4 January, 2009

French New Year: Brown People Torch Over 1,000 Vehicles

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Muslim youths burning large numbers of cars: It’s now a routine thing. (Last year, only 300+ cars were torched):


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    1. Susan Says:

      But…but….but….they’re only “youths” right??? And everyone knows there’s nothing to be feared of youths! Right? I mean “youths” sing in the choir, help old ladies cross the street, hold bake sales……..and torch other peoples’ vehicles, not to mention rape, rob, carjack, home invade, stab, shoot, and strangle.

      My how “youths” have changed since I was one.

    2. Zarathustra Says:

      The article fails to mention what race these harmless, car-burning, purse-snatching, people-mugging “youths” belong to. Eh bien, it must be a simple oversight.

    3. Susan Says:

      But Zara…..”youths” have no race, right? That’s the whole point of calling them “youths” instead of what they really are: violent niggers.

    4. Nick Says:

      The French should burn 1000 “youths” to celebrate the new year.

    5. gw Says:

      My how “youths” have changed since I was one.

      Not the same kind of yoots!

    6. LoveWhite Says:

      The French are incredibly tolerant of this rebellion. If this happened in many other countries there would have been a revolution by now.

    7. LoveWhite Says:

      The French are incredibly tolerant of this rebellion. If this happened in many other countries there would have been a revolution by now.

    8. Arminius Says:

      I doubt it. The other “Europeans” take it lying down just the same.
      Sarcozy alone would be enough reason for a revolution.

      “The police was out in force”, reportedly 35 000 heavily armed strong men (and women, I suppose). But it did not stop the rampage. Why not? Did the police officers have instructions not to interfere?
      The intent to terrorize the white French population becomes more and more obvious. Rest assured, as the mob nicely called “youth” got again away with it, next time they will be much bolder!

    9. TSman Says:

      wait a minute, 1147 cars are torched and the Interior Ministry says “no damage to public or PRIVATE property reported”??? what the fuc…? can’t connect the dots on that one. Viva la France!

    10. gw Says:

      LoveWhite Says: “The French are incredibly tolerant of this rebellion. If this happened in many other countries there would have been a revolution by now.”

      Not so much tolerant as ignorant. They simply don’t know. They’re kept in the dark. The media don’t report these things.

      It’s significant that this news has to come to us from Belgium, and from a very minor and obscure site at that, one which few Frenchmen would be reading (if they are even allowed access to it).

    11. A.Galland Says:

      everyone gets what they deserve ! Wake up France !

    12. Marwinsing Says:

      Happy New Year France!

    13. Marwinsing Says:

      Okay, let’s play a game here. Let’s pretend we’re all Chinamen. China’s population is just over 1.2 billion? Now supposing one day their government just decided to flood 600 million sandniggers into that country, do you think the Chinese would stand for it? Nah! Too easy. Let’s rather suppose that they were to import 600 million sandniggers PLUS stick a kike PRESIDENT into that country? Do you think the Chinese would stand for it? Ever heard of Death by a Thousand Cuts? Yeah, well the Chinese invented THAT and I’m sure they’d quite happily re-implement it again were the aforesaid to ever happen to them.

      Wake up France! What? Do you use your hunting knives for toothpicks?

    14. Emily Says:

      Ever spent time in Paris? Rothschild money oozes out of every gutter; incredible how much money lies n ties–permeates the place. Just European hospitality cause they, French, know what they fell for last century (z.o.g.) & without complaining too much wo payback, guilt feelings, etc. Like US today–never blame the perp- banksters & political stooges. Closer to immigrate to Europe than USA. Besides, those emigres are going to former colony thinking life’s easier than where they’ve been. But, it’s the same loafers & swindlers they’re escaping from back home. Once they actually meet the people, they find they are well treated in fact. Ignorance as to what brought them there, continues to be shown to public thru media obfuscation of reality w/few exceptions. Europeans resent rightly seeing all those ‘foreigners’ living off the social system when hard working natives have to pay for it. Don’t forget the ‘black flag’ operations for whatever, even financial escapades to get minds off whatever & wherever the real chaos is happening. PS “Tiberge” doesn’t seem to be who/what he appears–phony. All is well, ecept for Palestine. Anyone know the great geo. rift is right there. Of course by extension the ME. Light destroys evil. Who holds the light? We are energies of light>

    15. Campbell Crawford Clan Says:

      US jewsmedia lies or fails to report stories to us, too. The French people are like Americans and are kept in the dark. Ask yourself; how many Americans know the numbers of black on white rapes in the US? I think only WNs and the government statisticians know.

      We continue to tolerate heinous cirmes against our people yet there is no revolution!

    16. Carolina Dave Says:

      Well, there’s a helluva a lot of “youths” having a good, ‘ol time here in the States, that the Kikes decide it’s not fit for the Targets to know about…well, until it’s too late, and then it’s relegated to the “bury this quickly” section of the local Jewspapers.
      We’re led to believe that a TERRIBLE TRAGEDY and RACIST INJUSTICE was done, for instance, when the “Jena Six”, those “po’, o-pressed yoofs” in Louisiana, had to suffer the terrible hate crime of having their precious feet abused by the face, arms, legs, and chest of the sorry-ass, racist White boy in the dungeon to which White Young Men and Women are forced to suffer every weekday in this geographical entity, formerly known as America, and the “racist cops” dared to arrest them, violating their “civil right” to beat a lone White Man into unconciousness…my God, what have we come to, when only ten-thousand pieces of shit, with the usual sprinkiling of White hating celebrities, show up to save these “po’ yoofs” from such a noble act of “self expression”!?
      Of course, if ONE White Man dares to beat the living (literally) shit out of a Nigger, MY GAWD, IT’S BEEZ A HAYT CRIME!!!
      Not to mention, anyone with some gray matter between their ears not soaked with Judaic pollution knows, damn good and well, if just TWO, not to mention, SIX White guys dared to harm only one pubic hair on the head of a precious Negro, it’d be the Crime Of The Century!
      No doubt, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are scared to death since the election, as it’s kinda hard for them to go whining about “da black man be-in kept down”…
      Mark my words, something totally insignificant will happen, somewhere in the States, and it’ll be “Evil White Racism!” in every Jewsmedia outlet in the geographical entity, formerly known as America.
      Well, here is a link for those who doubt the stats, as if that’s even possible!


    17. dude Says:

      They should round up all those muslim “youths” causing the mayhem and just kill them all.