26 July, 2007

Watching Nativists

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Why bother? America has already abandoned nativism on the whole. Of course, we had some help with that abandoning, e.g., Jewish, Jewish-founded or Jewish-staffed groups have long tried to convince White people that the preservation of White cultural hegemony is undesirable or even immoral [1]:


[1] a mention of the SPLC’s staff: [Here]. (Trivia: Mark Potok is the son of the Polish-born, Jewish painter/author Andrew Potok, whose family fled Poland at the start of World War II)

  • 2 Responses to “Watching Nativists”

    1. Smitty Says:

      Filthy kikes….. They should have thanked our fathers for freeing them in WW2 instead of fucking their kids and grandkids. They will get theirs again, history will repeat itself. Hopefully we will get to watch it……

    2. vienna genoese Says:

      Von mises fled to the US in a similar circumstance…Today he’s revered by ALL…..Matter of fact he helped in the structuring of the federal reserve ACT…….MAN, I love the truth that the internet provides…