3 January, 2010

California: ‘Nazis’ Recruiting at Gun Show

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Gadzooks, holy crap and oh-my-God: do you know what that recruiting could lead to? The preservation of Western culture and the things that would come with it, e.g., less crime, less corruption, graffiti-free cities, English instead of pidgin. Frightening to think about, isn’t it? [1]:


[1] Young people: pidgin = broken English. For example, the negro use of “dey” and “dem” for “they” and “them.” Some rap music could be called pidgin

  • 11 Responses to “California: ‘Nazis’ Recruiting at Gun Show”

    1. Lutjens Says:


      dat’s a nigga name…

    2. old dutch Says:

      No wonder the National Alliance is losing membership. What kind of tards are you going to recruit at a gun show? Gun nut tards. Adolescent tards. Soldier of Fortune tards.” Former” Agent Tards. Agent tards. Tards recruiting tards. LOL.

    3. Ian Says:

      At least they’re making an effort out in the real world.

    4. whodareswings Says:

      I have a recruiting plan for gift shows, dog shows, mobile home shows, and garden shows. Fuck the gun shows. They’re too hot button, anyway. My plan is to rent a table and at some of these other shows where the decent citizens congregate and offer them free white bread toasted on the spot in a brace of glistening chromium toasters. The bread has the letters EAU (European Americans United) stamped out of the center. You put a white slice in a toaster and turn it brown before their eyes and tell them this is what’s happening to their culture. When you hand them their free slice EAU toast you can also offer them a free bag of yummy crutons made from the letters stamped out of the white bread. If they want to know more about the EAU they can take a brochure. WHITE FLOUR!

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      If the National Alliance is so irrelevant, then why are those liberal antifa homos so upset about them appearing at some gun show? The whole White resistance needs to move underground anyway.

    6. Angry Xgen'er Says:

      Amazing how all these people a tagged. This site is likely monitored as well.

      browser that does not record your net wanderings: ixquick

      Check it out.

    7. Igor Alexander Says:

      Do you mean a search engine that doesn’t track your searches? Ixquick is good (available at startpage.com) as is clusty.com

      As far as browsers, I don’t trust Google Chrome one bit and IE is notoriously insecure. So that leaves Firefox and Opera, AFAIK.

    8. Igor Alexander Says:

      Is it against the law to post articles like this about loxist and bolshevik trash? If not, why aren’t more of us doing it?

    9. N.B. Forrest Says:

      Note the oily way those cum-sponges “casually” mentioned how the NA members had “posted many pictures of themselves AND THEIR CHILDREN”…..

      I of course know that these kinds of antifa scum are nothing but expendable street thugs for Big Shmuel, with all the value of a besnotted Kleenex – but goddamn, they deserve painful extermination….

    10. John Says:

      Western culture is not worth preserving.

    11. sean gruber Says:

      John said

      “Western culture is not worth preserving.”

      Down the shithole with niggers raping and killing your mother and sisters, then. What you mean is culture is not worth preserving. Life is not worth preserving. So go die already.