7 November, 2007

ENDA Bill Passes U.S. House of Representatives

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The bill – HR 3685 – came from Jewish, “gay” congressman Barney Frank [1]:


[1] more about HR 3685: [Here]

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  7. 3 Responses to “ENDA Bill Passes U.S. House of Representatives”

    1. Arminius Says:

      Hmm. Kikes, crooks and poofters claim victim status to get their way. How about victimisation the other way round? When I was a young lad, a homosexual middle aged superior pestered me to become his soulmate. He offered pay increments and promotion at the job. I thought this and him digusting and rejected his approaches. He immediately turned to hatred, persecution and defamation. He made work and life for me unbearable. I had to see top management to get a transfer to another department, far away from him and learned later that he had bitterly opposed my move.
      A friend of me, a nurse in a small hospital, was fired by the newly appointed (lesbian) matron to make place for the sweetheart she wanted next to her.
      I conclude, incidents like these cannot be rare. Why is there no legislation to prevent harassment by homos against the heterosexual majority?

    2. Arminius Says:

      please correct: “:DISGUSTING”

    3. r Says:

      America just gets weirder and weirder. I caught some footage of the dressing-down Jerry Yang got before the Foreign Affairs Committee, chairman of which is the Jew Lantos, and for a second thought I lost all perspective of living in a country called “America”. Just hearing Lantos speak – his accent, an unpleasant lisping mix of Yiddish and Hungarian – or rather talk down to Yang, whose accent is flatly America, induced a kind of conceptual vertigo.