4 March, 2009

What the Holocaust Debate is Really About

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by Terrell E. Arnold.

“The recent attempted defrocking of a Catholic Bishop on a charge of ‘Holocaust denial’ brings to the fore once again the need to review the history of World War II in a properly detached fashion. A horrible truth is that more than 55 million people died in that war and the overwhelming majority of them were not Jews. That is the holocaust we must all remember.”


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  7. 9 Responses to “What the Holocaust Debate is Really About”

    1. Zarathustra Says:

      Maybe instead of constantly trying to use logic and persuasion to show that 6 million kikes were not gassed in WWII, we should just shout “Six Million More! Six Million More!” ???

    2. Vaultner Says:


      I believe in one HolocaustĀ®, conceived in Hollywood, born of the New York media: and in Six Million Judaics, who suffered under Adolf Hitler and were gassed, made into lampshades and cremated. In the 21st century they arose again, to haunt the living and the dead. I believe in Elie Wiesel and the geysers of blood, and Arnold Friedman and the color-coded crematory smoke, the holy Shoah biz Church, the communist saints, no forgiveness of German sins, the resurrection of lies, and the shelf-life everlasting of the Auschwitz gas chamber stories. Amen.

      -Michael Hoffman

    3. 2050 Says:


    4. Angryyoungman Says:

      @ #1:

      “Six million more”, or even more disarming “I don’t care.”

    5. Zarathustra Says:

      I read that some Negroes picketed the US Holohoax Jewseum in Washingturd, DC a few years ago with signs that read “The Holocaust is boring!” Those jigs sure got that right. Couldn’t the Jews at least make their morbid fantasy a little more interesting? Maybe using some bloodsucking zombie cannibals or Nazi killer robots would help.

    6. Big Effer Says:

      If the Hollwoco$tĀ® comes up, merely ask someone why whatever happened 60 some odd years ago gives these “people” (kikes) the right to do what they want? To ruin our lives. We didn’t gas them! ; ) This has worked for me many times as you can literally see the gears begin to turn in someone’s mind. Then you can just say it’s almost as these “people” today bring up the hoax merely as a get out of jail card – y’know, Madoff’s defenders have brought it up, saying his childhood was warped by…blah blah but keep twisting things to show how ridiculous the hoax is whether or not it’s true (which of course it isn’t). Use your own version of jew-jitsu on the topic.

      Instead of fighting “it” head on, attempt to minimize it as something in the distant past, the way a jew minimizes and marginalizes whites, our history, our accomplishments. Use the kike’s weapons against them. Always accuse them FIRST of using “age old’ anti-white or anti-Christian “canards”. Tell the kike or submit to those defending kikes that this type of “intolerant” or “racist” speech/behavior is out of line. I’m telling you it works. Jews get bug eyed, frantic because their tools have been taken away. But you have to get the remarks in first. White Nationalists too much of the time wait, react, they let the kikes or their puppets get the words and imagery in first. The first chance you get, you have to accuse them of hate, bigotry, rationalizing, racism, hypocrisy, intolerance, being small-minded. Accuse them of having closed minds, being self absorbed. Do it first or in conversation about the biggest scam of all, use some of these same tactics. The kikes will sometimes say you’re twisting things but all you have to do is tell them to stop getting off topic, stop trying to change the subject. Be very quick. They can’t handle it.

      Bring up the jew led Russian Holocaust as noted by others. Being in Cali, many times I’m able to work in the backstabbing committed by jews by pointing out that “…after all we did for them in WWII,” they turned around and bribed and blackmailed to get the Immigration Act of 1965 passed. Most people don’t know what that is. I give them a quick education and a good percentage of them are able to step back and start seeing the edges of a much bigger picture. With all of the crap going on around us now, it’s getting just a little bit easier every day to start prying open some white people’s craniums and getting them to think.

    7. Walter Says:

      Big Effer:
      You are right; hit back with poignant questions and let them react. I find as well that such a strategy works. To react to their statement means to acknowledge it; to ask a proper question such as you suggest means to make them justify themselves, something they cannot do, i.e. they are on the losing defensive.

    8. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      “you can literally see the gears begin to turn”

      Any video?<<

      Answer a question with another question . .

      We need a list of what throws jews off balance. White reactions have been too predictable, and defensive. They have claimed the moral high ground- all that’z needed is a reversal.

    9. Allan Gurfinkle Says:

      You should know that holocaust education is mandated in many states, starting in KINDERGARTEN. For example, google Florida holocaust manual k-3 to see the teaching material for kindergarten in Florida.

      The holocaust must be confronted directly. The Zionists are using it to vilify white Christian European culture.

      At the same time, they are suppressing any examination of the history of the holocaust. This is totally unacceptable.