17 April, 2008

The 40th Anniversary of the Student Uprising in France

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The anniversary is coming up in early May. The infamous, leftist, college-student revolt was led by Jews such as Dany Cohn-Bendit, Alain Krivine, Alain Geismar and Benny Levy:

[Article] and [Article].

  • 3 Responses to “The 40th Anniversary of the Student Uprising in France”

    1. Hengest Says:

      Why do students no longer revolt?
      Answer: Because they are jew-lead and everything is going to plan, jew-wise.

    2. confederate Says:

      click the first link (article). in the middle of the page is a kaballah personality test.

    3. Chuck Coats Says:

      Excellent point Hengest… why should the students today revolt…? Everything they (the jews) set out to acomplish has been implemented. Communism, feminism, multi-cultism, no borders, etc…

      No need for Rubin’s, Steinham’s and Levy’s marching in the street when when the govt. is kissing your ass and the goyim are fighting your war for you.

      Students took over Columbia U. back in the 60’s…and the police did nothing, they let them walk out of the building. Today, if WN did that, there would be hell to pay.