28 May, 2009

Stuff Black People Don’t Like

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If you can’t laugh at negroes, who can you laugh at?


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  7. 29 Responses to “Stuff Black People Don’t Like”

    1. Mega Therion Says:

      They forget to mention the nigger’s biggest dread..


    2. Parsifal Says:

      Very funny stuff…..And all true! But I didn’t see “Amferny” listed as one of the most popular Black names for boys. That’s how Black mammies attempt to pronounce the name Anthony, I guess. And good luck trying to get a job when the employer sees DaQuon or Tameeka on the application form. Blacks are truly their own worst enemy.

      One more thing…….There should be a moratorium on any more White kids being named Ashleigh or Josh or Zach or Taylor. Enough, already. It’s like when those Arabs name their sons Mohammed all the friggin’ time.

    3. Blackshirt Says:

      Parsifal, I hear what you are saying. One of the most disgusting things to me is that the 10 most popular “White” names for males in this country are all biblical, and hence Jewish. I believe “Jacob” is the number one boy’s name in this country. I guess all of these soccer moms want to have a little boy to call “Jake”. “Zach” is the other Jew name that makes my blood crawl every time I hear it. I often wonder if the Jews in this country and in it’s media push these sort of names since it becomes harder to tell the kike in school if all the kids have some kind of an old testament name.

      Here are the top 10 boy’s names in the USA in 2007:
      1. Jacob
      2. Michael
      3. Ethan
      4. Joshua
      5. Daniel
      6. Christopher
      7. Anthony
      8. William
      9. Matthew
      10. Andrew

      With the exception of Anthony, William and maybe Andrew, all are hebrew in origin. I personally hate “Josh” with a passion. Any White parent that names their child a hebrew name needs a relentless beating.

    4. Blackshirt Says:

      Correction on my post above- I said “all” top ten males names were biblical, I realized my mistake when I put the list at the end of my post.

    5. Parsifal Says:

      Exactly how many ways are there to spell Caitlin, Megan, Ashley and Brittney?

    6. rikert Says:

      They forgot to add books and soap to that list.

    7. Blackshirt Says:

      It’s been said before, but if it weren’t for their propensity for violent crime, niggers would be the funniest animals on the planet.

    8. Tina Carter Says:

      Perhaps we deserve whatever Black are doing to our society.

      I often wonder why the hell our forefather killed, and raped aborginal and then brought all those african in this country.

      Wouldn’t we be better if Native were doing to dirty work, rather then bringing outsider? I mean afterall Natives are not as bad as African…

      My grandmother once said society always pay for the crime it committs. Roman empire died, so did others, and now it our time.

    9. Antagonistes Says:

      Tina must not like the letter “s”.

    10. 2050 Says:

      Tina ~ Our ancestors were not real big on raping and pillaging tha Indian people. That’s more jew propaganda.
      I wish they would have ‘ethnically cleansed’ the land, but they didn’t even come close.
      As for the Africans, they were brought here by jews. Check out Aaron Lopez, Portuguese jew back in the 1700s

      this from wikipedia:
      “Slavery in medieval Europe was so common that the Roman Catholic Church repeatedly prohibited it—or at least the export of Christian slaves to non-Christian lands was prohibited at, for example, the Council of Koblenz in 922, the Council of London in 1102, and the Council of Armagh in 1171.[25] Because of religious constraints, the slave trade was monopolised by Iberian Jews (known as Radhanites) who were able to transfer the slaves from pagan Central Europe through Christian Western Europe to Muslim countries in Al-Andalus and Africa.”

      It goes on to talk of the Portuguese (Who are Iberian) bringing slaves to the new world.
      We didn’t do it, the jews did.
      No, it wasn’t even the English.

    11. Z.O.G. Says:

      “Andrew” is a Greek derived name.

    12. Ein Says:

      “I often wonder why the hell our forefather killed, and raped aborginal “

      Tina Carter, what’s this stuff about our forefathers killed and raped aboriginals? I often wonder whose side you’re on. You’ve got me wondering again.

      “society always pay for the crime it committs. Roman empire died, so did others, and now it our time.”

      Oh, so we’re guilty again! We’re paying for our crimes. Thanks a lot for the cheery encouragement.

    13. Antagonistes Says:

      All of which ties into another REAL BIG thing that Black people do not like, and most cannot even conceive of: INTELLECTUAL RIGOR.

    14. Andrei Yustschinsky (Andrei's Ghost) Says:


      Multiracial people become fastest-growing US group

      By HOPE YEN
      Associated Press Writer | Friday, May 29, 2009 | (11 comment(s))

      WASHINGTON | Multiracial Americans have become the fastest growing demographic group, wielding an impact on minority growth that challenges traditional notions of race.

      The number of multiracial people rose 3.4 percent last year to about 5.2 million, according to the latest census estimates. First given the option in 2000, Americans who check more than one box for race on census surveys have jumped by 33 percent and now make up 5 percent of the minority population — with millions more believed to be uncounted.

      Demographers attributed the recent population growth to more social acceptance and slowing immigration. They cited in particular the high public profiles of Tiger Woods and President Barack Obama, a self-described “mutt,” who are having an effect on those who might self-identify as multiracial.

      Population figures as of July 2008 show that California, Texas, New York and Florida had the most multiracial people, due partly to higher numbers of second- and later-generation immigrants who are more likely to “marry out.” Measured by percentages, Hawaii ranked first with nearly 1 in 5 residents who were multiracial, followed by Alaska and Oklahoma, both at roughly 4 percent.

      Utah had the highest growth rate of multiracial people in 2008 compared to the previous year, a reflection of increasing social openness in a mostly white state.

      “Multiracial unions have been happening for a very long time, but we are only now really coming to terms with saying it’s OK,” said Carolyn Liebler, a sociology professor at the University of Minnesota who specializes in family, race and ethnicity.

      “I don’t think we’ve nearly tapped the potential. Millions are yet to come out,” she said.

      In Middletown, N.J., Kayci Baldwin, 17, said she remembers how her black father and white mother often worried whether she would fit in with the other kids. While she at first struggled with her identity, Baldwin now actively embraces it, sponsoring support groups and a nationwide multiracial teen club of 1,000 that includes both Democrats and Republicans.

      “I went to my high school prom last week with my date who is Ecuadoran-Nigerian, a friend who is Chinese-white and another friend who is part Dominican,” she said. “While we are a group that was previously ignored in many ways, we now have an opportunity to fully identify and express ourselves.”

      The latest demographic change comes amid a debate on the role of race in America, complicating conventional notions of minority rights.

      Under new federal rules, many K-12 schools next year will allow students for the first time to indicate if they are “two or more races.” The move is expected to cause shifts in how test scores are categorized, potentially altering race disparities and funding for education programs.

      Five justices of the Supreme Court have signaled they would like to end racial preferences in voting rights and employment cases — a majority that may not change even if Sonia Sotomayor is confirmed as the first Hispanic justice. Blacks and Hispanics, meanwhile, are touting a growing minority population and past discrimination in pushing for continued legal protections.

      Left out of the discussion are multiracial people, who are counted as minorities but can be hard to define politically and socioeconomically. Demographers say that while some multiracial Americans may feel burdened or isolated by their identity, others quickly learn to navigate it and can flourish from their access to more racial networks.

      “The significance of race as we know it in today’s legal and government categories will be obsolete in less than 20 years,” said William H. Frey, a demographer at Brookings Institution.

      “The rise of mixed-race voters will dilute the racial identity politics that have become prevalent in past elections,” he said.

      Liebler noted a potential dilemma where a white student who is one-eighth Cherokee applies to college and seeks an admissions preference based on race and disadvantaged status. Should the college give the multiracial student the boost, if one-eighth of his family suffered a past racial harm but seven-eighths of his family were the perpetrators?

      “It’s a huge question for our legal system and our policies,” she said. “Tomorrow we could have a legal case that challenges whether a multiracial person is a minority.”

      Census data also show:

      –More than half of the multiracial population was younger than 20 years old, a reflection of declining social stigma as interracial marriages became less taboo.

      –Interracial marriages increased threefold to 4.3 million since 2000, when Alabama became the last state to lift its unenforceable ban on interracial marriages. (The Supreme Court barred race-based restrictions on marriage in 1967.) About 1 in 13 marriages are mixed race, with the most prevalent being white-Hispanic, white-American Indian and white-Asian.

      –Due to declining immigration because of legal restrictions and the lackluster economy, the growth rates of the Hispanic and Asian populations slowed last year to 3.2 percent and 2.5 percent, respectively, compared to multiracial people’s 3.4 percent. The black population rose at a rate of about 1 percent; the white population only marginally increased.

      Currently, census forms allow U.S. residents to check more than one box for their race. But there is no multiracial category, and survey responses can vary widely depending on whether a person considers Hispanic a race or ethnicity.

      “It’s all about awareness,” said Susan Graham, founder and executive director of California-based Project Race, which advocates for a multiracial classification on government forms. “We want a part of the pie chart.”

      The 2008 census estimates used local records of births and deaths and tax records of people moving within the U.S. The figures for “white” refer to those whites who are not of Hispanic ethnicity. For purposes of defining interracial marriages, Hispanic is counted as a race.

      On the Net:

      Census Bureau: http://www.census.gov

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      to Just Great wrote on May 29, 2009 5:55 PM:
      ” I’m mixed race (black and white) and I have naturally blonde hair as does my son (black, white, and Mexican). Do you mean there will be no naturally blonde white people? ”

      Just Great wrote on May 29, 2009 5:37 PM:
      ” This is just lovely. I think I read once that in 75 years, there will in America, no longer be any natural blondes. So future generations will all be mud colored…nice. At least everyone will look alike. ”

      To Huh wrote on May 29, 2009 4:35 PM:
      ” According to the statistics, interracial marriages are quite prevelant amongst White/Asians and Hispanic/White especially in the West Coast, Pacific Northwestern and Southwestern States. Besides, everybody is mixed anyway so what’s the big deal? ”

      I love… wrote on May 29, 2009 4:03 PM:
      ” NWI. So many closet bigots like “Huh” and “Good” who love to spout their bigoted ideas anonymously. ”

      To Mr. Flawed wrote on May 29, 2009 3:35 PM:
      ” Where would the America Indiana fall under YOUR three catagories? ”

      Flawed Very Flawed wrote on May 29, 2009 2:51 PM:
      ” If you are including “Hispanics” they are not a “race.” There are only three Negro, Caucasian, and Mongolian. The idea of of all these races are just figment of some bureaucrats imagination. ”

      Euro-Native American female wrote on May 29, 2009 1:22 PM:
      ” Dividing the pie into “interracial” will spinter the pie every which way, especially when you define the races. Why not stop the racial chatter and eliminate the race card for all peoples. Our blood flows red, regardless of skin color. ”

      Good wrote on May 29, 2009 11:02 AM:
      ” Once everyone is blended, no one will be a minority anymore, no one will be special under the law, then we can end the poor poor me crying and all the blended people will actually work for a living, take responsibility for their actions, quit blaming others for their failures, raise and support the children they create, stop committing crimes and living off public assistance! I can’t wait for this to happen. ”

      Ylonda wrote on May 29, 2009 9:28 AM:
      ” Its not that the population has increased, its just that until recently there has never been a slot on the census to check for multiracial. Your options have were only allowed to identify yourself as either black, white or hispanic. ”

      Huh wrote on May 29, 2009 8:54 AM:
      ” The article states that the prevaling multiracial unions are mostly(percentage wise) Hispanic, Asian with whites. Huh? If one looks at TV, the movies, and society, one would think that it is mostly a black/white increase instead of the two cited groups. Of course this is the result of slanted views of the news media. Look at today’s TV programs, one would think one was in Africa, not the US of A! ”

      Ive wrote on May 29, 2009 8:44 AM:
      ” Been checking off that multi-racial box for years. “

    15. Susan Says:

      Tina: If you have a high school diploma, you need to learn how to spell and construct a sentence. Otherwise, shut up.

      Are you a nigger? Because niggers have an aversion to the letter “s”. Another thing they don’t like.

    16. Tom McReen Says:


      “The websites are getting fewer and fewer and before long I will simply not post at all and will simply forget about a pro White “movement” and simply live out the remainder of my life and try not to get raped, robbed or murdered by a nigger or niggers and try to maintain an income stream that will allow me to stay in my home until I get too old.

      And, no, I did not post anywhere except at VNN and now over at the Phora, which also has a number of very unpleasant supposedly White men who behave mostly like retarded children. It really is getting old–just fucking old and tiresome. You all do nothing but drive away good White people with continued paranoid bullshit.

      But I know our enemies are getting lots of chuckles out of all of this.”


      “Tina: If you have a high school diploma, you need to learn how to spell and construct a sentence. Otherwise, shut up.

      Are you a nigger? Because niggers have an aversion to the letter “s”. Another thing they don’t like.”

      That moral high ground can quickly become a slippery slope.

    17. Tom McReen Says:

      So for gawdsakes, please, no more bickering! Can’t we all just get along?

    18. Parsifal Says:

      “Can’t we all just get along?”

      Everyone here can get along quite nicely without YOU.

    19. Tom McReen Says:

      “Everyone here can get along quite nicely without YOU.”

      Stop projecting you pro-jew, pro-homo, pro-commie troll. It’s not nice. You’re the odd one out here pal, your sick remark about Yankee Jim confirmed that.

    20. Z.O.G. Says:

      “Can’t we all just get along?”

      –famous Jewish philosopher Rodney King


    21. Parsifal Says:

      McReen, your feigned outrage over the Yankee Jim remark is so unconvincing. You are a total FRAUD. Now report back to your handlers at the FBI or SPLC and await further instructions. You’re not doing a good enough job for them here, so they might pull you off this assignment.

    22. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      King, plus clips from ’92 riots:


    23. Tom McReen Says:

      Rodney King lol.

      Notice how as Parsifal unravels he behaves just like Jahn did on the forum – demanding that I ‘define my beliefs’, throwing ‘Conervative Christian’ around and copying my accusations towards him: I already said he could be a Cointelpro agent with too many socks and too much time on his hands and now he keeps posting that I work for the ADL or SPLC. Funny seeing as I already successfully proved that Parsifal/Blackshirt tried to block criticism of jews and divert blame on Christians on the ‘Sex’ topic page – and he has been ridiculing me for naming the jews on various pages.

      Parsifal/Blackshirt says you’re a ‘syphilitic madman’ who has a ‘pathological fixation’ if you hold jews responsible for our situation.

    24. Tom McReen Says:

      “McReen, your feigned outrage over the Yankee Jim remark is so unconvincing.”

      Everything about you and your many sock-puppets is feigned and unconvincing.

    25. Z.O.G. Says:

      If a poster changes their handle multiple times(Parsifal/Zoroastro/Zarathustra/Heinrich Himmler), then it’s very reasonable to assume that that poster also uses sock puppets. In fact, it’s almost a guarantee.


    26. Tom McReen Says:

      ZOG, what a clever tactic they used – have two fellow trolls pose as ‘neutrals’ (2050 and Ein) then when Parsifal/Blackshirt/Junghans gets exposed they leap in on the side of the multi-troll; then they falsely accuse me of using sock puppets/being Curt/being a disrupter helping the jews in order to distract from the already proven sock puppets/anti comments of Parsifal. Clever stuff.

      It’s not possible that any neutral observer can fail to see the obvious sock puppets of Parsifal and the pro-communist, pro-jewish comments of his that I highlighted. So that reflects badly on Ein and 2050. I would tolerate observers telling us all to ‘stop bickering’ but not letting Parsifal off the hook and accusing me of what he is doing. That doesn’t add up.

      It all unravels in the end.

    27. Parsifal Says:

      ZOG and McReen ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to stay on topic and should therefore, IMHO, be kicked off until they agree to the rules about posting on this site. Just a suggestion.

    28. Z.O.G. Says:

      Parsifal absolutely refuses to explain why he keeps changing his handle and posting under multiple aliases.

      Here are just SOME of the names that “Parsifal” has used to post here:

      Heinrich Himmler

      Constantly changing your name/handle on a web blog or forum is the behavior of someone who is up to no good. You can be sure of that.

    29. Tom McReen Says:

      “ZOG and McReen ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to stay on topic and should therefore, IMHO, be kicked off until they agree to the rules about posting on this site. Just a suggestion.”

      That is untrue.

      By your logic YOU should be banned as you just needlessly attacked me on one of the NEW topics – the one about modern art (I did not respond). This is an older thread and already disrupted.