn so he could make millions off Dunn’s talent. It is for sure Kix does not have any.

    4. sfg Says:

      Maybe that’s why neocon Sean Hannity likes Montgomery Gentry so much and is always playing his music. I wouldn’t give you two cents for almost all the current crop of country music singers. They’re all multiculti nitwits as far as I can see. Don’t listen to them and certainly don’t buy their music.

      I love old country music and listen to Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, and a whole host of other country music legends. I love the guitar playing from that era, and some of those old guys could just play the hell out of a guitar or a fiddle. THAT was country music. The crap out there these days is just that–crap. From the Dixie Twits/twats to whatever “Big Hat” male singer du jour–I wouldn’t give two cents for the whole lot of them.

    5. enough is enough Says:

      Off topic, but funny: check out all the “Celts” who turn out for St. Paddy’s Day in Dublin —


    6. greywolf Says:

      check out all the “Celts” who turn out; ARE YOU SURE THIS ISNT SAN FRAN?

    7. Santiago Matamoros Says:

      The Jews have been following their rubrics for the destruction of white men so long now, that the whites should think outside the old borders to recreate the scene. Retune their instrumetns. It’s like stage props, settings, and sacraments — a battle of secret sacramental systems and contracts, not territorial lines like Napoleon looking at a map. The Jews are playing the game of the name, and the whites should start playing that game too. The name, the lyric, and the spotlight that guides the audience. The Jews have created an audience of broken families, broken white families, and that’s why it’s insipid country music.
      They’ve killed King Lear, and Waylon Jennings, the white patriarch, and now so much of our entertainment adds up like used condoms and wasted families washing up on the jewified nigger- run polluted beach. Oh, and don’t forget the blonde woman thrown down the mouth of the volcano or pimped out to the baboons to seal the ritual.
      Off topic, I guess, and too far down the road, on the road again for Willie Nelson and friends, but … their rubric is best answered with another. King Lear rising to take the kingdom back, however Hank Sr. did it the first time, King Lear needs to do it a second time.

    8. Righter Says:

      I thought I hated country music – it turns out I did not, I just hated crap like G. Brooks and other contemporaries promoted as top “country” musicians. Seriously, who can stand listening to that utterly boring faggy garbage??? I never could for one second.

      Then I discovered Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Haggard, Jennings…you know, the good stuff. Real country and real music.

    9. enough is enough Says:

      “A French-Israeli businessman has been sentenced to five years in jail for his role in swindling hundreds of French soldiers out of millions of dollars.”


    10. N.B. Forrest Says:

      Like virtually everything else these days, kiked cuntry – with its boring-ass parade of generic Chesneys and jewsafe “outlaw hellraisers” like Gummy Genital & Dick ‘n Bitch – is aimed at impressionable young women and the young men who want to get into their panties. “I’m, like, totally against that racism shit – like Troy Gentry. Omigawd, he is soooo HOT!!”

    11. DQ Says:

      George strait aint too bad.

    12. plainernotjoiner Says:

      GET RID OF IT ALL! Recorded music isn’t music anyway – as any musician knows. Your brain is patterned to confuse itself by listening to this garbage, no matter what the lyrics. Get a used guitar for $40, a chord book, and stop wasting your time trying to get the last few drops of blood out of the stone. In two years, you’ll be playing songs; in five, you’ll perform. Listen to jewcrap cuntry pop rock shlock shit for thirty and what can you do? Push a button and twist a dial, a helpless shell instead of a man. TAKE YOUR jEWTOOB TO THE DUMP – and when you get it there, pour a quart of Liquid Fire Drain Cleaner into the vents at the top. A year later you’ll wonder how you ever managed to watch one single minute of it. WRITE YOUR OWN STORIES! YOUR OWN SONGS! WE NEED TO HEAR THEM! The next time you feel like dropping $20 for a CD, go down to the local guitar palace and buy a kid a new set of strings and some picks. Then swap life stories. (His will be shorter then yours.) You’ll both learn something. Pop the CD in your stereo and no one gets anything REAL except the kike – he gets your $20.

    13. M. Kraus Says:

      Why did they get Garth Brooks for this “benefit”, anyway? Chris Gaines would have been a much better choice, but he must have had prior commitments.