29 January, 2008

“Terrorism and Speech”

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The war on Israel’s enemies – also known as the “war on terror” – isn’t compatible with freedom [1]:


[1] the convicted “shoe bomber,” a Muslim named Richard Reid, explained to the FBI why he tried to commit terrorism in 2001. He mentioned Israel: [Here]

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  7. 2 Responses to ““Terrorism and Speech””

    1. Cormac Says:

      The whole WORLD is waking up to the jEW , see here http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080125/ap_on_re_us/gandhi_peace_center

      Normal folks who want a peaceful life realize that jEWS are just plain NO FUCKING GOOD , and that if you want peace , first you have to get rid of the mass murdering , genocidal scum of the earth accursed jEW.

      “The jEWS ARE our misfortune” Dr William L. Pierce.

    2. Ruslan21 Says:

      Brown Muslim men are raping white Nordic women at terrifying rates. It is part of the conquest of Eurabia. See here: