22 March, 2010

Why’s Black Peepo Be Ugly?

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Mebbe it be de big lips. Mebbe it be de big noses. Mebbe it be de huge asses. Mebbe it be de flat feets…


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    1. Jon Says:

      Cuz Mother Nature made ’em that way. :-)

    2. Stan Sikorski Says:

      “Why’s Black Peepo Be Ugly?”

      #1) Because they chose to be, having no sense to improve themselves due to lack of I.Q. and no drive to fuel self improvement;

      #2) Because they are an obsolete genetic experiment that failed a long time ago;

      And #3) For the last 20 or so years I have noticed that certain types of looks have been used in the commercial media pertaining to ‘black females’. The jewish entertainment evolution has portrayed the negro female as a solid nurturer who keeps her hair in a troll-like style, her body “in shape” and her attitude “strong”. Variations have included the troll-ugly but wizened negress (Whoopie GOLDBERG), the brutish tennis grisses Williams, the ‘black singing Barbie doll’, Bouncy (Beyonce’), and of course guru Orca Windbag

    3. Ein Says:

      And there are so many of them. God! Where do they all come from? Who produces them?

      Looking at them, it’s almost miraculous that they manage to get pregnant. Are blacks all severely near-sighted? I have to wonder how they manage to reproduce their race. There’s just one explanation — It can only be done under the influence of drugs and alcohol, and in complete darkness.

      Nonetheless, the biggest, fattest black mammy will have a string of pickaninnies behind her. They just don’t seem to be picky about their sex partners. Anything that’s warm and breathing will do. (And I’m not even sure if that’s necessary!)

    4. pan Says:

      Gee, like some of the respondents I typed in “Why are white” in Google and got:

      -people so racist
      -people called crackers
      -people so ugly
      -people so evil

      Where’s the outrage?

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Black peepo seem to think dey’s ugly, too, otherwise the Negro bucks wouldn’t be chasing after White and Oriental girls all the time. Nor would the Negresses spend so much money on hair-straighteners, light-colored contact lenses and skin-lightening creams.

      But I still think Jews are uglier.

    6. John Says:

      Ein Says:

      23 March, 2010 at 6:34 am

      “And there are so many of them. God! Where do they all come from? Who produces them?

      Looking at them, it’s almost miraculous that they manage to get pregnant.”

      A nigger will stick his dick into anything! If a female Martian landed on this planet he’d ‘do’ her if he had a chance! :-)

      I believe the hideous, ape-like countenance of many of their women is a huge factor in their pursuing our women–especially blondes–in this post-America Amerikwa; encouraged of course, virtually everywhere you look, by the “usual suspects” and their collaborators.

    7. Klassikality Says:

      As much as they hate us, they want so much to look like us. Niggers and all the other non-Whites. Hair straightening, dyeing hair in colors exclusive to Whites (blonde, red, brown) color contacts, skin lightening, nose jobs, lip thinning, eye surgery for orientals, etc.

      All that “Black Pride” stuff is bullshit. Every famous nigger buck is either with a White woman or a light skinned mulatto or hi-yellow negress or some other non-black race woman. Have you ever seen a black couple where the woman is darker than the man? Hardly ever.
      Super-nigger Spike Lee is with a hi-yellow type, ape like rapper Jay-Z is with the very White looking Beyonce. The list goes on and on.

      Deep down niggers know they are ugly and inferior.

    8. nom de guerre Says:

      I is an ugly bubble butt nigger buck, an has protrudin buck teef , wif pussy pink spongey lips. an I’s demands mah healf care to reconstuction mah face, so’s I kin looks like Micah Jackson, and be rich an famous as Amos. Isah also wants mo edjemucation benefits, so’s i kin helps dah world bes a bettah place, and Isah has a wet dream of luvvin up dem sno-hos

    9. nom de guerre Says:

      Hope every god damn nigger and spic takes full advantage of Obongo health care, like take off for the rest of their fukkin lives from the work place… Give em the whole banana. Fuk what a relieve not to have contend with that bunch in the work place. Who the fuck wants niggers and spics in the work force, except god damn traitors and jews.. lets make sure they fill up the hospitals, and emergency rooms and morgues

    10. nom de guerre Says:

      Niggers have been waiting about 1 million years just to hit their heads on the lower rung of athropoid apes

    11. Irma Grese Says:

      Because they are genetically inferior throwbacks, sort of proto-neanderthals.

      The sooner they are ALL made extinct, the better.

    12. Tim McGreen Says:

      I think Negroes are indeed an evolutionary throwback or regression. Their distant aboriginal ancestors no doubt had lighter skin and curly or wavy hair, not kinky hair. And those ancestors were no doubt better hunters and gatherers than their Black descendants are. And they must have had some kind of halfway decent looking aboriginal art, too. Moving from the African grasslands to the jungles 200,000 years ago was a big mistake for those people.

    13. Veritas Says:

      …but…monkeys have thin lips and straight hair…

    14. Noshirt Says:

      It’s interesting they have now found a fourth different DNA humanoid in Siberia. Humans, Neanderthals, the hobbit and now this Siberian cave DNA little finger. So it is much more common for speciation to occur in humans than science thought. Gee I thought it was impossible for the differences between races to be anything more than cosmetic? Could that be wrong?

    15. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Mebbe it be de flat feets?”

      Yessuh! Dat’s sho’ nuff be laff-out-loud funny! Aint it da troof!