15 November, 2009

Dobbs Quits CNN

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“Klein,” huh? Is that an Irish name?


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  7. 12 Responses to “Dobbs Quits CNN”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      {“Klein,” huh? Is that an Irish name?}

      Certainly not, but there was the late, great country singer Patsy Cline. I think it’s an Irish name when it’s spelled that way, unless there are such things as country-music singing Jewesses.

      Anyway, I hope the “birther” controversy doesn’t go away. Sotero was obviously born in Africa, but I guess he was the closest thing to a competent Negro front-man the Jews could find.

    2. Ein Says:

      An Irish name?… Klein?

      Nah! Sounds Italian to me. :)

      Probably another of those subversive Catholic papists who are trying to take over the world. Gotta clamp down on those damn sneaky Catholics! They’re just out of control.

      They’re the ones you have to watch out for. Once you get the Catholics under control, everything will be fine.

    3. old dutch Says:

      All of these Mexican & Latino organizations comprised of Roman Catholics seem to be happy that Lou dobbs is off the air. Maybe your Cardnial Mahoney will issue a statement too. LOL.

      Your Virgin Mary Rosary tattoo is showing. LOL.

    4. Ein Says:

      No, not “my” Cardinal Mahoney. Hardly. But yes, that lefty fanatic does need to be called to heel –emphatically! — just like ALL THE OTHER cults as well, none of which represent me (and I do not represent them). But still, they are not the driving engine behind all of this, bad as some of them can be. Let’s keep our priorities straight. Btw, some of the most virulent “Latino” groups today are the evangelicals. Nonetheless, I do think the political ones are more rabid, more dangerous, more fanatical, than the religious ones.

    5. old dutch Says:

      I think it was Frosty Woolridge, who claimed the Latinos’ are the Irish Roman Catholic politicians revenge on the Protestant America they so hate. That’s why the Roman Catholic politicians like the Kennedys’, Caseys’, Daleys’ etc. etc. are always pushing for amnesty for illegal aliens, and open borders.

      What’s Pelosi’s excuse?

    6. Howdy Doody Says:

      The entire world is upside down. By design.

      The only way we’ll get our world back is through a systematic collapse of the financial system. Most white folk with have to lose everything before they get off their ass and do something. Somedays I feel like a lone voice in my neighborhood. My neighbors are racially aware but too lazy to do jacksquat.

      Oh well………….when the muds try to take over after the collapse (a lot of white folks are armed to the teeth), they’ll have a big surprise.

      Right, the useful idiots and traitors need to face open capital trials IMO,

      Those who post and leave out the jooos who were the foundational driving force behind this criminal genocide and treason are just POS troll sophists IMO.

      See “Culture Of Critique”

    7. Howdy Doody Says:

      That post above was a quote by another poster on another part of this, and I accidently loaded it and posted it.

      Darn it.

    8. Kuda Bux Says:


    9. Ein Says:

      “…claimed the Latinos’ are the Irish Roman Catholic politicians revenge on the Protestant America they so hate. “

      I can buy that. Yes, it makes sense. But I don’t know any Irish Catholics (much less other kinds of Catholics) who feel that way. It seems that, for some reason, the Irish politicos are a special breed — apparently those in Ireland today as well: very, very lefty! But this stands in contrast to a great many Irish people (in my opinion, easily the majority). I think those extreme lefty political fanatics, who are so unrepresentative, got indoctrinated with Marxism in Ireland and came here with it already in them. Like the Jews hating Russia.

      And those Irishmen, like the Kennedy’s, who hate the English (and thus Protestant America) came here with that warped thinking already ingrained in them. Whatever they suffered over there, it’s nothing that America ever did to them! All we did was open our doors and offer them a new start.

      But to say it again, I don’t think most Irish-descended people feel like that. Certainly none that I know! A lot of them have married Protestants. None of them “hate” Protestants. None of them want to destroy America or “get even” for anything. I’ve known Irish people who’ve lived in England and say they were very fond of it. No hatred there!

      After all, do the Kennedy’s and their type share anything in common with 99% of Irish-Americans? People like the Kennedy’s just cynically exploit the ethnic relationship for political benefit. And btw, it seems their younger generation is heavily intermarried with Jews. So much for any type of ethnic or religious loyalty! What a joke.

    10. Annie Oakley Says:

      Howdy Doody – I’m not sure if you posted my comments to attack me or was than an accident. The very fact that I’m on this site is testament that I know the Jews are behind all of this stuff. That’s a given. I wouldn’t read or post on VNN if I didn’t agree with what Linder is part of.

      I’m on your side here and I’m doing everything that I can possible do on my side to mobilize and work with fellow WN’s, which is I’m doing at the moment.

    11. Tom McReen Says:

      “The entire world is upside down. By design.”

      The jews are strange people, aren’t they? Is there anything they haven’t turned to shit?

    12. Curt O'brian Says:

      You sound exactly like “Susan”. You know why that is? You also know I’m talking to you Jewish activist among the names above. It is a paid organizational effort isn’t it? What is the endgame? Adam Lambert dancing on Saturday morning cartoons?

      The only upper middle class woman I’ve ever met that slept as a 13 year old with her orthodontist and thought it was an achievement was Jewish. Says a lot about your so called culture. Get rid of the non Jews who you hate and what’s left? Is going after the orthodox Jews next?

      Those restricted hotels really shamed you didn’t they….