7 October, 2008

University Senate Disassociates Itself from Dr. Kevin MacDonald

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Note that the surname “Jaffe” is usually a Jewish name, as a web search can show using the keywords “Jaffe” + “Jewish.” Let’s hope that some of the braver American academics will step forward now and publicly support Dr. MacDonald:


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  7. 11 Responses to “University Senate Disassociates Itself from Dr. Kevin MacDonald”

    1. Zarathustra Says:

      “Disassociation” is tantamount to official condemnation and censorship. Jew professors can be as Jew-centric as they want and Negro professors can be as Negro-centric as they want. Only Whitey is supposed to be ashamed of himself for being White. Isn’t that right, Professor Jaffe, you JEWESS?

    2. M. Kraus Says:

      Oh, what a grand moral gesture. They should be extremely proud of their courage and fortitude in confronting the horrors of “anti- Semitism”.

      American “universities” are a bad joke.

    3. gw Says:

      “Let’s hope that some of the braver American academics will step forward now ”

      And where are those to be found?

      Let’s hope indeed!

      As has been spectacularly demonstrated to us for half century, university academics and administrators, hiding behind their ivory walls, are the most spineless, pusillanimous mice there are to be found anywhere.

      These groveling sycophants will put their own careers, grants, and salaries before anything else. Furthermore, these Marxist tools no longer have any respect for Freedom of Speech except the freedom to agree with THEM, and (of course) with the Received Wisdom that is handed to them by Those Above.


    4. Olde_Dutch Says:

      A Bani Brith award winning Jew named Lyle Berman is attempting to get a casino gambling monopoly from the State of Ohio. Berman & his company are pushing Ballot Issue #6 which would legalize casino gambling in Ohio.

      Oddly enough, no one has publically pointed out that Berman is a Jew, and funds many Jewish efforts with his gambling money.

      I wonder why? LOL.

    5. James Brown Says:

      An e-mail I wrote to Dr. Macdonald:

      I have only read a bit of your blog. I’m impressed. I arrived at your blog through a couple of hours of surfing around the internet. As I understand it, you have come under fire by the Southern Poverty Law Center. I am a Southerner, an almost stereotypical one, who has begun the long process of reforming my social beliefs. Of all the things I’ve read, and I have listened to all sides now, yours is the most academic. I find myself fascinated by the extremists on both sides. In reading websites and listening to podcasts (i.e. David Duke) I find a little truth in the extremism. One thing I continue to notice is a reference to Post WWII Russia. It is truly the prime example of the Jewish evolutionary strategy. (even though I’m not exactly sure what that is yet.)

      What is the difference in what you are doing as opposed to someone like David Duke?

      1. You are unbiased.

      2. You display no irrationality, hatred, or elements of extremism.

      3. You are by far levels beyond in your thinking. It’s not only that you are by far more educated, but also more rooted in facts and scientific approach.

      They fear you. When I see someone attacked, especially in academic circles, it makes me wonder why. I believe you have been, are being, and will be attacked because they feel threatened by you. Why do they feel threatened? It is because the devices they have used to silence dissenting voices will not work against you. They are not merely a non-profit organization, but actually a reinforcing agent against those who would challenge the social status quo. They are a special interest group. They have no real record of defending the rights of my particular ethnic group. They work exclusively to defend the rights and often double standards that benefit minorities. In their effort to suppress racism, hatred, and opressors real and imagined, they themselves have become opressors. Their attack on you, in my opinion, exposes them as not only biased, but incapable of tolerating the intolerant. (not that you are intolerant, but many of their targets are intolerant) In that, they are social heretics and hypocrits.

      What, if anything, will degrade the power of such special interests groups?

      An economic depression. They and their attack machine are not long for this country. While there is an attempted “bail out” of companies here, there is no such effort in Eastern Europe. There are many financial institutions there that have been gutted. There is no plan to try to salvage them. It is this outrage, from this area, that will begin the great descent and exposure of the Jewish evolutionary strategy. You have no idea how many good Southern minds were displaced and marginalized by the policies of such special interest groups such as the SPLC. I am one of them. I do not believe that I am more deserving of an education, but am at least equally deserving. I have suffered discrimination from such groups. They build themselves inside state funded institutions, they usurp the tax dollars from whites and redistribute them, often through devices such as affirmative action, and use their pathetic ideology to punish me for simply being white. Now you know why we hate them. They are parasites, and without us, they would certainly starve. Part of their strategy is to empower negroes, as they know that whites from this area will rise up against them and throw them out. If they can keep us ignorant, they think, they can thwart an enemy who does not fit into their evolution strategy. To us, this is an act of hatred.

      Who is the most hated ethnic group in America?

      Is it not the Southern Whites, the Appalachians, and the remnants of Native Americans? We are continually ridiculed, discriminated against, and there is no group to insure our rights. In fact, should we try to establish a group who focused exclusively on the rights of White Southerners, we are immediately labeled as racists. This is their device that they have used on us. It will not work on you. Instead, study us, and then you will realize that we truly are the indigenous peoples of North America. We are what’s left of the Cherokee. The reason we don’t want to mix with other races is because they can offer us very little genetically. We have been “bred out” before. It is this memory, of what is left of us, what we are now… Europeans with remnants of Native Americans… this identity is the identity of a people who will not breed out again. We do not want them. They hate us because we have continually rejected them on all levels. When we were forced to share our schools with them, our schools became violent, overall productivity declined, and it profited us nothing. We are encouraged to blend with the non-whites, even though we do not believe that they have anything to offer us on a genetic level. It is not only common sense that prevents many of us from doing this thing, but also NATURE. We are seeking to survive. They are seeking our genetics and habitat. This is also why we hate them. Hatred, in this area, is not a thing of ignorance. It is merely a natural result of being invaded by disindigenous peoples who take everything, offer nothing in return… neither economically, nor genetically. Is hate natural? I’m beginning to think it is….

      I hate them for what they have done to you. While others made themselves targets by displaying all the things I mentioned earlier. You did not. You do not deserve to be persecuted by this organization of special interests who are committed to stamping out my people. Please continue your work. I know that much of what I have said is probably really ignorant sounding to you. For that, I’m sorry. Still, it is valueable. This is the logic of a man marginalized by the Jewish evolutionary strategy. This is a window into Southern culture. Our hate is real, yes, but ask yourself why it is that we hate. Define hate, especially here, as you watch the immigrants destroy our way of life. When you watch television, notice how they ridicule us on programs such as Saturday Night Live. Why do they ridicule us? Because they want to destroy our credibility. Look at how they treat Sarah Palin. They hate her. They hated Hillary. They hate you. Our hate is reactionary. Their hate is carefully planned and orchestrated through subversive elements such as the SPLC.

      Aside from location, there is nothing SOUTHERN about them. They seek to redefine what southern means. Even Newsweek printed an article posing the question on the cover: “The Death of the South?” They want us to die. How inspired, contrived, and advertised is their hatred for us? It is everywhere you look. They hate us because we have always rejected them and resisted their invasion of our habitat. We are a piece of their evolutionary strategy puzzle that just won’t fit. That’s why they try to force us into place. It won’t work. Jews won’t even admit that they are Jews here. They fear us, because we know what they are… parasites.

      This is my point of view,

      James Brown

      P.S. Please do continue your work. A lot of it is over my head, but I do enjoy the parts I do understand.

    6. Jahan Says:

      It appears you’re right about the surname Jaffe.

      One famous example:

      Al Jaffe – the illustrator and writer for MAD magazine.



    7. Fr. John Says:

      Mr. Brown. Trust me, there IS no Neutrality. Go on over (if you truly are becoming an unreconstructed Southerner) to http://www.spiritwaterblood. com, and read what some Southern Biblical thinkers that are NOT dispensationalists are doing.

      No one is unbiased. Not even the Almighty. “You ALONE of the all the nations on the earth have I chosen,” etc. Trouble is, most fools think this means the “Jews.”

      It doesn’t and they aren’t.

      Deo Vindice!

    8. -jc Says:

      “16-year trustee of the California State University system”

      Subprime Mortgage King Roland E. Arnall, 68; Founded High-Risk Lender Ameriquest

      (Dennis Cook – AP)

      Thursday, March 20, 2008; Page B06
      Ameriquest Mortgage founder [Jew] Roland E. Arnall, 68, a billionaire who became a symbol of the subprime lending industry he helped create, died March 17 at the University of California at Los Angeles Medical Center. Esophageal cancer was diagnosed last week.

      Mr. Arnall, a Holocaust survivor who co-founded the Simon Wiesenthal Center, had resigned as President Bush’s ambassador to the Netherlands on March 7, returning to Los Angeles to be with a seriously ill son who had Hodgkin’s disease.

      Intensely private about his business and charitable affairs, Mr. Arnall built a real estate and financial services empire that transformed him into one of the nation’s wealthiest people, with his fortune estimated last year at $1.5 billion by Forbes magazine.

      Once the nation’s largest subprime mortgage lender, Ameriquest was shadowed by accusations that it engaged in improper practices that included lying about borrowers’ income to qualify them for loans they couldn’t afford. Ameriquest advertised heavily on television, sent blimps soaring above stadiums bearing the company’s name and Liberty Bell logo and sponsored a Super Bowl halftime show and a Rolling Stones tour.

      Former employees said Ameriquest ran “boiler rooms” of loan agents who socked borrowers with hidden fees and higher-than-promised interest rates while steering customers into loans they couldn’t afford.

      The remnants of Ameriquest, which Mr. Arnall founded in 1979, were sold to Citigroup last year.
      Even Mr. Arnall’s harshest critics said it was difficult to reconcile the complaints with the man they knew as a benefactor of animal shelters, a 16-year trustee of the California State University system and a diplomat who strove to build bridges to the Islamic community in Europe and the United States.

      Born March 29, 1939, on the eve of World War II to Eastern European Jews who had fled to Paris, Mr. Arnall spent his early childhood in a French village where his family pretended to be Roman Catholic. He wasn’t told he was Jewish until after the war. His family soon moved to Canada, then to the United States, where he had his first business, selling flowers on the streets of Los Angeles.

      Mr. Arnall amassed huge interests in apartments and other businesses. But he was chiefly known as a pioneer of lending to high-risk, or “subprime,” borrowers. Using databases to identify customers and set loan terms, he partnered with Wall Street companies that provided funding and bundled his loans into mortgage-backed bonds, the business whose recent meltdown has shaken the global financial system. ..

    9. -jc Says:

      Sam Jaffe played opposite Michael Rennie as a sensitive, compassionate scientist in the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still and as television’s Ben Casey’s boss.

    10. james brown Says:

      To Fr. John:

      Let me reproduce your post so that I can read and address this…

      you said:

      “Mr. Brown. Trust me, there IS no Neutrality. Go on over (if you truly are becoming an unreconstructed Southerner) to http://www.spiritwaterblood. com, and read what some Southern Biblical thinkers that are NOT dispensationalists are doing.

      No one is unbiased. Not even the Almighty. “You ALONE of the all the nations on the earth have I chosen,” etc. Trouble is, most fools think this means the “Jews.”

      It doesn’t and they aren’t.

      Deo Vindice!”

      I looked at the web page and understand your point of view. I am still developing my point of view. I don’t address religion, because to me, it’s not the point. I agree that the popular religion of Zionist factions, such as Hagee, are mostly sponsored by Jew propagandists who seek to employ Christians in their battles against the Arabs. Through this “religion” , Zionism, if you can call that a religion, they attempt mind control. Illegal immigrants, often say, “we are your brothers in Christ”. To me, this is an appeal to pity. “Pity us, the way Jesus pitied the Jews.” To which I say, no, I am not a pacifist. I won’t be manipulated by a god that they’ve created. I know God. This is not God.

      The thing with Whites is simply this… we are superior. There would be no Israel without us. The creation of Israel was a white effort to give a people a land so that we did not have to endure them and their inability to get along with others. Notice, throughout history, Jews have been unable to get along with anybody. When they were preached to about this very thing, they killed the messenger, Jesus. It is pointless and useless to try to convince a Jew of anything. They think they know everything. They did not realize when Hitler came to power, just as they don’t realize now, what is about to hit them.

      Why are Jews so prevalent in media? It is because they create an entertaining product. This is part of their evolutionary strategy. They seek mind control, but when confronted with the truth, they go on the attack with various devices. (They accuse us of racism etc.) America will no more forever support Israel to our own detriment. They do not spill their blood with us in war. They will not. They are cowards and manipulators. They instigate the wars, but never fight them. They are tolerated, that is all.

      Tolerance is not an idea of the Jew. Without whites, there IS NO TOLERANCE. When we abandon the idea of tolerance it will surely be dead. That day is coming soon. It is only when the middle class and upper middle class of the whites has been repeatedly trespassed upon, only then do they go from being tolerant sheeps to bloodthirsty wolves.

      That day is coming. Here, in front of you is the very tool you need to organize our people. (The economic crisis) Only then will whites truly realize why their way of life has been attacked and disrupted by minorities. They are not the progenitors of a greater species… WE ARE. While we are away at war, the Jew is being taught in ivy league schools. He is being taught law and propaganda. This is what you see on the television. They do not even spill their blood in the defense of the country that we established for them. THEY ARE THAT LAZY, COWARDLY, AND CONNIVING. Without us, they have nobody to suck the blood out of… they are parasites.

      Our problem has been tolerance. We have tolerated nonsense from people, who would plunge our people into a nation of hunters and gatherers. That must be stopped. Without US, there is no Israel. We have held back the hand of the world. We will no more forever. It has nothing to do with religion.


      If these, pathetic excuses for men and women, the jews, are god’s chosen people… THEN FUCK GOD. I won’t play second fiddle to anybody. You are right, these are NOT god’s chosen people. God sent them a messenger, they killed him. This is who they are…. They are the rejectors of God. That is why they are continually rejected. They’re evil. They only seek riches.

      They think they are going to force a nigger upon us, Obama. Let me tel you, positively and definitively, if he becomes president, I will find myself another country. This IS international white flight.

      See you in eastern europe.

    11. james brown Says:


      I want to thank the creator of this website for defending our interests in Knoxville. Your courage and loyalty will not be forgotten.

      I wanted to live and love
      I wanted to be free and forgive
      slowly though, reality cracked me open
      and dripped inside…
      I realized all my dreams were lies

      Komm en mein boot