28 December, 2009

Book Review: Hard Bargain

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Newbies, president Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “destroyers-for-bases” deal with Britain – which was vital to the waging of World War II – was hatched and nurtured by the Jewish lawyer/adviser Benjamin V. Cohen [1]:

[Book Review].

[1] refers to Cohen’s July 1940 memo to Roosevelt titled “Memorandum Re: Sending Effective Material Aid to Great Britain with Particular References to the Sending of Destroyers.” The memo urged Roosevelt to give Britain warships and, in true Jewish fashion, made false claims about the legality of doing so. Cohen’s destroyers-for-bases deal was illegal since it bypassed Congress, which didn’t learn of it until after it was finalized. Furthermore, Cohen and another powerful Jew, Felix Frankfurter, used a gentile (Dean Acheson) to “sell” the bases-for-destroyers idea to president F.D. Roosevelt. Not only did Cohen and Frankfurter help set the stage for America’s entry into WWII, but another Jew, Walter Lippmann, a writer/commentator and a member of The Century Group, wrote a speech supporting the bases-for-destroyers deal which was read on national radio on August 4, 1940 by U.S. General John Pershing – a speech which helped sway public opinion from “isolationist” to “interventionist.” Add to that Jewish billionaire Bernard Baruch’s “cash-and-carry” plan for illegal arms sales to the allies (among other things), and you’ve got America’s war against Germany cooked up by the HorseJews of the Apocalypse. In fact, Hitler cited the ending of U.S. neutrality as a main reason for his declaration of war against America on Dec. 11, 1941

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    1. CW-2 Says:

      FDR got the better of the deal because the swap was more symbolic than substantive. FDR and Churchill moved closer to their desired world war, the US got some unnecessary bases and Britain got some clapped-out obsolete ships.