2 December, 2009

More Trouble for Green Bolshevism

Posted by Socrates in global warming, globalization, green Marxism, Socrates at 2:08 pm | Permanent Link

Emails? What emails? You can’t prove anything, you fascist plant-haters…


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  7. 6 Responses to “More Trouble for Green Bolshevism”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      As I’ve said before, all this global-warming hooey is just an elaborate liberal scheme to try and create a UN-controlled World Government. The Libs have been whining about this non-existent problem for several decades but as far as I know the world is still here.

    2. Nordlander Says:

      The Left started various eco scares in the 20th century to make Westerners feel evil, for having invented technology. Non-Whites suddenly became morally superior, for CHOOSING not to have technology – they live “in harmony with nature.” (Apparently, living your life perpetually hungry, cold and diseased, with eight out of ten children dying from starvation before adult age, is “harmony.”)

      The Left had to do this because their lies about the Soviet Union’s superiority fell flat to the ground. The USSR failed miserably and forced its people to stand in waiting lines for hours to buy food. The “capitalist” West was far better at providing prosperity. The ECONOMIC argument against the West failed. So the Left launched attacks based on ecology, racism, and sexism.

      And the media carry forward every new attack the Left chooses to use, while hiding its failures. Whatever happened to global cooling, acid rains, running out of oil in the 1960s, running out of minerals in the 1970s? All swept under the rug. Just like global warming will be swept under the rug ten years from now.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Remember the “crack babies” scare in the 1980s, along with the “homeless crisis” and the “AIDS epidemic” of that era? What about the “population bomb”, threats of a “nuclear winter” and fears of total devastation from air pollution back in the late 1960s and early 70s? The Left is always coming up with imaginary problems to try and scare the public into accepting more government and tyranny. Not that the Right is innocent of any fear-mongering, mind you. It’s just that the Left is much better at doing it than the Right is. And think of all the lucrative careers that have been made by Liberals who have proposed “solutions” to the imaginary problems they have invented!

    4. Nordlander Says:

      Tim, let’s not forget the avian flu, SARS, the Mad Cow Disease, and now the swine flu.

      How can anyone be scared by the swine flu, when you remember the scare about avian flu, which was said to become a pandemic of epic proportions? Answer: they don’t remember. It’s amazing. The panic back then, just a few years ago, is the same as the panic right now.

      And let’s not forget the spectres of terrorist bombs in Red State malls, and anthrax letters sent to millions of middle-class Americans. Does anyone remember the anthrax scare today? It was only eight years ago!

      All these scares are useful in four ways:

      1. Blame the West. It is always Western technology that creates the pollution and bad living standards that are the cause of it all, we are told. Yes, even the tsunami was caused by global warming, we were told back then while the fear was still hot. Whites learn once again that they are evil, a blight upon the world, and that it is better if they disappear.

      2. Condition people to submit to government control – any problem has to be solved by the government, and you have to do what you are told. The conditioning is injected with every school that enforces vaccination for the children, no choice given.

      3. Increase the money flow to favored universities, politicians, movie makers, authors, debators, and so on – the many second-tier groups that make up the Outer Party. Let the feeding frenzy begin!

      4. Make people ignore the real dangers.

    5. TimMcGreen Says:

      Terrorists, Al Qaeda frogmen, the Red Menace, the Yellow Peril, 9-11, narco-traffickers, kiddie porn, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Mad Cow, Anthrax, Crack Babies, homelessness, AIDS, SARS, air pollution, greenhouse gasses, nuclear winter, nuclear proliferation, weapons of mass destruction, inflation, recession, Islamo-Fascism, wear a condom, use a clean needle, wear a face mask, wash your hands after you pee……

      How did any of us manage to survive all of those Jew-manufactured crises???

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Green Bolshevism”….That’s good! I plan to use that term a great deal when referring to the Global Warming Mafia.