14 November, 2008

The End of Wall Street?

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America doesn’t need Wall Street. So it allows our economy to grow faster by allowing companies to grow faster – so what? Who cares? Why does our economy need to grow fast? Wall Street can also hurt our economy, as we see now and as we saw back in 1929 [1]. Pension plans are tied to the stock market, which seems really insane. Wall Street automatically favors the natural talent of the Jew for making lots of money. If a gentile can make $50,000 on Wall Street, a Jew can make $10 million. So why empower God’s Pets with something that we don’t even need?


[1] Jewish banker Bernanke on the cause of the 1929 stock market crash: [Here]

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  7. 23 Responses to “The End of Wall Street?”

    1. Zarathustra Says:

      Both the article and Socrates’ introduction were magisterial! Wall Street, a glorified Jew gambling casino. If privatizing Social Security and tying it to the rising and falling fortunes of the Stock Market was such a dumb idea (it was), then isn’t doing the same thing with pension funds also kind of stupid?

      And all those cut-throat yuppie hot-shots working on Wall Street, with their power haircuts and power ties and power suspenders…………the Angry, Aryan Gods are punishing them for their hubris. Gentiles should NEVER try to act like Jews!!!!!!!!!

    2. jf Says:

      They will destroy this nation foundedby our white forefathers if we let them

    3. Friedrich Braun Says:

      Economic development is also destructive to the environment. We need different economic models that don’t only have as their objective growth.

    4. Neal Joitke Says:

      When did the stock market crash in 1929 ?????. 2 hrs after Joe Kennedy sold off all his stock in COCA COLA. Where where did he get all his money reselling MEDICAL ALCHOL during prohabition.
      That is imported whiskey that was the legal medical alchol.
      The Kennedys were the great depression profiteeers. They and all the future liberals.

    5. ZipZap McGee Says:

      jf says: “They will destroy this nation foundedby our white forefathers if we let them”

      They already have. And what utterly stuns me about WN’s is that they think that they can make the Jew “go away” without WN’s themselves “becoming the change they wish to see”. Do you really think that the Jew will go away if you think that you don’t have to give up Jew TV, Jew alcohol, Jew cosmetics, Jew banking, (elective)Jew insurance. Whites don’t boycott because they don’t know which businesses are Jewy. All you have to know is which INDUSTRIES are Jewy and engineer your life to secede from their market — even if it means you have to give something up. Something has to give. You actually have to do something material. Complaining has no effect whatever on the Jew, it only wastes your time, while he gets stronger by the day. Material action is what stops the Jew. Nothing else. For example: What have YOU done TODAY to MATERIALLY, INTELLECTUALLY, ACADEMCIALLY OR SPIRITUALLY assist any of the countless young Whites around you who are being destroyed by Jew social engineering and propaganda?

      Oh, I forgot — you don’t want to miss the game tonight where “your” Jew team is playing at the Jew venue in the Jew league televised on the Jew network. Don’t forget your Jew beer!

    6. Krystian K. Kowalczyk Says:

      Jews have never been the equal of Gentiles in any area of achievement (no, I do not believe the high-IQ myth). They must always glom off our success.

    7. Krystian K. Kowalczyk Says:

      Sorry. Did not finish the post. The Jews need us as the host body because we provide them the best living standards. When we are gone, they will be shit out of luck looking for Negroes and the like to reproduce White achievements. Even more than that, they are incompetent managers of state. Their empire has fallen down around their ears, and the Project For A Jew American Century was dead within a decade. Fuck off, kike vermin, your time will come.

    8. Krystian K. Kowalczyk Says:


    9. Krystian K. Kowalczyk Says:

      Above, Weimar Republic style hyperinflation. The cracks in our master’s plans begin to show. Let us hope we can use it to our advantage.

    10. gw Says:

      Krystian says: “Jews have never been the equal of Gentiles in any area of achievement (no, I do not believe the high-IQ myth). ”

      I don’t either! I get very annoyed when I see WN’s who should know better falling for this line of propaganda.

      What Jews feed off mainly is their intense paranoia and ethnic solidarity, combined with elaborate networking. In the meantime, while they loyally support one another, they preach to everyone else that these things are wrong, shameful, immoral.

    11. gw Says:

      Krystiansays: “The Jews need us as the host body because we provide them the best living standards. “

      Exactly. Jews are to be found nearly everywhere. But you’ll find the richest Jews in the whitest countries (which they hate so much). They need an industrious, ingenious, honest, productive host population to feed upon. After all, they can’t amass wealth where no wealth is being produced.

    12. The Red Skull Says:

      Herr Zarathustra says “Wall Street,a glorified Jew Gambling Casino”.HA!I love it Herr Z!That is Classic!Yes we should do away with entirely or severely resrict the Stock Market and their antics.It seems to me they have a negative emotional impact on the US,in addition to the insider trading and bullsh*t that always seems to go on.If we don’t restructure our money,and regulate speculators.Then expect turmoil all the time.I red an Article about how Kennedy issued executive order 11110-which authorized the Treasury to start printing United States Notes,backed by silver.This executive order was never repealed,according to the author.Some USN notes were issued,however,after the assassination,those notes were no longer circulated.The author contended that the USN notes usage would never allowed the gov’t to amount such a massive deficit.I had heard before that Kennedy was killed because he was going to turn on the bankers,(with this program),and did not want the US involved in Vietnam.Now,i believe it was very possible.Mess with the Jew money supply,or defy their agenda=death.We must create a financial and money system not based on debt with interest,backed by nothing but smiling jews.

    13. jim donaldson Says:

      Are the rats planning on abandoning the sinking ship?


    14. jim donaldson Says:

      And this explains it all!


      They ARE a disease!

    15. Howdy Doody Says:

      If you must buy booze buy only private stuff made by 100% Whites and you can do it in moderation too!

      As for the Cable and SAT TV. Dump it, I did ten years ago and did not even view Utubes till a year ago because of dial up.

      Now that I see some samples from Utube the TV is filthy sick vomit to watch.

      As for JFK there is allot of dis-info about his dumping the FRN notes for the Treasury US notes, but any thinking White man knows that could not have made the FR banksters very happy what so ever, so they did not turn the cheek, but took his head and LBJ was happy. LBJ was a FDR Spawned POS commie cryptic tribalist.

    16. -JC Says:

      If you think we need more so called sustainable development, meaning jamming more tax and interest-payers into every area where one can build homes, have a look at the Southern California wildfires on the Electric Jew. Then ask yourself who is going to benefit from them.

    17. Susan Says:

      “Electric Jew” …….bwahahahaha…….I love it!

    18. PizzaMan Says:

      have any of you ever taken an economics class?

    19. Big Effer Says:

      The jews don’t have a talent for making money per se. What they do have is a lack of morals and ethics. ALL of the success is due to insider trading. Insider information. Working as a group. Hiding information from “outsiders”. Anyone who has worked with jews can tell you that. If held to the same rules as whites, they flounder, period.

      Jews do in fact do some things whites should do. They stick together, period, and while insanely jealous and envious of any success a non-jew has, they root for and help their fellow yids to succeed at all costs. They also teach their kids that they are “outsiders”, and to look at problems and situations from all angles. The former encourages solidarity and the latter develops reasoning ability that can help in many, many areas of academics, never mind when it comes to bullshitting and ripping people off.

      Several people have told me that when they made posts at AMREN that stated that whites should teach their kids that we, whites, are the outsiders (which is the truth today) their posts were not allowed by the moderators. The jews in charge didn’t want whites catching on to some of their games and secrets.

    20. Zarathustra Says:

      PIZZA MAN………………..

      Neither the Jew nor anyone else needs to take an economics class in order to know how the economy really works or how to profit from it. Besides, those classes are usually taught by professors who’ve spent their whole lives in classrooms and lecture halls, not the business world. I’m sure there were a lot of AIG and Bear Sterns/Enron/Citigroup/Goldman Sachs employees who attended business school and look at the brilliant job they’ve done.

    21. Ein Says:

      “Several people have told me that when they made posts at AMREN that stated that whites should teach their kids that we, whites, are the outsiders … their posts were not allowed by the moderators. The ‘jews in charge’ didn’t want whites catching on to some of their games and secrets.”

      Even so, too many posts have been slipping through there, causing distress to “those in charge.” Expect to see big changes, or even the complete elimination of all comments atogether.

    22. Voir Dire Says:

      The jews in charge didn’t want whites catching on to some of their games and secrets.
      –Big Effer

      As I’m sure you already know, there are many Jew-savvy posters on AmRen who carefully veil their language to convey truths, but I wanted to share the most brilliant post I ever came across for the year or so I spent blogging there. It was exquisitely crafted to get it past the censoring radar employed there regarding any criticism of Jews (while simultaneously communicating the God-awful, horrific truth about them,) and was a spine-tingling, unsparing, unflinching post on an article (not Michael Hoffman’s; a book review of another author on this topic) entitled “The Untold Story of White Slavery” It raised the hair on the back of my neck while reading it, and it remains to this day perhaps the most expert, concise, chilling essay I’ve ever come across on the Jews. The author might have unwittingly written the perfect essay for awakening (belatedly perhaps) fellow Whites:

      “I am gratified that FINALLY amren has focused on the one subject that is relevant to EVERY topic that is posted here: white slavery — and its been a long time coming! By that I mean the topic of white slavery is analogous to the elusive ” theory of everything ” – the unified field theory which physicists and scientists have long struggled to attain. Those of you with a mathematical bent will know what I mean in terms of implicit and explicit deductions following from postulates and theorems. Here goes : Theorem ( backed by empirical fact ): White slavery is ongoing, flourishing as never before in our modern times; and it has actually never ended ( they only want you to believe that black slavery has ended ). P: 90% of whites know nothing about it. Therefore: D1: There must be a media / educational blackout about the topic for at least several generations; ergo, whites have not been in control of their media since at least the end of WWII, perhaps earlier. D2: The educated 5% who ARE aware of it are powerless to disseminate this knowledge to the general public; either economically unable, or facing deadly sanctions if they do so. D3: The elite group who do NOT want this known to the public are much more powerful, unified, and focused than those who do, and their interests are antagonistic to that of whites in general. D4 : The 5% who become accidentally privy to this and intelligent enough to grasp the horrifying implications, are frozen into inaction, and resort to denial and wishful thinking. They realize that they have been lied to and manipulated into acting AGAINST their self – interest for several generations, and that they can’t explain their OWN willful ignorance in facilitating it. D5 : This 5% also realizes that the same powerful enemy has brainwashed their own children into false guilt, making them pliable politically to act against their own interest. D6 : That this sophisticated criminal element has infiltrated and corrupted the highest levels of government, and that they would not hesitate to target his own children into slavery if they thought they could get away with it without significant consequence ( Mass immigration, outsourcing of jobs, taxation of the productive for the benefit of the uncompetitive being merely parallel forms of dispossession ). D7 : That it is only a matter of time before this overt white slavery threat will lap into the average white man’s sphere of concern ( that of his own family )— i.e. first the millions of weak, defenseless, helpless women/children victims of eastern Europe, then on to the progressively weakening western Europeans( perhaps 10 – 20 years from now ) , and then finally to the poor whites of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. If this sounds like wild fantasy, its only because your mind cannot handle the ominous implications of the raw truth; indeed it touches on your deepest, worst fears and nightmares; the idea that whites are NOT in control in the way they think they are; that the Rubicon of failure and defeat may have been crossed a long time ago, and that all you are witnessing now are the flames of disaster flickering in the REAR VIEW MIRROR. It explains why the most enthusiastic posters on this site will not touch this topic ( white slavery ) with a ten foot pole.”
      Posted by WS at 11:09 PM on September 9

    23. Voir Dire Says:

      So many nuggets of gold buried within this VERY revealing jewel of an article, and I hope ALL take the time to read the insights into this criminal cabal of (to borrow upon Patrick Grimm’s coinage) Big Jewry.

      My personal favorite quote from a Jew with a semblance of a conscience who finally grasped the full scope of the arcane world of creative, garbage, high-finance thievery by his fellow tribesmen being carried out:

      “Eisman was appalled. ‘Look,” he said. ‘I’m short. I don’t want the country to go into a depression. I just want it to fucking deleverage.’ He had tried a thousand times in a thousand ways to explain how screwed up the business was, and no one wanted to hear it. “That Wall Street has gone down because of this is justice,” he says. “They fucked people. They built a castle to rip people off. Not once in all these years have I come across a person inside a big Wall Street firm who was having a crisis of conscience.”

      Still didn’t stop him from partaking in the ill-gotten gains though and being a playa, eh?