13 August, 2009

Merle Haggard, They Ain’t

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Today’s country music = big-city Jews micro-managing cowgirls of both sexes to make sure that they sing about the “proper” things [1]:

[Forum Thread].

More about the new country music: [Here].

[1] “both sexes” hat tip: Dr. Pierce

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    1. Mega Therion Says:

      “Country” music has been totally JEWED in the past two decades. It’s run by the Kikes of Jew York and L-Gay. Patriotards and God-fearing imbeciles are the male faction and whorish tramps are the female side. That mongoloid Garth Brooks probably killed country music more than any other. Wonder if he’s any relation to the neo-con David Brooks.

    2. N.B. Forrest Says:

      Read that jewsweek article and leave a posting. I did.

      Let’s see how long my “hook-nosed record company suits” jibe stays up….;o)

    3. Bret Ludwig Says:

      “Both sexes” is an Ann Coulterism: I’m sure she got it from someone else, but I doubt Pierce. Probably one of the more acerbic female writers of the 50s.

      Country music has ALWAYS been jewed. It is Jewish in origin.

      That takes some explanation. There was always “folk music’ amongst white hillbillies and rural dwellers, most homes had some kind of instrument and most families had some singing and picking as thare was no electronic entertainment. the gramophone came out in the 1880s and 1890s and was popular amongst rural people, it was wind-up an needed no electricity. Most records were classical, light classical/operetta and such with singers like Lily Pons. Rural whites did not go for that, neither did city or rural blacks, and for those specialized markets “race” and “hillbilly” discs were made. Most of the vendors were Jews.

      The hillbilly records were the traditional kinds of music that the Scots-Irish brought over or picked up, but real innovation started when radio could reach huge numbers of rural households. The stations needed sponsors who had something to sell them and broadcast content they would listen to and Jews brokered both. The Auerbachs-Hill and Range-started publishing hillbilly music and rounding up whites to sing it, and the first big product to sell was laxatives. Farmers tended to eat starchy diets and often couldn’t shit worth a shit, and laxatives were a big commodity.

      “Folk music’ came to define similar sorts of authentic or pseudo-authentic backwoods music but sung by urban, left-wing and often overtly Jewish performers, whereas “country” or “country-western” music was heavily sold as really rural, Southern, conservative, usually religious, and right thinking. Under that veneer Jews controlled it fairly effectively, although they kept the Jewishness out of the lyrical content to a substantial extent until the last twenty years or so.

      Racial consciousness was NEVER a strong point of country music from the musicians’ standpoint. Most of them listened to black music and a lot of them hung out with black people even in the 50s and 60s. The country AUDIENCE was often racially conscious but the musicians and promoters hated and were ashamed of it.

    4. Alex Linder Says:

      “Both sexes” is an Ann Coulterism: I’m sure she got it from someone else, but I doubt Pierce. Probably one of the more acerbic female writers of the 50s.

      Coulter never originated a piece of wit in her life. The cleverness was used by Mencken, in a slightly different form, and probably predates him.

    5. 2050 Says:


      I put up this link once before. Now seems like a good time to do it again.
      Merle wasn’t allowed to put this song on his last album, because it’s about being white. No white identity allowed for the masses.

    6. Parsifal Says:

      I don’t much care for country music, but Johhny Cash was great, an American icon. And Willy and Waylon are pretty cool, too, as are The Dixie Chicks. Real country music is a White workingman’s kind of music, which of course is a good thing.

      As for Individualism, it’s a uniquely White attribute. What other race besides ours has any real individuals in it? The Orientals actively suppress any signs of individuality. Only the White Race encourages freedom of thought and expression. But when individuality turns into selfishness or a lack of responsibility to one’s race and people it does become a serious problem.

    7. -jc Says:

      That “More about the New Country Music” is an xcellent piece of writing and, having spent a lot of time in Virginia and Tennessee listening to the AM radio, I’m especially glad I read it; thanks. It brought to mind how subsequent generations have changed in my lifetime, some of my contemporaries lament “devolve,” John Ritter, who lost his dad, Tex, too young. Sons need time with their fathers and struggling to keep up with usury payments, when mechanization would otherwise have freed-up more time, undoubtedly have had as much to do with that problem as anything else. And I can relate to “The Possum” and Tammy Wynette losing one another and both ending up a mess, Jones playing to a less than packed house the other day and Wynette not only doing the filing-on rather than standing-by her man but ending up a multiculturalist..

      Johnny Cash and June Carter were both better before popular success, too, before they had big hair.

      Wish I’d pulled-over, back in 2003, and just written down the difference between “country music” disparaging the celebration of drunken, cheat’n behavior versus the hardworking “cowboy way” music ethos. Credit where credit is due: It was one of the better shows on Jew NPR’s Morning Edition. . I’ve never been able to find that comparison again even on the long version of the interview with author and Rider in the Sky Doug Green at http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=918541. Good photos and clips here, too http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=918541. If you find it, please post it for me because its good.

      I’m here to tell you, after having ridden for a few years with some Wyoming, Texas, and California old timers, that they didn’t all sing but most rolled their own smokes, shot well, some used a Lee Loader and one gave me my first reloading press (an RCBS Junior), and that you can at least sing a litter of puppies to sleep because I’ve done it most nights for the last couple of months. I’m proud to have been told a couple of times that I sat a horse well.

    8. Justin Huber Says:

      Every once in a while a good country song or album comes out. A lot of it, however, is just plain awful. Especially the videos. In my opinion, the Jews love country music because they can control so many whites with it. Older patriotards like it and younger people are latching onto it mainly because it has become some sort of red neck burlesque show. Both forms, of course, are quite harmful from a cultrual standpoint. I don’t know which I despise more; Toby Keith singing about Uncle Sam putting a boot in someone’s ass or Taylor Swift bumping and grinding like a degenerate negress.

    9. -jc Says:

      President George H. W. Bush celebrated country music by declaring October, 1990 “Country Music Month”. The proclamation read:

      “Encompassing a wide range of musical genres, from folk songs and religious hymns to rhythm and blues, country music reflects our Nation’s cultural diversity as well as the aspirations and ideals that unite us. It springs from the heart of America and speaks eloquently of our history, our faith in God, our devotion to family, and our appreciation for the value of freedom and hard work. With its simple melodies and timeless, universal themes, country music appeals to listeners of all ages and from all walks of life.”

    10. Parsifal Says:

      That jerk Lee Greenwood is the worst of the bunch. He’s the guy who sings that Patriotard anthem “God Bless the USA”. Naturally, being a flag-waving, right-wing tough guy like GW Bush, Dick Cheney, Ted Nugent and Flush Scumbaugh, Greeenwood actively avoided being drafted into the Vietnam War.

    11. Justin Huber Says:

      “God Bless the USA”, possibly the first of Country music’s patriotard anthems. How many have come out since then, I don’t know. Even as a child, when the song was played on the radio, I found it incredibly corny and geared towards simpletons. Although I like some of his music, I can’t stand Ted Nugent either.

    12. Maynard Says:

      Sorry, but I have NEVER like “country music”. My friends and I call it “hillbilly music”! Never liked it, never will. I must be a damn Yankee!

    13. Blackshirt Says:

      “Naturally, being a flag-waving, right-wing tough guy like GW Bush, Dick Cheney, Ted Nugent and Flush Scumbaugh, Greeenwood actively avoided being drafted into the Vietnam War.”

      Parsifal, you shouldn’t talk bad about those right wing chickenhawks… you are going to hurt Tom McWeenie’s feelings. LOL

    14. Parsifal Says:

      You’re right, Blackshirt. Tom is a sensitive and misunderstood soul who’s crying out to be loved (sniff!). Won’t somebody love that poor, tortured man (sob!)?

    15. Tim Harris Says:

      “Women of both sexes” is an expression that C. S. Lewis used. Don’t know whether he got it from Mencken or vice-versa, since they were roughly contemporaries, on opposite sides of the pond; of if they coined it independently; or if it goes back farther as Alex suggests.