16 September, 2008

International Investment Bank Files for Bankruptcy

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This is one time when the late Dr. William Pierce is really missed. He could make several radio shows about this topic and his commentary would be brilliant.

Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., the fourth-largest investment bank in America, was founded in 1850 by three Jewish immigrants.

As someone noted yesterday, Wall Street’s meltdown – which is directly related to the housing crash – is the worst in a century. Too many people in the financial sector – a disproportionate number of them Jews – were playing things fast-and-loose. Too much money and credit was available. Too many “subprime” – i.e., high-risk – mortgages to non-Whites were approved, and those subprime mortgages were used to back securities. It worked, but only for awhile.

Here’s an idea for the future, one that will be ignored, of course: Congress could pass a law that bans Jews from working in America’s money-and-finance sector. Under such a law, only gentiles could work in money-related vocations:


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  7. 54 Responses to “International Investment Bank Files for Bankruptcy”

    1. Olde_Dutch Says:

      Socks are you encouraging sock puppets with similar monikers to argue with each other?

      Why don’t they use the monikers they were banned from using on the forum page?

    2. Olde Douche Sucks Says:

      I want to make one thing clear here:

      Despite what I said about “fiat money” being viable, I still consider it to be a peripheral issue.

      I think backing the currency with gold is a mistake, but I know there are some people who disagree with this.

      Either way, I really don’t care to argue about it.

      What’s important is that the practice of usury be stopped once and for all.

      If it’s not, then the gold/fiat thing won’t make any difference.

    3. Olde_Dutch Says:

      “ouche wrote: What’s important is that the practice of usury be stopped once and for all.”

      Hey Douche, what happened to all the truth in lending laws?

    4. Z.O.G. Says:

      Hey, olde_dutch, what part of this do you NOT understand?

      The charging of interest on money is a form of contract fraud. The banker lends you $100, but demands you pay him $105 in return(because of the interest). But guess what, the joke is on you because the banker only created $100. He never created the extra $5 that you would need to pay the interest. So you tell the banker that it is a mathematical and physical impossibility for you to repay him $105 because he only created $100 to begin with. The banker tells you that that’s just too bad, because you signed a contract stating that you would pay him back $105 for a loan of $100. Then, as per the conditions of the contract(which you agreed to), the banker proceeds to take possession of your physical property that was used as collateral for the loan.