3 August, 2008

Up Yours?

Posted by Socrates in Big Fag, General Decline, homosexual themes, jewed culture, Socrates at 3:13 pm | Permanent Link

About the “Up Your Alley” homosexual event in California. Warning: graphic images. Newbies, be aware that the pro-homosexual movement is heavily Jewish. In fact, among the early pioneers of the queer movement, only one, Harry Hay, was a gentile, but he was nonetheless married to a Jewess:


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  7. 23 Responses to “Up Yours?”

    1. Antagonistes Says:


      I saw a few of the uncensored photos and quit looking.

      Beyond comprehension. Why would anyone do this? Can such people even be called men? Even more: Why would any “normal” person go to view such public nudity and depravity?

      Reminds me of the college “streakers” of the early seventies. It started out with running, then became walking, then . . . .?

      Perhaps they were gay, also?

      Not something a man, who is truly a man, would do . . . a man with an inner whore, perhaps?

    2. OldDude Says:

      Truly, that site SUCKS. No need to see more than the first pic or two. Sickos. But in public, at a “fair”, with kids around? It’s getting closer to the time when we’ll be needing concentration camps to separate this stuff from healthy society.

    3. Sgt. Skull Says:

      I tried looking at the uncensored pics and literally felt sick to my stomach. I don’t even know if there’s words to describe the utter depravity and perversion of these kind of monsters.

      This is not just an alternative lifestyle. People like this should be euthanized.

    4. John Says:

      This is the end of Amerikwa. I hope to god that someone sends this Jewish ‘nation’ of filth and perversion a couple of nukes. Adolf Hitler was our last white hope.

    5. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Tiny Tim sez- Fuck dem queers!


    6. JAckumup Says:

      We need to get there pictures out to the general public so they can better understand these cock suckers (no pun intended). The public needs to see the gay community with out the jew filter

    7. Terry Phillips Says:

      I couldn’t get passed the first couple of pics without wanting to heave. My goddamn trigger finger is still twitching.

    8. Booger Says:

      This was completely illustrative of the moral and spiritual decay that has infected this country.The censored version was quite sickening and enough to make me want to run my very own concentration camp.Judgement day is near for the queers and sickos and scum that masquerade as “people”.Thanx JEWS!For destroying my country.Like a cancer,all these elements will need to be cut out without mercy.i will raise the black flag of “no quarter” when the time comes-and its on its way-soon.

    9. Z.O.G. Says:

      That zombietime website is created by an pro-war, pro-Israel, rabid Zionist guy who thinks that he is a conservative. He is most likely a U.S. government spook, and is also probably a Jew. I just wanted to point that out for people reading this site.

    10. Frank Degrassi Says:

      Despicable. Horrendous. Sick. How on earth could the authorities condone such beastly behaviour…in public!!?? These sub-human perverts should have been arrested or at least removed from public vue.
      Is there no more censorship?

    11. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      “How on earth could the authorities condone such beastly behaviour…in public!!??”

      What would happen to them if they didn’t?

    12. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Song from 1967, “Let It All Hang Out”. Pics of hippie SF.


    13. JJ Says:

      ZOG is correct; as disgusting as those pictures of the Up Your Alley fair are, the website they come from is a pro-Irael crock.

    14. Scipio Americanus Says:

      After viewing just one page of the censored photos of these fudge-packing faggots, all I have to say is THANK GOD FOR HIV-AIDS!

    15. Frank Degrassi Says:

      Maybe they’ll self-destroy someday?…

    16. New America Says:

      This is proof that demons walk the Earth.

      The part that is most disconcerting is this:

      This was done in an open section of a major American city IN BROAD DAYLIGHT.

      Anyone walking by had no choice but to see this full-on Abomination.

      This is proof that Community, in a positive meaning of the term, has totally collapsed.


      What wonderful opportunities are open to us, to prove – all too easily – how our System is so much better…


      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    17. John Says:

      Remember that ALL non-procreative sexual activity is literally ‘homosexual’. Furthermore, ALL sensation seeking auto-stimulation is ‘homosexual’. Eros, (the erotic, the ‘sexual’), is the willful engagement with the things-of-the-world, and engaging and valuing for the quality of existential stimulation IS ‘homosexuality’. You don’t need examples because almost all the activity of our modern ‘libidinal economy’ partakes in this process. The sports fan, the shopping addict, the consumer of ‘hetero-porn’ and the proud fetish ‘gnostic’ are all hooked on the same merry-go-round.

      It begins when the child hears the pseudo-authority of school or television ask: “How do you feel about…?” and learns that any ‘positive’ feeling (one that doesn’t offend the ‘positive’ feelings of others) is legitimate and that the only wholly non-legitimate response is “It’s not important what we ‘feel’, but rather what is true and what is false, what is right and what is wrong”

      Two hundred years ago it would have been obvious beyond explanation, but today it is countered by the characteristically post-modern, ‘liberal’ claim that one has no responsibility to think about anything that does not make one ‘feel-good’. Anyone who suggests otherwise must thus be eliminated as an ‘oppressor’ because they are a threat to the inductive ‘pleasure’ cycle.

      So important is this process for the elite’s mechanism of mass-control that, over time, hundreds of names have been given to the basic process and variations of the process. The single most important is the term ‘INDUCTION’, and its significance can be seen from the mutually exclusive relation to its opposite: ‘DEDUCTION’.

      Deduction is Logic; in traditional Christian terms it is The LOGOS and ‘The Word’ and ‘The Son’, and its First Premise is ‘The Father’, and it is available to our understanding through the Spirit that proceeds from The Father and The Son. Like the plant that needs the light from outside itself to grow, man needs to reach to something outside himself and outside creation to grow. Take a look at a ‘homosexual’ or anyone else in thrall to sensation-chasing and wonder: “At what age did they stop growing inside?”

      Deduction (the Christian trinity) is the only thing outside, and abstracted from, creation to which man can reach; and Deduction is the only thing that does not, and needs not, partake of the sense world. It is ‘supernatural’. Induction must thus be entirely subject to deduction and induction should never be an end in itself. The cascading catastrophe of sensationalism and the occult control that it facilitates began at the moment of the first, slight disobedience to The Father.

      This basic theology is suppressed, not least in the churches, because the controlling elite must suppress ‘The Heavenly Father’ (and His Logos and Spirit) in order to suppress the earthly father (and his authority and spirit), as well as paternity and patriarchy and tradition in general. All churches today operate by community dialectic, which is Transitional Marxism, which is Induction.

      Independence from fleshly induction is not how our controllers want us and inductive techniques are used on us from early childhood to distract us from adhering to Deductive Paternity.

      Some of the most important labels that signify of the application of the Inductive control process are: Hypnotic-induction; Dialectic; Discourse; Trance; Advertising; Self-actualization.

      In an earlier time it would mostly have been understood as ‘sin’.

      Others terms that indicate use of Inductive technique, picked at random from a near inexhaustible list: group-therapy, psychology (all of it, from its inception), modern philosophy, neuro-linguistic-programming, free-market, liberalism, libertarianism, visualization, social identity, diversity, pluralism, social engineering, dictatorship-of-the-proletariat, critical inquiry, role-playing, personal transformation, magick, multiculturalism, self-fulfillment, consumer orientation, open society, lifestyles, collective unconscious; common ground, group identity, life-long-learning, retraining initiatives, internet, environmentalism, creativity, gestalt, holistic, peak-experience, existentialism, entertainment, audience-participation, economy, motivation, compromise, skills management, human resources, social justice, self-esteem, personality, statistical surveys, league tables, participatory democracy, tolerance, group dynamics, race-relations, mental health, public opinion, child-centered learning, psycho-social, peace and prosperity, therapy, change-agents, life-skills, joined-up thinking, global perspectives, goal-oriented, sustainable development, marketing; influence, civil rights, evolution, revolution, gnosticism, exchange, Marxism, Freudianism, humanism, socialism, free-trade, affirmation, consolidation, emancipation, currency, credit, novelty, new-age, competition, fraternity, ‘science’, common dreams.

    18. DMS Says:

      It appears that our ancestors did the sensible thing by drowning these creatures in bogs.

    19. JohnMC Says:

      I concur wholeheartedly with all the comments, especially with those of _John_ of 9 Aug., who, it seems to me, has described perfectly the root cause of the decay. I couldn’t agree more. I could say much more and add my comments, but it has all already been said much better by all the other posters than I could say it, and it would add nothing substantive to the posts. Thanks for posting a graphic (if nasty, ugly and dismaying) reminder of the Signs of the Times — the Last Days…. (Maybe some young, impressionable, guys (who may still thnik it’s “cool” to be “gay” — as advertized on TV and the other lying Media) will see these photos and these photos will make them change their course and their minds before it’s too late and they end up — in a very short time — like these revolting, disgusting, depraved specimens.)

      Expert geologists and seismologists say an earthquake is due to demolish SF soon. They say there’s a really big one every century or so, give or take a few years…. God works in mysterious ways…. He sends “reminders”: sometimes natural, sometimes manmade….

    20. Igor Alexander Says:

      Nuke San Francisco.

    21. Kyle Says:

      San Francisco needs a crack

    22. D_VM Says:

      San Francisco and the rest of California needs to slip into the sea to purge it of fags, dykes, gLiberals and brown squat monsters.

    23. Jim Says:

      Welcome to Pelosiville!