27 August, 2009

Adorno as Critic: Celebrating the Socially Destructive Force of Music

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by Elizabeth Whitcombe.

“The Frankfurt School was a group of predominantly Jewish intellectuals associated with the Institute for Social Research. It originated during the Weimar period in Germany, and became a bastion of the cultural left. With the rise of National Socialism, the Frankfurt School was closed by the German government, and many of its members emigrated to America.”


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  7. 5 Responses to “Adorno as Critic: Celebrating the Socially Destructive Force of Music”

    1. Adam Says:

      From the article:

      Adorno believed that Wagner’s work is “proselytizing” and “collective-narcissistic” — clearly pejorative terms. Adorno’s complaint about the “collective-narcissistic” quality of Wagner’s music is really a complaint that Wagner’s music appeals to deep emotions of group cohesion. Like the Germanic myths that his music was often based on, Wagner’s music evokes the deepest passions of ethnic collectivism and ethnic pride. In Adorno’s view, such emotions are nothing more that collective narcissism, at least partly because a strong sense of German ethnic pride tends to view Jews as outsiders — as “the other.”

      I would replace the word “ethnic” with “racial”, in the above passage. In my view, different types of music appeal to races differently, and I suspect this is ultimately based on racial differences in brain structure.

      One might observe that today, almost all popular music works against white cohesion: some of it very obviously so (e.g., rap and hip-hop, “country” with anti-racist themes), and other styles more subtly so (e.g., blues, most rock, and jazz). There are some types of rock music, of course, that have been adapted to self-consciously promote the cause of white group cohesion, and still other forms to which whites are disproportionately drawn (e.g. techno, industrial, punk, and metal). Yet white power rock seems to struggle against itself and is of limited effectiveness, and the latter forms are musical products that don’t play much of an active role in promoting white cohesion. Though racist by default, they are also inorganic and sterile. They don’t speak to the Aryan soul in the same way that Wagner’s music does. In love with themes of death and suffering, for the most part filled with gloom and doom, they seem to envision and foretell white extinction. They are an expression of the fundamentally anti-racist nature of the technological system, and so, in this roundabout way, they also work against white group cohesion.

    2. lawrence dennis Says:

      NB: The Frankfurt School was only closed, not annihilated, as it should have been.

    3. Hoff Says:

      The outcome of the Frankfurt school is PC. The whole F school was about how to destroy the academia and turn it into a jew operated “academia”.

      What the jews does is basically that they promotes stupidity. Be it music or academia, politics or porn or whatever topic. The jews promotes stupidity.

      lf you want to control the world you promot stupidity, what you don’t want is bright and educated (m)asses. Hence the jews promotes stupidity.

      This is what the jews do. 35 sec video, best ever.


      This is how the jews do it. 4,5 min video, best ever.


      500 + videos about jews.


      Nice white song.


    4. Linc Says:

      Awesome article. I can’t wait for part 2! Perhaps Part 2 was already made; check out the documentary “They Sold Their Souls for Rock’n’Roll”

    5. Marwinsing Says:

      Spelling, Socrates, spelling… it’s the FrankTURD School.