17 March, 2008

Federal Reserve’s Bear Stearns Deal Illegal?

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Also, will the Fed give aid to other brokerage firms that face ruin? [1]:


[1] it isn’t known if Bear Stearns CEO Schwartz is Jewish or not, and it’s better not to just guess. Readers?

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  7. 26 Responses to “Federal Reserve’s Bear Stearns Deal Illegal?”

    1. -jc Says:

      Schwartz– German for “Black,” look at his picture, consider the default race for bottom feeders at this depth, and go figure.

    2. Stronza Says:

      But the Fed. Res. is assuming liabilities with useless money. Oh, I can’t wait for all this to implode.

    3. Celtic Warrior Says:

      The only thing the “Federal Reserve” has in reserve is a safe full of jew IOU’s dating back to 1913.

    4. Stronza Says:

      Sorry to be such an expert on these things, but Mr. Schwartz looks like he has had a nosejob.

    5. nonesuch Says:

      Have you ever met a Gentile Schwartz?

    6. saltriver Says:

      Would the Jewed system bail out this piece of shit if he wasn’t of the tribe?

    7. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      What kind of aid is being provided?

      Kool-Aid. . .

    8. Citizen Says:

      I was offered a job at Bear Stearns 15 years ago. They told me during the meet and greet process how one of their big company heroes was “Ace” Greenberg. I said “Thanks but no thanks.” Don’t regret it one bit in retrospect.

      Wall Street… Schwartz, Greenberg… of course they’re Jews.

    9. Alex Linder Says:

      There are gentile Schwarzes, but the odds are about 1% this guy is not a kike.

    10. Whitepride Says:

      I flipped a coin and it came up heads…so I say he’s a Schwartz is a jew.

    11. TSman Says:

      I believe he’s jewish, because I have an overwhelming urge to punch him in the mouth.

    12. Citizen Says:

      Yes Alex… about 99% likelihood. I respect your desire for accuracy, so factual confirmation is a good thing to require. I, unfortunately, can’t provide it… just my personal anecdote.

      Nonetheless, the economy is in very serious trouble. Gold, silver and other precious metals are highly advised for all nationalists at this time. The dollar will collapse, and precious metals are one of the few guaranteed hedges, and useful in case of a total collapse and reversion to barter economy.

    13. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      I am seized as a Zionist with an overwhelming urge to send him back to Israel.

    14. Olde_Dutch Says:

      Check out the next issue of Business Week for the story on Alan D. Schwartz—they always name the jew. LOL.

      Btw, if you have been reading my comments on your blog, you would know that the FED has been violating their charter since at least last August when the President of Deutsche Bank spilled the beans.

      Btw, glad to read you are getting back into print. Why not use the masthead moniker, The American Alternative. White News.

    15. ein Says:

      nonesuch asks: — Have you ever met a Gentile Schwartz?

      Actually, yes. Schwartz, meaning “black”, is a perfectly ordinary, legitimate German name, originally referring to hair coloring, like Braun or Weiss. Such names are not specifically Jewish — although this one is often used by Jews, for obvious reasons.

      Some names from the German are identifiably Jewish (precious metals and stones; pretty flowers, trees, and birds); romantic concepts (morningstar, birdsong, May day); while those of physical attributes are generally not. This one is not. In this case, I would be guided more by his profession, looks, affiliations, etc. Indeed, he probably is Jewish – almost certainly so – but not because of the name. A name can be, at most, a guide — but nothing more. And sometimes nothing at all.

      PS. An added clue: Allan (like Norman, Morris, Irving and Seymour) is not a Jewish first name either. It alone would hardly raise an eyebrow. But those names are so often appropriated by Jews that they have come to seem almost automatically Jewish, which they really aren’t. When combined with a name like Schwartz, however, the probabilities become exponentially heightened.

      Hence, considering everything, I would give him overall odds of about 99.9%

    16. commeter Says:


      The biggest loss in the BSC story is Joe Lewis, one of your favorite kind of people. He lost a billion dollars or so by buying into the company recently.

      There is no evidence that Schwartz is Jewish. Schwartz played baseball in college. Pitchers require high visual spatial IQs, a trait Jews aren’t known for. The collapse is not *really* Alan Schwartz’s fault. He was CEO for two months. James Cayne was CEO for 15 tears. NYTimes article suggests that Cayne is Jewish:

      “Hineni, which had 500 members two years ago, now has about 2,000, and it has included a number of offspring of prominent Jewish families, like Steven Perelman (whose father Ronald O. Perelman is the chief of the Revlon empire), Charles de Gunzburg (whose mother was a Bronfman) and Alison Cayne Schneider (whose father, James E. Cayne, is the chief executive of Bear, Stearns).”


    17. John Says:

      Of course it’s a fucking kike!!!

    18. commeter Says:

      The Michael Ledeen plays bridge with James Cayne. Oh dear god…..

      “It’s an amazing story,” said Michael Ledeen, the foreign policy analyst and Mr. Cayne’s bridge partner. “He didn’t go to Harvard Business School — he was a bridge bum,” Mr. Ledeen said, and Mr. Cayne’s predecessor, Alan C. Greenberg, known as Ace, needed a bridge partner.

      Bear Stearns acted as a clearinghouse for Stratton Oakmont (think Boiler Room) which was headed by Jordan Belfort who was mentioned here recently as an example of Jewish fraud.

    19. Citizen Says:

      As someone pointed out on the forum, Bear Stearns is a known Jew firm.

    20. ein Says:

      Alan D. Schwartz, picture.
      From his picture, I would say not a full-blooded Jew, a mixed-breed very likely. One of the descendents of the assimilated German Jews of the 1800s. As they were in Spain, the conversos and marranos are always the most prominent, the most wealthy, and the least easy to identify.




      Btw, his predecessor at Bear Stearns was named (oddly) “Cayne”. A strange name, possibly a version of Kane/Cain, which could (just conceivably) be a deliberately devious variant of Cahn/Kahn, or Kahane, etc. Many possibilities. Jews play these name-bending games; no one else does. Pure speculation, of course. Nothing solid enough to arouse suspicion, except the strange spelling — and the fact that he miraculously found himself in that position.

      Jimmy Cayne may well be be an Irishman named Kane, just perhaps, but I would want to know who his mother is. There is something more here.

      Also, they don’t know Schwartz’ birthdate or exact birth year? Or anything specific about his background? Odd!

    21. sgruber Says:

      The Kwa is for the chute.

      Itz coming.

    22. commeter Says:

      It appears that Alan Schwartz married a daughter Benstock.

      “The following family relationships exist between the Company’s Directors,
      nominees and executive officers. Michael Benstock and Peter Benstock are sons of
      Gerald M. Benstock, and Alan D. Schwartz is his son-in-law.”

      Schwartz’s mother-in-law was Jewish

      Alan Schwartz’s name is on a 1991 ad paid for by the AJC denouncing the UN resolution from 1975 that zionism=racism

    23. Marwinsing Says:

      Polynomial kikes of Great Britain instrumental in that nation’s fall from grace: Lord Lester, Jack Straw, David Miliband, Robert Maxwell…

      Names mean nothing.

    24. Howdy Doody Says:

      FROM GATA.


      Reports of silver shortages are cropping up all over:
      Good Morning Bill, just back from my first physical silver purchase in London. Told me they just got a delivery in last night which will keep them going for a while, but as a rule little silver around and they should be able to source silver within a two week period. Although am 99% shares 1% physical probably would be happier to increase physical % on next doubling of shares. Am waiting patiently for rockets for the shares. Have a good day Regards Viktor
      Hi Bill:
      More evidence silver supplies are tight. I was at The Bank of Nova Scotia head office today (the gold and silver counter) and the fella beside me could not get his order for a few hundred ounces of physical silver filled! The fella settled for accepting gold delivery. The Bank of Nova Scotia’s ScotiaMocatta is a huge silver dealer. What gives? No supply? This occurred today and about two months back also. Don’t think silver is plentiful just because the price drops!
      Ron Lutka
      I’ve been buying bullion from these guys for the last 3+ years– I’ve never seen their website get bombed so much that they had to shut it down.
      A couple of years ago they had to actually have a holiday special on silver eagles because nobody was buying.

      I guess the public might finally be wising up as to what is going on with the derivative catastrophe and the dollar?

      We’ll see….
      Guess who is running low on Silver!(Several major coin dealers!)

      Silver Stock Report

      by Jason Hommel, March 19, 2008 People are not getting silver delivered on time by the NorthWest Territorial Mint. http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001KEMer_qIrvJzOOp8mdxHJ1c
      16JlAbXpzUQHe5WHtpavImEYrFeVVThy6q2nnMgc-GOGVA== …
      From Dave in Denver:
      Tulving is sold out of silver eagles:
      March 20, 2008
      Re: Silver Eagles not available

      Hello Bill,
      CNI (California Numismatics Investments) is one of the largest precious metals dealers in California. I was looking for the price of Silver Eagles this morning and this is what their website says. N/ A – NOT AVAILABLE. 1 oz. rounds, 10, 100, and 1,000 oz., silver bars also N/A. How does this fit with the recent price manipulation?
      FREE MARKETS ANYONE? I’m afraid not. Sadly, not in our country.
      Chris K. Have not seen so many anecdotal stories of silver shortages in the 9+ years I have been doing this commentary. This painful silver dip should be very short lived.

      At press time…
      *The yield on the 10 yr T note has sunk to 3.32%.
      *The euro is down about 2, with the dollar up .69 to 72.69. Nothing occurred this week to give the dollar a lift. Its move up is technical and orchestrated.
      *Crude oil is down about $1 per barrel, but gasoline and nat gas were slightly higher.
      *The CRB lost another 7 to the 381 area.
      More gold goodies:
      Physical demand returns
      Unfortunately for the nerves of gold’s friends, India is closed today and tomorrow. With most of Europe closed on Monday, it will later next week before the response of the world’s largest gold buyer to the price slump can be actually demonstrated.
      But the predictable signs are already present. This morning’s UBS Metals Daily remarks:
      “Over the past twenty-four hours we have seen very strong demand from jewellery clients for gold and platinum …Indian and Swiss gold demand was extremely strong with our Indian sales volume the strongest we have seen since September last year. If this demand remains at current levels for more than three or four days it may give us the table banging signal that we are looking for.”
      Reuters lends support to this in a story from Singapore:
      SINGAPORE, March 20 (Reuters) – Jewellers across Asia rushed to buy gold on Thursday after prices tumbled more than $100 an ounce since spiking to a record above $1,000 an ounce this week, pushing up premiums in key bullion trading centres… India, the world’s largest consumer, was buying on dips as the busy wedding season progressed…
      Gold bars were offered at a premium of 10 U.S. cents an ounce to the spot London price for the first time since last August in Singapore, a centre for bullion trading in Southeast Asia. Gold bars were on par with London prices last week…
      Gold’s drop attracted buying from jewellers in Hong Kong, a key bullion trading house in East Asia, pushing up premiums to as high as 20 U.S. cents an ounce. Gold bars were offered at a discount of 20 cents last week.
      MarketVane’s Bullish Consensus for gold dropped a rarely-exceeded 13 points to 80%. It was last at this level at the bottom of the pullback at the beginning of last December when gold slipped under $800.
      Interestingly, even the depths of this morning’s weakness did not decisively break the steeper of the uptrend lines of The Privateer’s $US 5×3 point and figure chart. See

      “The world is a dangerous place to live—not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” —Albert Einstein

    25. Howdy Doody Says:

      That last part was on there because forgot to delete it from where I had copied it.

    26. New Reality Says:

      I’m sure the “accidental” uncovering of Spitzers whoring was part of the reason their will be more unusual things happening on wall street. They wanted him out of the way. Why else would the get rid of him like that. Another Jew whore named Barney Frank had underage male prostitution running out of his home and he’s still working.