16 April, 2008

Christian/Newsom Case Update

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Eric Boyd has been found guilty after a 7-day federal trial. Four more people are awaiting state trials:


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  7. 9 Responses to “Christian/Newsom Case Update”

    1. Mark Says:


    2. honkey tonk man Says:

      That bad negro man got what he deserved. Thank God for the US justice system and the brave police
      who caught these bad negro people.
      …I guess this will show those bad negro people that whites mean business. How dare your car jacking went wrong. If only that care jacking went right those inocent white people would still be alive! …dam it….dam it…. if only if that car jacking was done properly….the result of that car jacking gone wrong has destroyed the lives of not only those two young white people but those
      unlucky black folks who only wanted to pull off a proper car jacking…..but as the media has stated it all went wrong! damit…damit all to hell why did it go wrong dear lord? why?

      (back to hardcore reality)
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      The minute this story broke white para-military groups should have been planning a rapid brutal response to this savage attack against our white youth.
      …The respone should have been very brutal.
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      …..I have stated before that fear is our greatest weapon. how does the mafia get respect?….by being nice and holding endless talks?….no…no…no!
      You want respect in the multicult jungle then you better be feared.
      ….Whites once again must prove that they are the baddest most ruthless mother-fuckers on the face of the planet.

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      Members of such groups deserve to share in the wealth of their nation as a reward for their sacrafice. No white warrior who kills for the race will be a poor man or woman in the future.

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    3. Jim Says:

      How long must we endure the agony of these nigger sub-humans dwelling amongst us? If the “Knoxville Horror” would have occurred a hundred years ago, those nigger bastards would have been dragged out of the courtroom and lynched on the nearest tree. White men today are so brainwashed and de-balled that the most horrible atrocities against our people are only met with apathy and indifference.

    4. Ron Says:

      Yes this carjacking went very wrong, these lovable black men only intended to borrow the car but Newsom probably put up a fight leaving them no choice but to accidentally ass rape him and shoot him 3 times, you see its the blacks who are really the victims of this whole awful situation, if only Newsom had allowed the carjacking to go according to plan.

      Poor black men, it was only a routine carjacking, typical of whites to make it all go wrong and turn it into an interracial gang rape, sodomy and torture session.

    5. pan Says:

      Knoxville News SentinelApril 17th, 2008
      Page not found
      We’re sorry, but the requested page could not be found.

    6. Racial Nationalist Says:

      Niggers have no place in human society.

    7. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      For those with access, look at GANGLAND on the History Channel. Some clips are on Youtube:


    8. American White Says:

      More and more we’re seeing this kind of thinking emerge from the negro’s mind:

      “What’s the most common thing privileged white girls do when they get mad at their daddies:
      A) drugs & black males;
      B) all of the above:
      Hence, Channon Christian & Lemaricus Davison.
      Outside of anger, however, there is also the distinct possibility, the one which I and many other brothers believe, that Channon Christian’s relationship with Lemaricus Davidson and Letalvis Cobbins is the result of a growing national trend among white girls and women. “White peple’s black male sex fetish dates back to slavery and is not isolated to white women. Too, most white men desire black male sexuality. The problem is white people’s fetish for black male sexuality has evolved. While in slavery they only wanted our sex, whites of this day and age feel being robbed, raped and killed is the only way they can be fufilled (satisfied),” says Ghetto Bragging Rights publisher Kirkland Perkins. “This often has tragic results for young brothers like Lemaricus and Letalvis who fall prey to these women and men’s perverted lusts.”

      I use the word mind lightly. But, as evolution progresses, the mass of rotting tissue he does have between his ears appears to be regressing twice the speed at which our minds grow.

      This is a new breed of superdumb niggers.

      We need to leave this country and then nuke it.