3 February, 2009

Arizona: White Rancher On Trial

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There are some things that are just plain wrong – for example, allowing Jews to run your government. Another thing that’s just plain wrong is believing that illegal aliens who sneak into your country have “civil rights.” In fact, “civil rights” are a Jewish fantasy, and the ongoing persecution of this rancher should outrage all White Americans:


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    1. RedMan Fosterson Says:

      This is total absurdity – piling on the “rest of absurdity”. It will take pitch forks, however they are no longer a threat. Unfortunately, I see the answer in the streets where most “whiteys” have not the inclination or training. It behooves us all to plan, train and be prepared. I have a haven; not much – but if the tax payments\ welfare payments did not come – I have a better chance than most.

      Unfortunately, this is so sad. My GGGGfather who buried his brother in Fredricsburg – would not believe it. Lincoln, was no saint. Who wants freedom if it comes with no home, no food or no job. Thanks but no thanks.

    2. Doug Says:

      “In March 2008, U.S. District Judge John Roll rejected Barnett’s efforts to have the charges thrown out. Roll ruled that there was sufficient evidence of a conspiracy — that the conspiracy denied the plaintiffs their right to interstate travel…”

      Unbelievable. In other words, conspiracy to deny non-citizens of this country, the RIGHT to travel through the country. Conspiracy to deny foreign invaders the right to invade the country, state by state.

      Judge John Roll: http://www.jamd.com/image/g/57238964&usg=__X3o2syEfSrT3ZfAn83U6QtPJJhI=

    3. Zarathustra Says:

      This is how the Jew operates….Since he can’t physically confront you (Jews are absolute cowards, ie, nebbishes), he will wear you down emotionallly and financially with endless lawsuits and lots of unfavorable Jewsmedia stories about you. Where is this Mexican American Defense Fund getting all its money to wage all these endless court battles, anyway? That’s right, from the old you-know-who’s, that’s who, I mean where.

      And the word “conspiracy” has been legally stretched out of all proportion. This rancher was simply trying to defend his property and his community from a bunch of dangerous illegal trespassers who have no right to be in this country. That’s a “conspiracy”? An example of a real conspiracy is when a group of criminals, like Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney, conspire to wage illegal war against another country.

      When, if ever, are the reactionaries and the patriotards going to realize it’s all over for this Republic?

    4. Venedus Says:

      If anyone only bothered to consult the meaning of the word ‘civil’, they would discover that the word is of Latin origin (‘civilis’), its meaning being: ‘that of, or pertaining to, a “civis”‘. Now, ‘civis’ is the Latin word for ‘citizen’, pure and simple.

      Which indeed leads one to the question: how can non-citizen mexishits claim to have ‘civil’ rights in the US?

    5. Antagonistes Says:

      Unfortunately, Mr. Barnett will end up gutted and ruined.

      We Whites will do nothing to help him–the mechanism is not yet in place; the leader has not yet appeared.

      It is a pity for Mr. Barnett. He seems like a fighter, and in the old American Republic, would be honored. ‘Tis not so in the American Empire.

      He is one more brick on the path that is being prepared for the One.

    6. Junghans Says:

      A classic dilemma for the race stupid, Jew-media narcotized white dodo birds. ‘Duh, how’s dis happenin in Americuh?’ And, ‘how’s cum dey don’t speak Engleesh?’ The self-centered, clueless whites are being decimated, one individual patriotard at a time. They are babes in the racial woods, without a firewall of ethnic identity. This is partly from an innate genetic flaw of possibly fatal consequences, to wit: gullibility; compounded and aggravated by mind altering parasites. Vielen dank, Juden, und glück auf, Amerikinder!

      By the way, what happened to Friedrich Braun’s Civic Platform site??

    7. S.U.N. Says:

      Had the muds lethally attacked Mr. Barnett, he would have lost either under the assumption that the wetbacks acted in self-defense.

    8. Coup d'Etat Says:

      Barnett’s attorney is correct about the illegals not having civil rights or legal rights to anything in the U.S. The court system got him on a technicality of “false imprisonment.” However, the DA has violated Barnett’s rights as a concerned U.S. citizen regarding illegals trespassing on his properties. The DA should have thrown this case out and the judge should have dismissed the charges based on biased influenced from the Mexican American Legal Defense who have twisted this case into making up laws which shows that Barnett has no rights as a legal U.S. citizen.

      Barnett needs to counter-sue the city, state, and the Mexican American Legal Defense for not only representing the 16 illegals, but also harboring and encouraging illegals to commit more crimes.

      The city and state are liable for not upholding the laws to prosecute and prevent illegals from entering the U.S.

      On a more crazy note, a local attorney general blabbed on the radio one time that the illegals do have rights. These rights were passed down from the Supreme Court. I don’t know how true this is and why many have not heard this, but if it is true the Supreme Court is in violation from not upholding the U.S. Constitution, and plus, any law(s) they did pass are in direct contradiction making the law(s) automatically repealed.

      But, you know how these corrupt, renegades are. They make up whatever laws that will contradict laws already on the books so they can politically, economically, and socially take over the U.S., which is exactly what they are doing while squashing our rights as legal U.S. citizens and/or squashing the only race (the White race) to become U.S. citizens according to the 1790 Constitution.

      The 1790 Constitution Immigration Law emphatically states that Asians are not to be U.S. citizens. Mexicans were not mentioned but it states that jews are not classified as a race; however, with DNA studies that can be done and have been done, DNA has proven they are both genetically Asiatics.

      Jews and Mexicans are both technically illegals.

    9. flemmard Says:

      He is one more brick on the path that is being prepared for the One.

      This sort of talk is embarrassing. Magic and prophecy — white nationalism can do better than holding its breath for a messiah.

    10. Antagonistes Says:

      Then do better, flaming flemmard!

    11. Jürgen Says:


      Would Mr. Barnett like some 400 armed-to-the-teeth Nazis to come down to Arizona to “explain” some things to the jewed “govt.” there?


    12. DMS Says:

      Let’s have the names, addresses and pictures of the lawyers bringing this lawsuit against Barnett.

    13. john Says:

      I think its pretty silly that a bunch of folks with opinions well out of the mainstream and into the detested would wish the abrogation of others’ rights. The constitution says what it says and unless it is self qualified the rights apply to everyone against the government. The same constitution that prevents you guys from being stripped of citezinship for racism prevents others from other harms.

      Seems pretty silly to wish for extraconstitutional process that would target you guys among the first round of unpopular targets.

    14. Luek Says:

      A true hero like Mr. Barnett will unfortunately be found guilty by an all white jury. If a conviction of a white nationalist is desired then never ever pick a mixed race jury; only pick whites and let their self-loathing racial guilt do the work. Hasn’t failed in 20 years!

    15. Susan Says:

      Luek: You don’t think even a White jury of his neighbors will do the trick of getting him exonerated and found not guilty? Jesus, are we that far gone?

    16. gw Says:

      I always like Luek’s point of view.

      Incidentally, where are you going to get even 4 “armed-to-the-teeth Nazis” when you need ’em?

      Only on blog sites and in fantasy world. And, of course, in ADL propaganda rants.