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9 April, 2017

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The White Western governments should: 1. Expel all non-Whites (that includes Jews, who are not genetically White) 2. Close and secure all the borders (certain types of commerce and trade could be exempted from the closures) 3. Practice eugenics and discourage dysgenics (low-IQ people should be discouraged or prevented from breeding) 4. Ban leftist and […]

27 June, 2015

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[…] “And it would be interesting to know, whether EU officials really are against the de facto illegal asylum claims. Or maybe, they are secretly interested in people like Million as immigrants, serving as replacements for the native European population. In the latter case, one could readily state, that currently everything works according to plan, […]

10 January, 2009

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by John Young. “Here, then, is the reality that I want you to understand. Our birth rate is so low that, if things don’t change, within 250 years we’ll cease to exist. In practical terms, considering interracial marriage and the sort of treatment European-derived people usually receive at the hands of non-white governments, it will […]