26 October, 2009

Jerry Abbott, Re: Obama

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Abbott comments: [Here].

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  7. 52 Responses to “Jerry Abbott, Re: Obama”

    1. Tom McReen Says:

      Definition of a socialist:

      Someone who believes in jewish dictatorship.

    2. David Baker Says:

      Here’s some Obama jokes.

      Obama was pitching platitudes to a crowd of people on the Whitehouse lawn, when a young boy suddenly proclaimed: “Look momma, the clothes have no Emperor!”

      Obama was fielding inquiries about his birthplace, when a man stepped up to the microphone and addressed the president: “Sir, you are from Kenya, I can tell.” Obama struck a pose of indignance, and asked the gentleman to explain his remarks. “Mr. President, your limousine has remained in stock condition. Any American black would have had that ride ‘Pimped Out’ by now!”