2 October, 2008

Britain and the ‘War on Terror’ Part II

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Regarding the previous post: it’s interesting that a fellow named Sheinwald was Prime Minister Tony Blair’s top foreign policy adviser: [Article].

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  7. 12 Responses to “Britain and the ‘War on Terror’ Part II”

    1. Zararthustra Says:

      How much longer will the Establishment anti war liberals keep blaming the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan on Big Oil and not on Jew Zionist war mongers? And the last time I looked, there was no oil in Afghanistan for Big Oil to steal. The usually boisterous Left has been disappointingly, though unsurprisingly, silent about who’s really to blame. Even notorious liberal loudmouths like Michael Moore and that little fag Jello Biafara are dead silent on the Jews’ culpability.

    2. Osama bin Laden Says:

      David Miliband, Britain’s secretary of foreign affairs, is a Jew. He is a vocal supporter of aggression towards Russia and a player in globalist politics.

      Britain is crawling with these globalist NWO Jews.

      Thanks Cromwell!

    3. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Jews have been string-pulling Britain for centuries. Only now we have the internet to alert White people to the truth.

      PS British people who need to get up to speed should start with William Pierce’s thoughtful and prescient articles. Available as text or audio in a vnn link.

    4. Graham Wellington Says:

      Readers should stop by the Forum:


    5. Limey Says:

      Osama said – “Britain is crawling with these globalist NWO Jews.
      Thanks Cromwell!”

      A few years after his death, Cromwell’s body was dug up and hanged. We know where Churchill is buried, and just await the day.

    6. Jim Says:

      There is a considerable admixture of jewish blood in the British ruling class. That is why the Brits were so gung ho to go to war with NS Germany in 1939.

    7. Angryyoungman Says:

      To Jim:

      You are correct. I believe that Churchill’s mother was of partial Jewish descent. But that aside, the “ruling class” of Britain after the reign of the Aryan madman Cromwell was completely dominated by what was known as the merchant class. These merchants, whether Jewish or Shabbos-Goyim, are the demons who have essentially controlled the European world and it’s satellite nations since the nobles became “old-fashioned” around the middle of the 18th century. “Liberty” be damned. As the blacks used to say, we must ‘keep our eyes on the prize”, and that prize is the annihilation of the monsters who have controlled the West for the last 300 years.

    8. Zarathustra Says:

      Churchill was actually part Cherokee, like Geddy Lee (?). I guess that’s why ol’ “Winnie” couldn’t handle all that “firewater” he used to drink.

    9. gw Says:

      Not quite; he claimed to be part Mohawk, from New York state.
      That claim may or may not be true, helping to explain his mother’s dark features (Jenny Jerome came from Brooklyn); but geneaolgists have been unable to prove any such connection to Indian blood. They doubt it. But that comment about firewater is interesting.

    10. Celtic Warrior Says:

      We know who Churchill’s mother was, (Jenny Jerome sounds jewish to me), but just who was his father? I doubt it was syphilitic Randolph,and Ms Jerome’s infidelities were scandalous even by the lax standards of the so-called aristocracy.

      I would put money on W S Churchill being 100% jew.

    11. Zarathustra Says:

      The thing is, the Churchills have a long and distinguished history in England going back hundreds of years. I believe there was a famous Duchess of Marlborough named Sarah Churchill in the 17th century. It’s possible this august dynasty was infected with Semitic microbes somewhere along the line, however.

    12. Celtic Warrior Says:

      The adjective ‘august’ is not appropriate in describing the Churchill lineage. They were and are a bunch of scumbags.

      The first duke betrayed his friend and patron James 11 and was instrumental in bringing to England William 11 and his jew entourage. The Dutch jew Solomon Medina rewarded John Churchill a retainer of 6000 pounds pa, then a huge sum.

      Not bad or starters. He always had his hand out for bribes especially so during the Wars of the Spanish Succession, but that did not stop him form waging a scorched earth policy in Bavaria and the Rhineland, something the Brit history books omit when describing the Battle of Blenheim, 1704.

      W S Churchill was true to form and no friend of the White race, specially the White working class whom he despised.

      PS Sarah, John’s wife, was the lesbian lover of Queen Anne.