10 January, 2009

How to Have More White Babies: Part I of III

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by John Young.

“Here, then, is the reality that I want you to understand. Our birth rate is so low that, if things don’t change, within 250 years we’ll cease to exist. In practical terms, considering interracial marriage and the sort of treatment European-derived people usually receive at the hands of non-white governments, it will likely be sooner. And men are avoiding marriage and children due to the extreme anti-male bias of our court system, further exacerbating that problem. Those white children who manage to get born aren’t facing a picnic. The chance of being illegitimate is 1 in 3. The chance of being on welfare is 1 in 3. The chance of never laying eyes on your biological father is increasing steadily. The odds of inhabiting a jail cell have more than doubled.”


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  7. 35 Responses to “How to Have More White Babies: Part I of III”

    1. Diamed Says:

      These are wonderful articles and I encourage people to read all the parts not just this one. It is rare that I get to actually learn something about what’s going on in the world that I didn’t already know and these articles deliver.

      If these high taxes were returned to the people as a citizen’s dividend we would have more children, not fewer. It is not particularly the high taxes, it is what we spend the tax money on. Old, dying people, wars for Israel, blacks and hispanics. It has to stop. Taxing the rich and giving to the common man is not a bad idea, but it has to be spent on our future, on our people.

      Read Charles Murray’s “In our Hands.” Then add to that by kicking out all non-whites in America, and we’ve got an economic stimulus for babies that will absolutely turn this trend around.

    2. Zarathustra Says:

      The way I see it, there are many White men who would love to be fathers but are discouraged from it because of present economic considerations. Non-White males are like tom-cats, they will simply copulate with any female cat in heat and then move on to the next feline conquest. But most White men are too responsible and mature to behave like that, so the result is a lower White birthrate.

      That, plus the fact that White women today are constantly getting brainwashed by their Jew teachers, Jew professors and favorite Jew-run women’s magazines not to let some baby interfere with their glamorous career plans. The result? Millions of White career women in their 30s and 40s who are alone, unhappy and childless. Nice going, feminist Jews!

    3. T-ReX * Says:

      It’s simple. Get a trade education, marry an Aryan girl, have children, live within your means. I did. Thirty years ago I had my first of five. Taught all in Aryan ways and all about ZOG the true enemy. They are all grown with Aryan families now. Lone Wolf of 30 years in the belly of the beast. Now working in my Aryan community to keep it that way. Get off your asses and just do it. Take the risk for your race! 14/88.

    4. Arch Stanton Says:

      Is the choir ready? Me, me, me, me, meeee – ahem. I’m not hearing any talk about jews here! I want every member of this choir to understand that until the problem of the Jew is addressed, nothing – NOTHING – can be accomplished in economics law or politics until the influence of the jew is completely and irrevocably removed from these processes.

      Thank you, Thank you! I want to thank all the members of the choir for taking the time to listen to this short lamentation.

      Exit stage right

    5. Shylock Says:

      Take a look at this month’s Atlantic Monthly:

      The End of White America?

    6. zardost Says:

      Blah blah blah, men are to blame, we’re too chivalrous to blame women, blah blah blah.

    7. Gar Goyle Says:

      The 19th all the chistians with crosses on their chests will be singing god bless america. The we the people or white working class are going poof. We have served our pupose from the god good or good god taxing power mister robber barons. This government is’nt out of control its in control, do more history checking

    8. mrcrouton Says:

      How many children does John Young have?

      Once you start promoting having large white families (don’t get me wrong, I agree with it) you do open yourself up to criticism of a “do as I say not as I do” argument.
      John Young should have disclosed that information.

      interllectuals tend to have smaller families, since they spend all day reading instead of parenting.

      He should have cited the Dugger family.

    9. PragmatcSaxon Says:

      as a White man that’s 39. I concur that it’s extremely difficult to find a White woman to have a serious relationship with that may lead to raising children. Most of the White women that I run into are niggerized and judiazed. The only White women that will even talk to me after they find out about my racist viewpoints are Russian and Ukrainian women. But unfortunately, in this current economic crisis, I’m unable to afford a trip to visit such women in their country, not to mention afford all the fucking jewish red tape in legal fees to get through the immigration process.

    10. ED! Says:

      I read the article, nothing new to me. I tell my friends that life was much better for us when we lived in a agrarian society. The real problem in America is that we did not heed our founding fathers advice and allowed the Jews to enter this land, and then there is this damn FED BANK!

      Please allow me to introduce my self, I am a man of wealth and taste.

      Mick thought he was singing about Satan but he must have been thinking about Baron Rothschild?


    11. Waldo Starr Says:

      I suspect the current economic climate, to some extent, is a result of NAFTA and OPIC regulations by the U.S. Federal Govt. These two traitorous taxpayer funded organizations have destroyed the industrial might this country once had. We don’t make anything anymore and have shipped complete factories to Mexico, China and elsewhere, as well as employ engineers from third world countries to do the work American’s won’t do, at least not for the money they are paying. All this has a deleterious effect on families. If you see your job disappearing or being outsourced you are probably not wanting to have a large family to care for. Survival of your family is something that is programmed genetically into white people. If on the other hand you are a negro buck you don’t have the same limitations put upon you because you know the sow you impregnate will be taken care of by the generous white guilt laden taxpayers. Jamal can zip up, walk away and look for the next ho to have unprotected sex with, knowing there is always housing, food stamps, medical care, special education programs for his 70 I.Q. nigglet, special school transportation if he/she is emotionally handicapped and AA jobs for his obese sheboon, if she cares to work. We can thank President Johnson’s “Great Society” for the escalation of nigglets being born to single moms; have a baby,get a check. These little nigglets are time bombs with a fuse set to go off when they hit puberty. At that time Deon’dre becomes a daddy, drug dealer, carjacker, school dropout and basically a further burden on society. He either ends up dead or “three hots and a cot” in lockup, furthering his education. On the other hand, there is no such support system in place for the white man if he was so inclined to follow in Jamal’s footsteps. Most whites that I have seen want to marry someone who is the same race as their mother and want to share their DNA with their wife and offspring. Nurturing is something that must be special to whites.
      Another issue of concern is white women bedding blacks. No self respecting white man would date, let alone marry a woman he knew to have dated blacks. It is assumed that if she id dating a black she is copulating with him. If she dates a black she is irrevocable black. If, by chance, she should have gotten pregnant and carried the little mullato to full term her chances of finding a suitable white husband are greatly diminished. To run the gauntlet of sexually transmitted diseases blacks carry and then have a baby is beyond dumb. No white man should every consider marrying such a person with such low self esteem.

    12. Diamed Says:

      T-Rex: You’re my hero. Tell me, how do you meet racist girls who will have lots of children and raise them Aryan? Was she just a one of a kind gem you lucked across?

    13. Homer Says:

      If you find a woman who’s submissive she’ll adopt your racial views as her own after she falls in love with you provided you don’t spring them on her all at once.

      Just don’t let her go to college.

    14. zardost Says:

      “Tell me, how do you meet racist girls who will have lots of children and raise them Aryan?”

      First, he was referring to one girl, not many, so the plural is unwarranted: rest assured there is no abundance of eligible and willing “racist girls”, here or in Russia, which is not White Nationalist Disneyland, by the way.
      Second, he already told you: “30 years ago” — you and he must accept that the world of 1979 is not that of 2009. Women were easier back then; they weren’t too far from free love and Black Sabbath. The world we inhabit is “color my world” and MySpace, complete judaification. T-Rex’s tough guy advice serves nothing, for there are no women for whom the struggle to accommodate oneself to the kwa, and the rather slavish farce of becoming “eligible” oneself, is worthwhile. And no, you won’t find a harmless female whom you can “influence”; easily influenced females are also known as abuse victims, and you don’t want that on your plate, trust me.
      T-Rex is not a hero. He just came before you, before us who live in a harder time.
      Remember, most females these days have had or support abortions. Think of that the next time you see one cooing over an infant. How many just like that has she killed? do you want a murderess for a wife?

    15. Veritas Says:

      So all the white women who have had abortions did so with the white man hanging on her ankle as she walked into the clinic, begging her to reconsider and to allow him to marry her or at least pay child support for 18 years? C’mon, gentlemen! Most white women have abortions because the white man didn’t want the baby. We want to get laid, but don’t necessarily want to marry the women we’re banging. Let’s at least be honest about that.

    16. jim donaldson Says:

      I have three kids. My wife knows nothing about my views except, in general, that I believe the “problems” faced by blacks, etc, are genetic in nature and can’t be solved. She is a liberal. I let her do what she wants, talk all she wants, etc. I teach my kids about genetics, evolution, and history. I show them how whites civilized the world, what we created, etc. I show them the histories of other peoples, and how most of them never really emerged from the stone age, and those who did were stuck in a pre-scientific state of feudalistic crap. When my oldest brings home the PC lessons from school (MLK, other religions, etc), I sit down with her and show her how what she is being taught is so that she will think in a certain way, so those in power can make her do what they want her to do, just as I show her how ads (NOT commercials–no TV!) are designed to get her to spend money. So far, I’m doing ok. When my wife objects, I ask her to show where my facts are mistaken, or to point out my lies. Her trouble is that though she’s a liberal, she’s honest, so she won’t go against facts. So I usually have my say with our kids. I must be doing ok; she just had another one with me.
      My point is, you don’t necessarily need a valkyrie. A white woman is enough. Children are enough. Everything else (ie, political comformity) would be great, but it isn’t necessary, provided she is at least honest with herself. I married a liberal. She knows I am NOT a liberal. In fact, she hates to discuss politics with me (because I refuse to give up to her point of view–I always start with science, with reality, with FACTS she can’t dispute, and show how I’m right and she’s wrong, etc), and that’s how I get a free hand with the kids. Oh, I forgot–you’ve got to forego bars, TV, “hanging out” partying, etc, IF you want kids (the reason you’re alive), AND you want to raise them right. This is going to be a multi-generational struggle, provided we aren’t wiped out soon. The ONLY way to prevail is to first, have kids, and second, teach them the will to carry on. If you are doing anything else, beyond spreading THAT message, you are wasting your life. The time for having “fun” is over. Grow up.

    17. jim donaldson Says:

      I’ve always thought that the idea that you need a “perfect wife”, beautiful, submissive, etc, to be a jew-created idea which prevents white men from marrying and having kids. That, and the consistently prevalent idea that it’s “cool” to stay a little boy forever, until the “perfect” woman comes along. What crap. The only thing that matters is that she’s white, and that you can live together without fighting all the time. Treat her well (ie, a little romance doesn’t hurt), and you can stay together. The only thing you both need to agree on is having kids. Everything other issue is open for debate or mutual silence (like my wife and politics ; ) ). Or contiue to be self-centered little boys. The jews like that.

    18. Junghans Says:

      Congratulations Jim Donaldson and T-Rex, most whites don’t breed as well in captivity as you guys! Squirting out white babies is most certainly important, as someone mentioned, otherwise we wouldn’t be here. Demographics is destiny, it has been said, but what is the key to waking up the somnolent white dodo birds we are blessed with today? More whites is a great objective, and awakening them is even more vital, if only the ones that we have weren’t so politically immature, financially ignorant, and race stupid.

    19. jim donaldson Says:

      The key? Evolution is the key. Survival of the fittest. The terms in that evolutionary statement are very specific: “Fitness” means YOU HAD OFFSPRING; “Survival” means THEY HAD OFFSPRING. Fitness has NOTHING to do with ideas, morals, strength, intelligence, etc. Those things are environmental adaptations which MAY contribute to fitness. If these things help you to STAY ALIVE long enough to HAVE OFFSPRING, then they have contributed to your fitness. If your children have children, then YOU have survived. In other words, your fitness is proved by your survival, of which your GRANDCHILDREN are the evidence.
      You know the yuppie saying, “Whoever dies with the most toys wins”? It’s wrong. Whoever dies with the most sons wins (I mean this literally and in terms of male descendants). They’ll be playing with the toys of all those yuppies who didn’t have kids. If you don’t have kids, you aren’t “fit”. If they don’t have kids, you didn’t “survive”. That’s science. Right now the niggers and chinks and hindus are kicking our asses in the fitness department.

      All the ideas people have, and I include religion in this, don’t matter at all, except insofar as they are adaptive. If your beliefs, qualities, and actions don’t help your fitness, if they don’t help you to reproduce, then they are useless. My philosophy is simple:
      As a living being: Survival (as above)
      As a man: Contribute to my family: build property, reputation (among my OWN people), etc; the Norse called this “hamingja”
      As a White Man: Contribute to the success of MY race, my greatly extended family, however I can (and that means kids, first)
      As myself: Do whatever it is that I do best (NOT “whatever I want” to do), to accomplish these things
      On top of this, remember my ancestors, our history, and pass that on to my children, encouraging them to continue the long line of those who lived, struggled and survived, which extends all the way from the first “chemical soup” up to THEM. And teach them that some day, THEY may be the ancestors of a NEW people, who are to us as we are to apes (or niggers, however you want to look at it).
      Past, present, and future. A goal to reach for. Immortality in your children, and in remembrance by your descendents. The one, true religion for survival.

      PS Junghans, I ain’t in “captivity”. I’m in enemy territory. There’s a difference.

      Sources for these ideas: Evolution. Norse religion (without gods!). Cosmotheism of L Pierce.

    20. jim donaldson Says:

      When it comes to these decisions, think of that for which you are responsible. Determine your DUTY. Everything else is action. For this you won’t receive money, land, or reputation (If you gain these things, they belong to your family–you’re just the steward of them). Your reward is twofold: Immortality, through your children. In accomplishing your duty, you gain honor. What else matters?

    21. zardost Says:

      “Most white women have abortions because the white man didn’t want the baby.”

      While this certainly happens — a close friend of mine was forced by her lover, a staunch nationalist and antisemite, to have an abortion — it’s more often encountered in the nether reaches of the white racial continuum, crossing into the black. Otherwise it’s a trope used, once again, to deflect blame from the female and, once again, blame the white male. If you want to play at self-flagellation, all right, but you’re not permitted to paint “most white men” (the logical concomitant of “most white women”) as willful baby-aborters. Remember, abortion is child murder, so in effect you are calling “most white men” (involved in sexual partnership where abortion occurs) child murderers. Are you sure you want to do this? are you sure you don’t want to go to your local shopping mall and have a chat with ten or so young women to get a closer look at the character of the modern female, if you’ve been (fortunately for you!) shielded from it hitherto? — Well, it is useless to argue; the notion that “we are to blame for our own problems” has such a sweet sado-masochistic bite that those who apply it to themselves and white men generally never give it up. So let’s at least be honest that the blame-game is a hobbyhorse of the overly emotional, i.e. women, Jews, leftists, and those in white nationalism who retain foolish notions of ‘chivalry’. Get with the times: white women as they exist today are your enemy. Unless you’re a woman yourself, which would explain the use of that trope altogether.

    22. zardost Says:

      “I’ve always thought that the idea that you need a “perfect wife”, beautiful, submissive, etc, to be a jew-created idea which prevents white men from marrying and having kids.”

      I suppose it would be nice to blame the Jews for that, but it’s a native psychological phenomenon rather than a sociopolitical one; when people are deprived of what they want, or at least of something that would suffice for long enough, they fantasize, they compensate. The perfect wife is a compensation — and a dangerous one as fantasies of course tend to undermine what is really possible. Unfortunately your situation is atypical; you have found a comfortable interstice, a woman who will look the other way if you’re not too loud about your antipathies, and vice versa. Fine. I, for one, don’t want to be obliged to keep my mouth shut about Jews for any reason, to take the most important example of what is sacrificed to keep such a relationship going. Been there. Is it worth the production of a few white souls? I can’t say, it never worked for me — the truth will out. The tension builds, maybe one day you see too many Jewish names in the news or in a magazine or newspaper, and before long she’s rolling her eyes and the rest of it. You and T-Rex have your lucky (truly lucky, the obligation to tailor your speech?) comforts and your kids, but you are not permitted to generalize your circumstances as strategy.

      “That, and the consistently prevalent idea that it’s “cool” to stay a little boy forever, until the “perfect” woman comes along.”

      I’m quite sure you’ve just taken the opposite, that is the woman staying single until “The One”, Prince Charming, the “right guy”, Mr. Big in modern lore, which is familiar to all, and turned it around on men to render them “little boys” and suggest it’s their fault. I tell you it is not their fault, it is the woman’s. All manner of studies by psychologists and sociologists and journalists have borne this out, if experience is lacking to you; and what have they found? That men, at bottom, are quite normal in their instincts and desires, while women are judaified monsters gleefully aborting the future of your race and blowing nigger dick. Sorry to be blunt, but that’s the true face of this problem — not evil white men forcing perfect innocent white angels to abort, or “avoiding responsibility”, as the Jewish psychiatrists would have it. Sorry, JD, I am not to blame for being single and childless, however much you and the rest want me to be.

      “In other words, your fitness is proved by your survival, of which your GRANDCHILDREN are the evidence.”

      You’re leaving something out, as do all who use Darwin politically: fitness is survival, adaptation to, and growth in a given environment. So what are the criteria of fitness to environment, i.e. to successfully capture, retention, and reproduction with a modern white female? They seem to be a bit of cash, a new car, gold jewelry, bad cologne, bad music, and often enough black skin. Hm! Now there’s a tall order for most of the men here, I imagine. How shall one go about accommodating the white female as she exists today? how shall we twist and corrupt and change ourselves for her sake, for the sake of some mythical “white children” (over whom she shall exercise complete legal control)? ‘Junghans’ put his finger on something in passing when he said you and T-Rex have “bred in captivity” — this is really the situation. Trying to find ways around it to exercise our natural instincts is, I’m sorry to say, merely quixotic. But then so is your whole approach.

      “You know the yuppie saying, “Whoever dies with the most toys wins”? It’s wrong.”

      In fact they aren’t, for today, the dude with the most grandchildren will be the dude who was best able to impress the modern white female, and that takes stuff and toys and loot. I won’t have any grandchildren, because I won’t have any children, but I see dozens of normal goyim with their little blond princesses safely tucked in the back seat of their new family-sized vehicles who WILL have your precious grandchildren, and all I can think is: What’s the point of that?

      “If you don’t have kids, you aren’t “fit”.”

      Don’t blame us for being unfit to prosper in the kwa.

    23. jim donaldson Says:

      zardost, you make me laugh. “I won’t have any grandchildren, because I won’t have any children” that makes you a dead end. You are stuck on ideas. I guess you CAN give up
      “fitness is survival, adaptation to, and growth in a given environment” Resulting in offspring. Leaving that out misses the entirety of evolution.
      “Don’t blame us for being unfit to prosper in the kwa.” OK, I won’t. Reality will.
      “‘Junghans’ put his finger on something in passing when he said you and T-Rex have “bred in captivity” — this is really the situation. Trying to find ways around it to exercise our natural instincts is, I’m sorry to say, merely quixotic.” Yes, I suppose it would be better to surrender. Good luck.

    24. zardost Says:

      The two eternal camps to this non-argument are:

      -the tough guy sado-masochists (typically with wives they got decades ago) and embittered women, who both blame white men and say things like, “get up off your ass and go grab yerself a white woman!”, which is of course absurd

      -younger men who have missed the boat, know perfectly well it is the fault of their corrupt female counterparts and the environment in which they are raised, and who are astounded at finding themselves blamed for their bad luck by their own presumed confreres

      I believe the first simply “gets off” on its blame of young white men and the inevitable redneck or maybe just folk-American injunction to “get off yer ass” and “do something about it”. There’s nothing in reality to correspond to either the ascription of blame or the injunction to act. It is emotional, reflexive. And of course the embittered females around here have all the more reason to shield themselves from blame, being on that dreadfully fast downward slope to childless old maidhood with its tins of cat food and wrinkles caked with desperate amounts of makeup.

      Oh well. I’ve spent an abominable chunk of my life trying to find a sane specimen, or trying to make do with what was given me, and nothing ever worked; I’ve seen scores of untermenschen and afro-headed Jews with gorgeous white girls-next-door on their arms, progeny in tow; I’ve seen interracial pornography and Cuckold Me You Big Black Stud groups on Yahoo sprout like fungus; I’ve been lambasted by “white nationalist” “Valkyries” and “princesses” for having been circumcised when a newborn; and so on, and so on. But, according to JD, and T-Rex, and no doubt many other tough-minded chaps, I myself am to blame.

      Oh well.

    25. zardost Says:

      “You are stuck on ideas.”

      Or white bitches are stuck on nigger cock. Again, sorry to be blunt. Laugh all you like; you’re just full of yourself and try to wrest from your self-satisfaction moral lessons for others here whom you perceive as inferior.

    26. jim donaldson Says:

      “you’re just full of yourself and try to wrest from your self-satisfaction moral lessons for others here whom you perceive as inferior.”

      I don’t know about the “self-satisfied” part. And I am not “the tough guy sado-masochists (typically with wives they got decades ago) ” as anyone who knows me can tell you. I’m 45 years old. I was married less than ten years ago, after a long, long, search. I found a woman I can “settle for”. She isn’t “gorgeous”–she’s alright. She’s not skinny, she’s not aryan in her thinking. And I have been sneaky with her about my beliefs. WHO THE FUCK CARES?I’ve had three children so far. You can suck on your “pride” like a slut sucks a niggers cock. We’re in occupied space. How the fuck will we survive with losing attitudes like yours? “I can’t find a perfect girl. Waaaaaaah!” You ARE to blame, for giving up. That’s your ONLY sin.

    27. jim donaldson Says:

      “Get with the times: white women as they exist today are your enemy.” I get it now, Mr Jewboy. I suppose we’ll have to mate with asians or niggers instead.

    28. Diamed Says:

      Donaldson, just a mild correction, immediate family has a few copies of your genes, but your race has millions of copies of your genes. As Salter has proven in Ethnic Genetic Interests, preventing one singular bantu immigrant into the US is the equivalent of having your very own child, in promoting your genes.

      Protecting the race is the greatest contribution to your own evolutionary fitness. Individual interest and your race’s interest are thus synonymous.

      Congratulations on your beautiful brilliant white children.

    29. Zarathustra Says:

      But all the racially concious White chicks are really fat…………………

    30. jim donaldson Says:

      Diamed: I can’t control how many niggers, etc, are let into this country. I can’t contribute that way. Besides, that’s analagous to savings, which is great, but we need INCOME here!

    31. jim donaldson Says:

      Z–So marry a fat chick.

    32. gw Says:

      I go with Jim Donaldson on this (Good for you, Jim!)

    33. Doug Says:

      You’d be surprised at the number of white girls who will admit they don’t really like black guys, that they’re loud or smell weird or something, if you first admit you only like white girls. It’s much easier to find girls with this view who HAVE NOT been to college, though. College can correctly be viewed as a brainwashing facility for females. Most do not belong there and any that go into it having healthy racial views seem to come out holding 100% PC jewish beliefs. Jim’s beliefs are spot on regarding actual “fitness”. Offspring are the beef of fitness, culture can be changed in a single generation (Germany 1933-45).

    34. gw Says:

      Thanks, Doug. I’m with you too. All the way.

      (My mother, now deceased after 96 years, would have agreed with you; and I’m really going with her and the wisdom of her years.)

    35. John Thomas Says:

      David Lane has some good thoughts and ideas on this subject. If you look at how this evil society produces sick chicks like Heidi Blum, Kendra Wilkerson and many many more, our situation is beyond critical. In KD Reblel David LANE LAYS OUT A GOOD PLAN TO SAVE OUR WOMEN, READ it!!!! NS GERMANY had a good plan with their breeding clinics. So what about making our own SPERM BANK and breeding clinics! Or just do what Lane says, take them, capture them. If we do not do this we will perish. The early MORMONS were a perfect organization with Polygamy. White Mormon Lone Wolfs form the WHITE MORMON CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST and make it most racist organization ever! May God Wotan Yahweh Odin have mercy on us and the Odor of Cedar and RAVEN return! WHITE MORMON POWER!!!!!!!