16 August, 2009

The Beauty and the Beast: Race and Racism in Europe, Part II

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by Tom Sunic.

“The word and epithet ‘racist’ and ‘racism’ are usually hurled against White nationalists, never ever scathing other racial non-European outgroups. Over the last fifty years, no effort has been spared by the Western system and its mediacracy to pathologize White Western peoples into endless atonement and perpetual guilt feelings about their White race. The intended goal was to create a perception that all non-European races and outgroups are immune to sentiments of xenophobia or racial exclusion. The incessant anti-White propaganda and the idealization of non-Whites has attained grotesque dimensions, resulting in clinical self-hate and neurotic behavior among the majority of Whites.”


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    1. Parsifal Says:

      Turkish and Mexican soap operas are very popular around the world. And of course, all the glamorous, rich people in those shows are either White or at least very White-looking, whereas the gardener, the maid, the comical buffoon, all the menial roles are filled by brown squat monsters. And yet over here, the Jews and libs are constantly howling that American TV is not diverse enough. WTF, you can’t go thirty seconds without seeing a darkie on your set. Pretty soon, even the old John Wayne and Elvis movies will have electronically superimposed Nigs in them.

      And if a dumb show like Sabado Gigante was ever put on American TV, the Jew feminists would plotz! All the Benny Hill-style jokes and boob-jiggling……But it’s OK for the Mestizoes to have shows like that, apparently.

    2. Call the authorities Says:


      Guess which Zionist 9/11 Profiteer billionaire owns this San Francisco mall, where over 20 Israeli Military are caught on camera.

    3. Tom McReen Says:

      “The incessant anti-White propaganda and the idealization of non-Whites has attained grotesque dimensions”

      True. I just saw the intro for the BBC’s latest World Athletics Championships broadcast from Berlin and it was presented by negro 200m ex-champ Michael Johnson. It repeated all the old Berlin Olympics Hitler lies and then presented a parade of black sprinters with Johnson’s narration bragging about how ‘the bigoted ideology of Aryan supremacy was destroyed’. They showed off Jesse Owens again.

    4. Adam Says:

      From the article:

      It would be interesting to find out what was crossing the mind of the Jewish American author Susan Sontag, who famously said that “the White race is the cancer of human history.” If one grants that the White race is a cancer, Sontag is putting herself in an awkward position. Does she reject being White? Implicitly she suggested that Jews are not Whites, which only confirms the thesis of hundreds if not millions of of White racialists that Jews constitute a unique racial/ethnic group — and not just a different culture or a different religion.

      Consequently, can Sontag’s Jewish compatriots be Whites — in the sense their White Euro-American liberal friends want them to be? Her defamatory comments on Whites imply that Jews do not fall into the category of Whites.

      Dr. Sunic appears to be unaware that in Sontag’s full quote, she includes that notorious rabbi’s son Karl Marx as part of the white race she is condemning, so evidently she wasn’t particularly concerned with affirming the innocence of Jews, at least here. Of course the general point rings true: Jews like to have it both ways. When whites are being held at fault for something, Jews usually experience a sudden, inexplicable loss of their whiteness, which otherwise only a hard-hearted racist or a Nazi would deny them. Nobody but a Nazi or a deranged anti-Semite would accuse the poor innocent Jews of being racists, for example, even though any even slightly objective assessement would reveal them to be the premier racists on the planet, not only having invented the word, but the thing itself. But that all whites are racists is a canard repeated with such frequency and vehemence that most people believe it. Thus do we see proof yet again of the perpetual efficacy of the big lie technique, a technique we also must credit to the race of world-class liars we know as Jews.

      Whether the Jews are classified as members of the white race is a biological question we can refer to taxonomists. In my admittedly non-expert opinion they are not, since I would limit that descriptor to European-descended whites. In addition to the genetic differences, I think that there are enough behavioral differences between whites and Jews to merit their classification into separate races. Oxford biologist John Baker however, in his famous book Race, classifies them as white; but he wrote in 1974, before anything was known about the genetic differences between European whites and Jews. There have by now been quite a number of studies that have shown the genetic distinctiveness of Jews. Taking the genetic evidence into consideration and setting it together with the behavioral evidence, the Jews are indeed a race even by Baker’s own criteria, as they form a distinct breeding population distributed over a specified geographic range.

    5. Adam Says:

      “Internal server error”? WTF? This blog software has more bugs in it than there are hook-nosed kikes in NYC.

    6. Adam Says:

      Sunic quotes Clauss:

      Every race bears within itself its own value system and standard of excellence; and no race can be evaluated by the standards of any other race. … Only a person who could stand above all races and transcend race would be able to make “objective” statements about a given human race. … Such a person does not exist, however, because to be human means to be conditioned and determined by race.

      Perhaps God knows the true hierarchy of races, but we humans do not.

      This isn’t really a very useful assessment at all. All that is meant, or should be, by racial superiority, is superiority in a given context. There is no such thing as an absolute, contextless superiority. That would be no more than an expression of personal preference, not superiority.

      We can illustrate the point thusly: The white man is superior to other races vis-à-vis the technological system, in that he was able to develop it and is most adapted to its use. From this he gains enormous prestige among the non-white races. The fact that this very adaptation is now threatening to result in his own extinction is not generally perceived. Nevertheless it has exacerbated some genetic predispositions of his, and made him weak. For example, he has developed a neurotic mania for equality, and a eunuchoid demeanor. Non-whites the world over smell this weakness and are drawn like flies by the scent of his decay. He looks on vacantly now and with an idiot’s half-smile as non-whites who despise him flood his lands, take his women, and eat up his substance.

      As the elaboration of the technological system he developed progresses, the context is changing in that way, and in many other ways, so that the white man now appears poorly adapted to survive in the multi-cultural, multi-racial hell worlds his technological superiority enabled him to create.

    7. Fr. John Says:

      Thanks for posting the link to Sunic’s article. I’ve responded at my blog. I fully believe that the things he writes about, with MacDonald’s corroboration of deceit and culture-death the Jews have been giving us for over 100 years, is the reason Christendom is dying.

      Of course, for the foolish among your readership, anything that smacks of Christianity is anathema to them. But, in doing so, may I point out that they are then on the side of the Deicides, who also HATE Christ with an equal, irrational fervor?

      So, who’s really on the side of Western/White/Christendom Man?
      food for thought…