5 March, 2008

Not in England, Either

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Just like the French government did a month ago, the British government has decided that the public won’t be allowed to vote on whether or not England will be bound by the EU’s Reform Treaty, a.k.a. the “Lisbon Treaty.” (England adopted the treaty in Dec. 2007, while France adopted it in Feb. 2008). The worry in both countries is that the citizens might reject Jewish internationalism in favor of gentile sovereignty [1]:


[1] about the origins of global government (see footnote #2): [Here]

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  7. 10 Responses to “Not in England, Either”

    1. Heather Blue Says:

      The citizens might reject Jewish internationalism in favor of gentile sovereignty.


    2. Hengest Says:

      Proof positive that “our” governments do not represent us.
      The English people want a referendum, but ZOG says…fuck you, goyim.

    3. Stronza Says:

      I imagine that referendums in general could go either way. Why they should be accepted or rejected on principle is not clear to me. Individuals voting in a referendum are just as easily manipulated as their elected representatives doing the choosing for them.

      Does anybody here have any opinions on this, as to what I may be missing.

    4. Bolg Says:

      Voters can be manipulated, yes, but EUROZOG can’t have its new constitution overthrown again, not after what happened in Denmark and France. So they are not taking chances.

    5. spookerei Says:

      It’s a communist plot! I just saw the ghost of Max Horkheimer in my closet.

    6. Celtic Warrior Says:

      A couple of years ago all three main political parties in the jEWK promised the electorate they would hold a referendum on the EU ‘constitution’. Eurokike must be panicking at the prospect of loosing a referendum, even a rigged one, and so decreed NO!

    7. DMS Says:

      I remember, from when I was a kid, a sort of toy that resembled an automobile dashboard that mounted on the right-hand seat of the car so that the tot sitting there could pretend to be driving.

      Such is a jewed democracy.

    8. Hengest Says:

      Reply to Stronza: The EU is regarded with great scepticism here in Britain and by Europeans in general. The dutch were allowed a referendum and voted against it. So Brit-ZOG is not taking any chances there.
      Apart from that, a referendum on this issue may set a precedent, getting the sheeple to expect a say in government policy. Aint that a no, no!

    9. Stronza Says:

      Thanks to Bolg & Hengest for clarifying things for me.

    10. Aaangry Megaphone Says:

      It seems the string pullers know if they let the masses have a referendum their plan for a ZOG-Euro hemonogy scam will be shot to pieces, which will lead to chain reaction in other nations that could eventuate in an irreversible but yet a slow downfall of the monster that is the EU.