9 October, 2008

Wall Street: Who’s Watching the Foxes Who Guard the Henhouse?

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But why are foxes guarding the henhouse in the first place? Also: Dr. William Pierce on Enron:


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  7. 8 Responses to “Wall Street: Who’s Watching the Foxes Who Guard the Henhouse?”

    1. Rudolf Steiner Says:

      The markets reaction to current economic weather is justified to say the least . No amount of subsidy is going to change the fact that the market has revealed itself to a generation. With a record amount mutual fund withdraws, it is plain to see that the average American has lost faith and hopefully a certain amount of greed.

      The reason our lawmakers have made this into a national disaster is because they are all heavily invested. Ron Paul was our only hope for transparency. It’s time to start living like white people again.

    2. Gerald Edward Patrick Morris Says:

      Ron Paul was NO HOPE WHATSOEVER! The ONLY SOLUTION IS REVOLUTION! All this weak baby-shit reformism comes from small-brained, cowardly little WASPs who FEAR giving up their own jewish modus vivendi, and fear the Justice due to them for having behaved in such a systemically treasonous fashion toward the Aryan Race.

      Crapitalism itself is a semito-sewer system involving money worship, gross materialsim, sexual perversion and other, genuinely diabolic practices and beliefs. These inherent, spastic episodes as the top thieves completely loot their miserable subjects always occur and always endanger the lives of all involved.

      All this recent chiliastic behavior evinced by america’s ruling jews, with plenty backup from their dutiful little WASP choir comes directly as the result of the jew-masonic nature of this capitalist theocracy. The only solution, once again, is Revolution, complete with the extermination of at least half the current populace of the so-called “U.S.A.”

      With modern computing capability, there is UTTERLY NO EXCUSE FOR CAPITALISM! Private idiot in-duh-vid-jew-uhls are completely incompetent to run any large, integrated technological complex. Furthermore, there is no moral justification for us making ourselves hostage to this criminal ilk. National Socialism, complete with modern computing technology is the only acceptable system for us to work toward, as soon as we rid ourselves of all the reactionary squealing Luddites in our way.

    3. Olde_Dutch Says:

      Gerald Edward Patrick Morris, sounds like an Irish catholic guy on TV hustling computer stocks for the jews. LOL.

    4. Olde_Dutch Says:

      Here’s a question for you Klan experts. Were Glass & Steagall of the Glass Steagall Act fame both Klansman? I would think they probably were, but, I don’t know that for a fact.

      I would think, if Glass and Steagall spoke at Klan rallies during an election, or other event, that would probably indicate they were Klansman, and those types of meetings would have been favorably reported in the press of Virginia & Alabama during their day.

    5. Zarathustra Says:

      Glass is a Jewish name, Steagall too, most likely……………Capitalism is the Jewish dictatorship of money. Capitalism will eat us all up and then eat itself up…………..A 21st century version of National Socialism is what we need.

    6. gw Says:

      “Glass is a Jewish name, Steagall too, most likely”

      Oh, definitely. I would take them to be — even more so when having anything to do with money. It probably was Siegal, Stiegal, or Spiegel before it was anglicized. And that was probably in the 1800s.

    7. White Minority Says:

      If Obama wins this election, white america is pretty much done for.

      Obama is succeeding with the lie that it was Republican deregulation that caused the financial crisis, when in reality it was Democrat demanded subprime lending.

      The deregulation merely allowed the lenders to attempt to diversify the risk, by packaging all the subprime loans into groups, and then subdivide them, to attempt the spread the risk.

      But the subprime loans were made by lenders as a result of Democrat demands, so that is where the fault, and blame, lies, not on the Republicans efforts to allow the financial industry to attempt to digest these risky and unwise loans the Democrats demanded.

      McCain needs to point this out, over and over, and puncture the lies Obama has been using to gain illegitimate traction, or he is going to lose this election, and then it will be open borders and anti-white preferences across the board.

    8. White Minority Says:

      Deregulation generated derivatives were merely a way for the lenders to diversify the unreasonable risks assumed by the subprime loans the Democrats demanded for their minority voters.

      McCain needs to point this out, and counter Obama’s lies to the contrary, or he will lose this election, and then it’s off a cliff for all of us.

      Please call the McCain campaign and tell them the same, because we need all the help we can get getting through to him right now.