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30 July, 2018

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Since when is advocating for common-sense immigration control “White supremacy”? Anyway, the cancelation happened due to “third party complaints.” So, how many Jews complained about VDARE this time? Three? Four? VDARE is frequently the victim of censorship: events canceled, writers blacklisted, and now this. Think we have free speech in America? We don’t. [Article].

12 May, 2018

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Free speech? Ha! We don’t have free speech anymore. (Someone doesn’t want White people to talk about immigration. Wonder who?). “It is with great disappointment that I’m forced to announce’s Immigration Conference August 18-20, 2018, meant to be held at the Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort and Spa in Rancho Mirage, CA, has been […]

20 October, 2017

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Wow, that was quick, and in Arizona, no less! The enemies of White people are really on the move. [Article]. Suggestion to VDARE: hold the conference on private property, like a ranch or a farm.

29 November, 2008

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A question for the SPLC: If mild-mannered VDARE is a White nationalist, “hate” website, why does it publish columns written by Asians and Jews? The truth about racial supremacism is that the Jews were the first people in history to state, as official doctrine, that they were superior to other humans, that they were “God’s […]

17 April, 2007

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By Alex Linder [Following is my pre-interpretation. I haven’t read the EMJ speech yet, nor read the other speeches, if they’re available. Will amend in comments after doing so.] Here’s the deal. Somebody put together a day for the late Sam “Canny Sammy” Francis. WHO: Financial journalist Peter Brimelow, Taki Theodoracopulos of The American Conservative, […]

18 December, 2006

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We already live in the ‘Kwa, but it can get worse, and Mike Judge shows how. A good article by Steve Sailer… BTW, it’s been a long time since VNN had a regular movie reviewer, so if any of our new readers would like to try their hand, feel free.

29 August, 2006

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…we don’t. Pat Buchanan and Vdare pat each other on the back, but both stick to the System fiction, as expressed openly on either CNN or Fox last night, anyone from anywhere can come to America and become a good American. That is the opposite of what the founders believed, of course. The state is […]