11 January, 2009

Democracy: Jews and Soccer Moms Love It!

Posted by Socrates in capitalism, communism, democracy, democrazy, egalitarianism, equality, equalocracy, Frankfurt School, free trade, globalization, jewed culture, jewed politics, jews, Marxism, Socrates, Third World at 10:56 pm | Permanent Link

How is democracy similar to communism? Everyone is still “equal,” but you can shop at the mall and vote for negroes, too. It’s like “The Frankfurt School” meets “corporate fatcats” and “Third World immigration.” How cool is that?


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  7. 6 Responses to “Democracy: Jews and Soccer Moms Love It!”

    1. Shylock Says:

      Who names their kid Myracle(sic)? She looks to be packing away the pounds pretty quickly for an 11 year old (see picture 2 of 2).

      Anyway, I figured you might also find this article interesting – even if the author is a member of the tribe:

      Jewish Clown, Too Much Power!

    2. jim donaldson Says:

      Please, Shylock, don’t DO that to me! **gags**

    3. Zarathustra Says:

      Oh, isn’t that special…………An arrogant, pushy little jew boy and a young, mushmouthed Negress will be in attendence to see the Purple-Lipped One sworn in. What a heartwarming little story for the dwindling readership of that stupid Jacksonville Jewspaper.

    4. -jc Says:

      Brunswick is the home of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, located at the old Glynco jetport. In its day, the Sea Island neighborhood nearby was the playground of the rich, e.g., Jekyll Island. Today, amid Reconstruction II, it is what it appears in this article.

    5. Gar Goyle Says:

      Can’t you just see it now obama on the new amerifro doller bill.

    6. Z.O.G. Says:

      It’s like “The Frankfurt School” meets “corporate fatcats” and “Third World immigration.” How cool is that?