20 July, 2008

More Payments to the Jews, This Time for Leningrad

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What will God’s Pets demand payment for next month? You can be sure that they’re considering many options – perhaps they’ll demand cash from America for “not bombing enough German cities” during World War II. Meanwhile, White people haven’t gotten a dime of payment from organized Jewry for the Jewish assault on Western culture, which began in earnest after 1945 [1]:


[1] re: the Jewish assault on Western culture: [Here], [Here], [Here] and [Here]

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  7. One Response to “More Payments to the Jews, This Time for Leningrad”

    1. paul maleski Says:


      The Sephardi jew were notorious throughout West Africa; as cruel, cost-cutting black slave traders, they raped and slaughtered tens of millions. Not to be outdone, the Ashkenazi jew, starved and butchered tens of millions of white Christian peasants. But you cannot accuse the Khazar jew of racism and class distinction; they massacred the Romanovs, the creme de la creme of the European aristocracy, as well. Why can’t the holocaust survivors of these disparate groups get their heads together and ask Israel for financial compensation? Or at least for an apology?