13 October, 2008

Homosexuals Go on Trial in the Netherlands

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Queers live for dangerous thrills – whether dangerous to themselves or to others. (Jews have led the movement to normalize homosexuality in the Western countries):


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  7. 7 Responses to “Homosexuals Go on Trial in the Netherlands”

    1. CZ Says:

      Yeah, they injected them alright.

    2. macdonald Says:

      fags=death. they are an abomination to God and man and nature as well. They are also a useful tool by jews and marxist to destroy western civilization and our traditional american life.

    3. Vaultner Says:

      I always appreciate the news & introspective opinions on this site but this is one article I’d have preferred you reprinted or surmised rather than have a link to “pink” news for God sakes.
      Yes the queers should all be taken out & shot.

    4. Campbell Crawford Clan Says:

      And how about the article on the link where a Mr. Gay contest winner had killed, sliced, diced, and eaten parts of a lover? It’s Jeffrey Dahmer revisted!

      My God, gays are nasty-nuts, and should be ignored, or at least truthfully represented in the media for what they are rather than the artsy, intelligent, and civilized beings that they are portrayed as.

      As a female, I never had anything against gay males. I don’t give it much thought actually, but when l do think about their sexual practices and how indiscrimnate they are in choosing sexual partners, it makes me ill. They are out of control, insane, and should not be allowed around normal, heterosexual people- -and especially children.

    5. Fr. John Says:

      Well, the older method of punishing sodomites was public stoning. At least it was effective at catharsis of the Body Politic, as well as a very strong deterrent for the aberrant.

      Mosaic law- it’s new all over again!

    6. Andrei Yustschinsky Says:

      FUX NEWS™
      School “Softball Field Trip” to Teacher’s Dyke Wedding Sparks Controversy
      Monday, October 13, 2008

      FUX NEWS

      by Andrei Yustschinsky, SPS (Senior Plastic Specialist)

      First-graders in San Francisco were in for a “seafood treat” by going on a “softball field trip” to City Hall to celebrate the marriage of their very butch looking dyke teacher on Friday, but opponents of same-sex marriage in the state say the field trip was an attempt to recruit the female students for future sports and aviation careers, the San Francisco Twat (SF’s oldest lesbian-aviation newspaper secretly founded by the late Susan Oliver) reported.
      The “softball field trip” was suggested by a “parent” with a D.A. haircut and sporting a 22 pound flannel shirt at the “Creative” Arts Charter School, and the school said the trip, where students tossed rosebush thorns (a tradition at bulldyker weddings) on their teacher and “her” “wife” as they left City Hall, was academically relevant.

      “It really is what we call a teachable moment,” said Ms. Lez Jaroslow, 23, the school’s oral and plastic sex director, according to the newspaper. She said same-sex marriage had historic significance. “I think I’m well within the parameters, vaginally speaking.”

      California will vote on Nov. 4 on Proposition 8 which seeks to ban same-sex marriage in the state, and supporters of the measure say the “softball field trip” shows that allowing same-sex marriage will mean it’s taught to school children, the newspaper said.

      “It’s just utterly unreasonable that a public school field trip would be to a same-sex wedding,” said Chip White, press secretary for the Yes on 8 campaign, told the Chronicle. “This is overt indoctrination of children who are too young to have an understanding of its purpose.”

      Andrei Yustschinsky reporting from the Bay Area…
      Copywrong 2008 by FUX NEWS™ No rights reserved.

    7. Zarathustra Says:

      Well, in defense of Christianity, this kind of sick faggotry would never have taken place in Europe before WWI. But If it did, the guilty queers would have been sent to an insane asylum and died there. All kinds of madness has been permitted now that the Jew has taken over Europe and replaced traditional “Christian” values. Or were they Aryan values? Even the pagan Romans had rules against excessively depraved faggot behavior.