22 March, 2019

The Southern Poverty Law Center

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“The new money pushed the center’s endowment past four hundred and fifty million dollars”

If that’s poverty, I want to be poor.

Regardless, Congress must, before it’s too late, pass federal laws to preserve America’s Western (White) culture [1]. Among those laws should be laws that ban “denigrating, belittling, criticizing or shaming White Western culture, and, ban “insulting ‘White supremacy’ accusations” (there’s no such thing as “White supremacy” as the Jews and liberals use the term (i.e., as a racism accusation), since White culture is supreme by default, just like water is wet by default; we don’t have to throw our weight around to prove anything to anyone). White Western culture is who we are as a people. We’re descendants of America’s founders, all 118 of them. We are not Black, or Brown, or Asian, or Jewish, and we must preserve our superior heritage or we will lose it forever.


[1] this is a pipe dream, but nonetheless, the idea must be planted in White peoples’ heads

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    1. Douglas MacArthur Says:

      The New York Times, and Rape. Remember John’s only surviving child had her mother give her to them after years in a mushroom closet.