9 December, 2008

The Brown Man is Coming

Posted by Socrates in dispossession & destruction, Diversity, diversity is hate, France, General Decline, Jew World Order, jewed culture, nation-building/nation-wrecking, New World Order, Socrates, UN, UNESCO at 12:11 am | Permanent Link

At some point in the near future, everyone in the West – male or female – will be UNESCO‘s “brown man.”


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  7. 24 Responses to “The Brown Man is Coming”

    1. Cpt. Candor Says:

      This makes me recall an old quote, can’t remeber from where, that went like this: “A grey race of employees with no culture outside of what they see on TV is every rich man’s dream.” THAT is what this is all about, at least to those at/near the top that are more motivated by profit maximization than some insane desire to destroy the world’s brightest and most beautiful people in as agonizingly slow a manner as possible.

    2. Marwinsing Says:

      “I want to go to people and explain to them that fear of the other is unfounded,” she told The Associated Press (jewsmedia) the day after being crowned. “I want to incarnate … today’s French diversity” at international beauty pageants.

      Psyops and all that aside, this is their battle-cry of racial victory of brown man over the native French Europid. I saw this whole movie in South Africa fifteen years ago. Beauty is a powerful weapon. Like a razor-sharp knife it challenges then strikes and penetrates the heart of the enemy and her enemy is us. France will now go the way of Portugal, Sarkozy and his friends will see to it.

    3. CW-2 Says:

      Globalists and jews are creaming their jeans at this prospect. Our duty is to stop it happening.

      Why haven’t we got a powerful SW station or even a basic television transmitter on a trawler or similar vessel in international waters? Is cost the only impediment? Surely there must be some wealthy WN men and women willing to put up the money.

    4. warlock Says:

      nigs are like a virus ,a virus imitates a survival cell, if it didnt the white blood cells would destroy it. without mixing with a survival race, nigs will perish from their own wasteful ignorance. see Africa.

    5. Zipzap McGee Says:


      A no sane wealthy White person is going to give a dime to White Nationalist causes: WN’s have ultra-marginalized themselves over the years so that any wealthy WN donor might just as well sign over the rest of his assets to Morris Dees once the word gets out.

      We’re going to have to crawl out of this hole inch by inch using our own bloody fingernails. But if WN’s used principles of teamwork and “early action” then in due course we WOULD have infrastructure to “cash some checks”. Stormfront suicdally celebrates its albatross named “Duke”. This website suicidally celebrates its albatross named “Hitler”. The battlefield is the distorted topography of the public mind that has ALREADY been propagandized against you. You can’t go into a singles bar and try to chat up a chick telling of Charles Manson’s good points. You lost that sale. Doesn’t matter what the “facts” are. You are dealing with propagandized minds. You have to speak to those propagandized minds in language they can process.

    6. CW-2 Says:


      Sure, there is a lot of truth in that, but let’s not take a defeatist attitude before we even start to fight. We need to think and act like winners.
      The jew got to the ‘singles bar’ first and made a slick sales pitch, so we are going to encounter some sales resistance, we can cope with that, we have a superior product to sell.
      I still think there must exist some racially aware White industrialist or old European aristo who can see what is happening and knows the jew is behind it all.

      It is our task and sacred duty to CHANGE minds. Without a powerful media of our own, our task will be very difficult.

    7. Zarathustra Says:

      That uppity Black bitch. How dare she invade France and lecture the French about who’s French and who isn’t. Run on your knuckles back to Mozambique, you she-boon.

      PS….Does your ass get bright red when you’re in heat?

    8. Justin Huber Says:

      In reality, the French have let their society be infiltrated by blacks for decades now. If I’m not mistaken, the French were embracing the jazz culture way back when white America was still wary of it. These things start innocently enough I suppose, but then, one day, you look around and see that your world is changing-and not for the better.

    9. Zarathustra Says:

      The French had a large colonial presence in Africa and many African Negroes fought for France in WWI. After helping the French to defeat a fellow White country, the dumb, decadent French let the niggers stay in France and have sex with White girls and play their jazz music in Jew-owned night clubs. French Negro troops were dispatched to occupy the Rhineland after the War as a deliberate insult and affront to the Germans.

      In the 50s, many greedy, traitorous French employers imported Blacks and Arabs from French Africa instead of hiring real Frenchmen because those coloreds worked cheap. The descendents of those sweatshop laborers are now breeding like mad in their high-rise government projects, starting the inevitable take-over of France. You reap what you sow.

    10. Justin Huber Says:

      Good comment from Z. I knew that the French connection (no pun intended) with negroes went back a long way. You do indeed reap what you sow.

    11. Wolf Says:

      France has championed a colorblind standard … But it has failed to snuff out racism, particularly against immigrants from former French colonies in Africa.

      That’s heartening.

    12. lawrence dennis Says:


    13. Doug Says:

      Zipzap makes some good points, but the ultimate objective is to enable us to have a more precise understanding of reality. All sciences move towards this goal, and Linder’s radio istinas do as well. Part of objective reality is that Hitler was NOT the bad guy in WW2. At some point that has to come out, so out of love for truth and honesty, it comes out explicitly, as it should. The problem that Zip points to is that there is a SOCIAL COST to acknowledging these parts of objective reality. Jews have manipulated our perception and our social networks to keep it concealed. However, we hold the power, because ALL parts of objective reality give a greater benefit to those who know it. It’s just a matter of figuring how to best use it. Reality can be viewed as a tool that some choose not to use.

    14. apollo magillicutty Says:

      “Days after Barack Obama’s election last month, leading French figures published a manifesto urging affirmative action-like policies to expand opportunities for millions of blacks, Arabs and other minorities. First lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy said she hoped the “Obama effect” would reshape France’s political and social elite.”

      Obama effect. That’s nice. Ain’t it?

      French, manifesto, mulatto, communist, collectivity, millions of others…what a tasty stew.

    15. Susan Says:

      Right now the internet is our worst enemy. It’s a shame that something that could be so useful in bringing us together has in fact simply kept us farther apart. As long as people can log on and spew a few comments, nice or not nice, helpful or unhelpful, thoughtful or thoughtless, nothing will ever get done otherwise.
      When you can sit at home in your jammies sipping coffee typing away, where’s the motive to go outside your house and do anything? I know that by identifying yourself you are putting yourself and your family at risk of who knows what? We all know this. I honestly think, though, that if we do risk some things that good things will begin to happen.
      We keep talking about what we’re going to do………huh? When? How?
      Everybody is scared shitless on the internet that the next person is a fed or anti or some big bad boogyman out to get them and ruin their life. Don’t know what else to say about all of this. How long are we going to talk before we start to organize ourselves geographically and begin planning legal actions? Some are doing it around the country I see. But, no one has been able to get anyone here in the South to come out of the shadows. Oh well……..

      Anyway, yeah, France has been invaded by niggers for some time. I remember seeing the movie “French Kiss” years and years ago and in scenes all around the cities and countryside, niggers were in the background doing something.

      Just like in Mexico, with the men groping the females on the buses, France has a problem with niggers groping White females on the trains.

    16. Zarathustra Says:

      History has a way of making itself happen, whether individuals choose to participate in it or not.

    17. warlock Says:

      Susan, join the kkk I did.

    18. CW-2 Says:

      Re Susan.

      The internet can’t possibly be our worse enemy! Globalists and jews would love to shut us up. The news and facts of race and history we publish on the internet are slowly reaching otherwise non -committed intelligent White people.

      The only down side is that vnn et. al. act as safety valves. People who may go ballistic simply let off steam harmlessly.

      There is still much we can do as ‘lone wolves’, and quite legal too, such as leafleting, stickering, and sending LOTS of letters to establishment groups. The addressee won’t read it but others will.

    19. Susan Says:

      No, as long as we can sit in our homes and yak anonymously, instead of actually meeting in person and working together, nothing much will happen. Others have observed this too and commented on it.

      Sure, the internet has given us an outlet for out venting, but in thelong run what does that accomplish? We all turn the computer off and go about our business. Then, we come home, settle in, click it back on again and start griping about all the shit we’ve just endured all day.

      Then, tomorrow, same thing happens all over again. See…….nothing changes.

    20. Zarathustra Says:

      I think all this sharing of pro-White information and commentary will have a slow, but ultimately positive effect. It’s good to know there are other White people out there who are racially-minded and want change, Whites who are not obsessed with nonsense like Jew materialism or niggerball. That’s encouraging, isn’t it?

      No, posting on this site or reading the articles will not start a Race War tommorrow, but it will get some people thinking and maybe even DOING when the time comes. Really, how much longer can this Jew-run Empire last? There’s no more money for the increasingly restless masses to spend and no more troops for the Jews to spread their “democracy” with. So, while the System starts to crumble, we can learn and plan for the future.


      Holland is not much better then France. In the 1930’s, North American negro jazz musicians such as Coleman Hawkins & others left the U.S. for greener (Whiter) pastors for more performing opportunities in Holland. Most of these negroes like Hawkins had Dutch female live-ins. Don’t be suprised if soon Holland will have a negro Miss Holland or even a negro head-of-state. Don’t forget, Amsterdam is the home of Bruno Beast…Here… http://www.brunobeast.com/trailer/brunobeast1/hi_trailer.html

    22. Susan Says:

      Zara: I hope you’re right. My concern, or one of them, is that when the older generations of White Americans–the ones like I who lived at least part of their lives in a segregated world and know the startling difference–are gone, that the younger generation will simply have no point of reference to make change or have no will to make change.

      And I’d like my life to be worth something and for me to be able to contribute something toward a White future before I’m either too old or am ensconced in dementia. I mean a lot of us who are concerned are getting older and are doing just that–getting older–and right now things are only getting worse.

      I just worry so much about the future of White people in this country and what’s in store for young Whites of today.

    23. Zarathustra Says:

      The nursing homes are getting filled to capacity with old, infirm White people, while the maternity wards and grade schools are overflowing with inferior non-whites. The future doesn’t look bright, I’ll give you that.

    24. UNIT ALPHA Says:

      the reason why the SA hitlers was able to embrace first on a small basis- little shop owners who in the process of fighting for the parties goals-later on a broader basis – lost later often everything is that these people had no reference to being paralyzed. they had no youtube/myspace/facebook/play stations/24/7 cable tv. they read a lot more books and weren’t on pharmaceutical drugs from their young age to their adult age. the results of excessive eating disorders of todays sad americans didn’t make these national socialists feel down and sleepless all the time and consult doctors to solve their physical degeneration. the storm trooper men and followers of hitler had also more faith and were much more fearless than anyone i met in america. this isn’t a german thing, no – it’s the time that has missed out on the male performance through female raising of children who had more the idea of spoiling the kids. by blacks this reached super self destructive proportions and by whites kind of an agony that expresses it self in form of passivity and fear. the obesity of white people one can link to their self destruction and agony in all areas except their job. the people i met were at all times able to more or less function at their job. away from that job – during their spare time – these white men couldn’t achieve nothing. susan is right. there is nothing done. fear rules the heart of men in these times. if one waits that the internet has a positive result in form of informing people-these informed people will be informed-that’s all. action is based not on knowledge only – it’s based on overcoming fear. i met academics who new they were eating the wrong food which made them sick and fat but couldn’t act upon this information. intelligence alone does not produce a great race/people –
      one needs ACTION & FAITH in addition. this is the reason why some small shitty 3rd world countries had success in fighting bigger more advanced countries with smarter people. smartness without faith and action is corrupting a race/people and in the process they become junkies.