17 December, 2010

Jews Are Never Called ‘Haters’ – Why Not?

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Most “anti-hate” groups were founded by, and are funded by, Jews. No article on “hate”/”anti-hate” is complete without a mention of the fact that the Jews are the Original Bigots. For centuries, they have considered themselves to be superior to other humans and their words and actions against them are the very definition of “hate.” If you doubt that, just read the words of a Jew who admits it:


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    1. Jürgen Says:


      Yes, I can just picture some fat, hook-nosed Zogster
      putting out his stogie in an ashtray muttering, with
      smoke-filled breath: “This little Ashley Herzog needs
      to have a canoeing accident this weekend.”

      jews cannot handle truth like this coming out.

    2. Z.O.G. Says:

      Who Controls the Southern Poverty Law Center?


    3. CW-2 Says:

      That’s a good short article which will get the curious White reader thinking. Our people need to write more stuff like that, thought provoking without the in your face yelling that many of us, myself included, frequently resort to out of sheer exasperation.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      I like that rogue’s gallery of SPLC Jews. Real ugly Semitic specimens, fit only for display in zoos or for use in laboratory experiments.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      That Ashley Herzog doesn’t look like a Jewess. But then again it’s a small picture and she could be one of those Beverly Hills type Jewesses with the bleached hair extensions, nose job and what-not.

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      Mike Fuck-a-bee, Sean Handjob, Flush Scumbaugh, Glenn Pecker, Ann “the pre-op transexual” Coulter….the right-wing are a truly sorry bunch.

    7. -JC Says:

      “… genuine hate groups like… Neo-Nazis…”

    8. -jc Says:

      Even David Irving does everything he possibly can to avoid the appearance of “hate.” After watching his abbreviated, made-for-PBS film, “Hitler’s War,” I’m enjoying his remarkable book by the same name. I recommend both and especially the video for those with little awareness of WW2 which means mostly everyone these days.

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Jews who run Hebrewood should be thankful for Hitler and NS Germany. Think of all the WWII movies and TV shows that made those Jew directors, actors and studio moguls so wealthy! Patton, The Guns of Navarone, Stalag 17, The Great Escape, Catch 22, The War Lover, The English Patient, The Pianist, Saving Private Ryan, Swindler’s List, The Dirty Dozen, U-571, The Longest Day, Hogan’s Heroes, The Rat Pack, Combat, 12 O’clock High, the NBC TV miniseries Holohoax…the list is virtually endless.

      Jews are so damn ungrateful.

    10. Sean Gruber Says:

      The video of Irving’s “Hitler’s War” has been removed from jewTube. Reason given: copyright violations.

    11. Jürgen Says:


      Yes, Miss Herzog is a jewess alright – a typical
      “bottle-blonde jewess.” Jewesses try to look
      like the Master Race by dyeing their hair blonde,
      but their faces and coal-black, beadylike eyes
      betray them every time.

      But at least this lil jewess is exposing the truth,
      so I’ll keep my Zyklon-B spray can in the cupboard.

    12. Bigduke6 Says:

      laughing out loud. read the Bible! In the Bible the Jooss are a rebellious and seditious people who kill their prophets and Messiah. The Joos were even became more degenerate than the nations around them, especially with male prostitutes and God divorced them. One of their greatest scholars Paul constantly wrote that the Joos were the Synogogue of Satan. Pauls biggest problem came from the Jews who ultimately caused him to be executed. No wonder the Joos don’t like the Bible which was written for the most part by Joos. And look at what Josephus the Romanized historian of the joos says about joos especially during the seige of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. the Jewish factions caused untold suffering of their woman and children. Even the battle hardened Ronans were moved by the carnage. The Roman General Titus gave the city the option to evacuate unscathed butun the joos turned down the offer. The Jews origially asked Rome to be put under Rome’s protection and then later wanted Rome out. In the end these histories show us the joos bring all the trouble on themselves and then play victim. Even their own literature convicts them.

    13. whtdev Says:

      The SPLC or the holocaust industry or any Jew cause really is about the same thing, some Jew lining his pockets. The case mentioned in the article regarding the black killed by the Klansman, the blacks family got 50k and the Jews at the SPLC got 9 million. The Jews today make more money off of blacks than what they every did under slavery. Of course with black intelligence being what it is, blacks will never wake up to the fact that they are being played.

      I can remember Jesse Jackson saying something to the effect of “Jews are the bloodsuckers of the black community”. He of course backed away from that statement lest his Jewish masters replace him with a better housebroken Negro.

    14. Bigduke6 Says:

      whtdev we had a joo boy at work who would brag about his joo daddy writing 30,000 checks to Jesse Jackson. Jesse Jackson rides in a limo, lives in an affluent white suburb in a mansion and all his kids educated in private schools. He paid ot a million in hush money for an affair with one of his staffers. And he is the helper of the poor opressed black man. Yeah he is helping himself laughing all the way to the bank.

    15. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      Mr Linder has a serious error in the text which he must fix at once. He wrote “superior to other humans ” and it should be “superior to humans”. Any racial scientist can tell you that lawyers and Jews are not human.

    16. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      In an interview at
      http://blog.enlightenedwomen.org/2008/07/15/interview-with-author-ashley-herzog.aspx Ashley claimed to be a 22 year old Ohio University student in 2008. She also claims to be a feminist. Ashley denies being a Jewish princess as follows. If she continues her study of the Poverty Pimp, she may be on the Shining Path to Zionism. Zionism is the ONLY and FINAL Solution to the Jewish Question.

      The responses to my column last week on Islam’s subjugation of women were completely predictable. Self-described radical leftists accused me of “hate” for not respecting cultures that stone rape victims. And encourage wife-beating. And force little girls to undergo female genital mutilation.

      One email I got said simply, “the only conclusion I can come to is you must be a JEW!” I’m not, but it shows what anti-Semites these people are: they think calling someone Jewish is a vicious insult.

      However, the most revealing responses were the excuse-making ones. A commenter on my school newspaper’s Web site, responding to the fact that two-thirds of rape suspects in Norway are Muslim men, said it was the Norwegian women’s fault: “Scandinavian countries are hardly welcoming to their Muslim minorities.” (In feminist circles, this is known as “blaming the victim” and is absolutely forbidden—unless the rapist is Muslim.)

    17. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      Ashley Herzog seems to have a good head on her shoulders see http://townhall.com/columnists/AshleyHerzog/2010/02/09/zero_tolerance_makes_zero_sense from February 2010. Even though she denies it, Herzog is almost always a Jewish name. Of course she could be only 1/64 Jew and still bear the name.

    18. Howdy Doody Says:


      Luxury Apartments for sale, wish they would get of my state by moving their nut case hateful selves over there.

    19. Howdy Doody Says:

      Peter Shank was one of the best Radio host on Race ever on the poised here.

      What happened to Peter.

      He alluded to the bad guys were after, but it they knew who he was why don’t we ?

      His 6-23-2006 as excellent.

    20. Victor Says:


      In fact, SPLC has actually been labeled a hate group.

      This was reported on Amren.

      We can also incorporate a company or a non-profit, and prepare an article about any left wing group, such as SPLC or ADL or ACLU or LULAC (just like they do) and, if we have some reason (even one) , we can also call them a hate group too.

      It is called freedom of speech.

      Most libbarbarian groups that support aliens, and are against whites are evil sociopathic hate groups.