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22 March, 2019

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[…] “The new money pushed the center’s endowment past four hundred and fifty million dollars” If that’s poverty, I want to be poor. Regardless, Congress must, before it’s too late, pass federal laws to preserve America’s Western (White) culture [1]. Among those laws should be laws that ban “denigrating, belittling, criticizing or shaming White Western […]

7 January, 2019

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But he needs help with legal expenses. Why not donate to his cause? [Article].

12 July, 2015

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The past comes back to haunt Cool Moe via video… [Article/video].

17 December, 2010

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Most “anti-hate” groups were founded by, and are funded by, Jews. No article on “hate”/”anti-hate” is complete without a mention of the fact that the Jews are the Original Bigots. For centuries, they have considered themselves to be superior to other humans and their words and actions against them are the very definition of “hate.” […]

26 March, 2010

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At the Occidental Observer blog: [Here].

3 December, 2008

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A columnist calls the Southern Poverty Law Center a “clever scam”: [Article].

29 November, 2008

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A question for the SPLC: If mild-mannered VDARE is a White nationalist, “hate” website, why does it publish columns written by Asians and Jews? The truth about racial supremacism is that the Jews were the first people in history to state, as official doctrine, that they were superior to other humans, that they were “God’s […]

25 November, 2008

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by Dr. Kevin MacDonald: [Here].

13 April, 2008

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by Dr. Kevin MacDonald: [Here].

11 December, 2007

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“Environmental factors” play the principal role in IQ differences? The book “The Bell Curve” – which contains the most detailed information about IQ ever published – concludes that “cognitive ability is substantially heritable, apparently no less than 40 percent” [1][2][3]: [Article]. [1] see the Introduction to the 1994 book “The Bell Curve” by Richard J. […]