4 December, 2007

Vladimir Avdeyev, Russian Race Scientist

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His book “pays tribute to the racial theorists of the Third Reich”? That isn’t good news for the Jews:


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  7. 3 Responses to “Vladimir Avdeyev, Russian Race Scientist”

    1. shane Says:

      so there isn’t a version in English yet?

    2. Old Raven Says:

      No English version of this book, but his earlier 1967 book, “The Jews of Russia” is now being processed into pdf at the link below. You can get pdf scans of the “original” and they’re working on a clean pdf that’s easier to read. Go here ….


    3. Jack Weaver Says:

      Back in the late 50’s to the late 70’s every autopsy I attended involving a dead nigger the brains of these beasts were always 20-30 % smaller in areas associated with creativity and intellect. Then again many were missing more from my fellow nigger hating officer’s slugs. Yea I’m an old fart but I did much for the cause on the inside many years ago. My how fucked up the system has become.