11 August, 2007

The Identity-Shifters

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The Jews can be anything they want to be, since they set it up that way. Sometimes they’re a race, sometimes they’re only a religion, sometimes they’re both at once, depending on the day, week, month or audience. This guy became a Catholic cardinal, all the while remaining a Jew. You’d think that the Christians would’ve learned by now: if it’s born a zhid, it remains one until the end:


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  7. 12 Responses to “The Identity-Shifters”

    1. hand in the cocoanut Says:

      there’s toooo many niggers, greeks, indians,beaners, chinese, scicilians etc. in the roman catholic church for it to be a pro white religion !!

    2. lawrence dennis Says:

      As Revilo Oliver observed, “holy water” can not turn an a-FREAK-un into a full human, and it definitely has little to no effect on vampires (the jewish kind).

    3. Steve Says:

      Holy water causes brain rot, a feast for parasites.

    4. free thinker Says:

      Irishman john tndall and huxley coined the word agnostic…It liberated the belief from disbelief straightjacket and tithe frauds , devils, boogymen and 501-C-3 swindles…..

    5. Vaultner Says:

      One of the many things that’ll pissoff a Jew is to ask them what Nationality they are. They get all confused & reiterate that they’re Jewish. I say very calmly “I know but where were your parents or grand parents born?” They’ll answer with a look like they’ve lost something.

    6. wanting a senate enema Says:

      charlie rangel is typical of that immediate need of a purge !! how’d he miss the crystallnacht ?

    7. wanting a senate enema Says:

      tell me religion is not AFU ?? charlie rangle, freemason, shriner, harlem st. abyssinian baptist church,etc…. Time to pander to the mother lode of AMERICANS !! House judiciary committee ranking member and wall kisser..

    8. wanting a senate enema Says:

      rangle is chairman of the house ways and means committee…”Members of the senate india caucas” are listed under that title search..These goofus prefer to be call BRITISH !MAHATMA GHANDI was a ROMAN CATHOLIC…

    9. Slobodan Says:

      You have to remember, the idea of “Race” and “Religion” being in any way divisible from each other is a relatively new idea. Before stupid Jesus came along, the Greeks had their own religion, the Romans had their own religion, the Vikings had their own, and so on.

    10. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Did this guy give any pro-white sermons?? I’ll bet a year’s pay that any sermons extolled the ‘virtues’ of immigration and race-mixing??

    11. gw Says:

      Vaultner, you have to realize that where your grandparents were born doesn’t (necessarily) have anything to do with your, or their, nationality.

      Geography and nationality are two different things — especially when dealing with nomadic peoples.

      As the joke goes, a kitten that’s born in an oven is still a cat, not a biscuit.

    12. NSN Says:

      Burn in Hell, Jew.