1 March, 2010

Zundel, Imprisoned for Thought-Crime, Free at Last

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This is good news. But every headline is calling Zundel a “holocaust denier.” If I question certain claims about the Great Depression, am I a “Depression denier”? The label is bogus, just like Jews are bogus: their history, their religion, their opinions and comments – all bullshit. Questioning the Jew-approved court historians – on any issue – simply makes one a good citizen:


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    1. th Says:

      The entire ball of shit started with the shithole USA deporting him to the other shithole Canada, knowing he would be sent to stand trial in Germany. I know I called the other two countries shitholes, but I see a great difference in Germany the land and it’s sell out government. Any way, I find it strange that he could be sent to Canada, because of issues with his application to immigrate to the Jew run USA, when this shit hole is packed full of illegal immigrants that flood across the border directly in the face of immigaration officials daily. He was deemed a threat to national security?? Did I read correctly?? This from a country that gives standing ovations to convicted nigger terrorist Nigger Mandela. The hypocracy is enough to make one vomit. Its not Mr Zundel that attacking sovereign countries, it’s not Mr Zundel thats committing tyranny against it’s own citizens. The only thing worse than hooked nose thieving lying spawn of dog shit jew is the excrement that employ his policies. No Aryan man or women should have an allegience to this shit hole. Mr Zundel I wish you peace. Excuse me now for I feel the need to go into the back yard to shoot guns.

    2. old dutch Says:

      As I have asked in Germany,”what makes the Jew historians infallible?” The same mindset that makes the Pope infallible?

    3. whodareswings Says:

      The article in the Toronto Sun forgot to mention that after Zundel was renditioned to Germany the anti-terrorism law which they had used to keep Zundel in solitary confinement without charges for two years was struck down. The 100 year old “false news” law used to jail him in the ’80s in Canada was likewise determined to be unconstitutional and removed from the books after they’d used it on Zundel. Zundel and Germar Rudolph are now sidelined forever as revisionists. If either dares to re-engage in the holocaust debate they will be sent back to prison.

      There is no next generation to pick up the baton. People under 40 aren’t that interested in sorting out the real history of WII. Many can’t even tell you when it happened or why. All they know is that six million innocent Jews were gassed by Nazis just because they were smarter, richer, more talented and better looking than them.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      “There is no next generation to pick up the baton. People under 40 aren’t that interested in sorting out the real history of WII. Many can’t even tell you when it happened or why. All they know is that six million innocent Jews were gassed by Nazis just because they were smarter, richer, more talented and better looking than them.”


      Whodarsewings, don’t worry about it! Most Kwans are so dumbed down they don’t even know when WWII was fought or who fought in it. The Jews have largely failed in their attempt to brainwash the Goyim into accepting the Gospel of the Six Million because of the Goyim’s apathy and an attention span that can be measured in nanoseconds. For once, the public’s stupidity is an advantage for our side.

    5. .308 Says:

      great speakers
      if only more of you were poetic suffer
      if only you were melodic masters
      you might actualy be slaughtering the cream of kikedom
      true artists will rule the night again
      weathermen be daMMED!

    6. Igor Alexander Says:

      “There is no next generation to pick up the baton. People under 40 aren’t that interested in sorting out the real history of WII.”

      Oh, I don’t know. I’ve run across a few people who I assume to be young posting in forums like The Phora who seem to know their way around this stuff. They probably don’t have the balls to be doing it under their real names, though.

      The other thing is, revisionism has pretty much accomplished what it set out to: it’s irrefutably proven the holocaust to be a hoax and made that truth available to all who would hear it. And with the Internet, there’s no way the jews will ever suppress the revisionists’ research, no matter how hard they try. There’s really nothing left for revisionists to do, other than to keep their websites up and keep trying to reach people with the truth.

      Revisionism is like the iceberg that sunk the Titanic: its ultimate effect won’t be seen immediately, but the damage it has inflicted is fatal and irreversible. All it’ll take is a slight change in the political landscape for it to take off like wildfire.

    7. Z.O.G. Says:

      You’re right, Igor.

    8. William Says:

      I have purchased and read Germar Rudolf’s DISSECTING THE HOLOCAUST and Arthur Butz’s THE HOAX OF THE TWENTIETH cENTURY.
      While it is true that Jews were placed in camps, most of those who died did so from causes other than a bullet or a gas chamber. The so-called gas chamber at Auschwitz was built by Russians in 1948. The holocuast is a HOAX. It is all a pack of Jew lies. I am amazed that Jews have gotten away for so long with all the lies. Anne Frank’s diary is a hoax. There were NO Jew shrunken heads or lampshades made from Jew skin or soap made with Jew fat. It is all a LIE to shakedown hundreds of billions of dollars and to establish the evil and phony nation of Israel.

    9. Irma Grese Says:

      whodareswings Says: There is no next generation to pick up the baton. People under 40 aren’t that interested in sorting out the real history of WII.

      Take heart! I am WAY under 40 and I know the TRUTH!

    10. Dave Baker Says:

      The power of Jews to punish transgressors should not be underestimated. These people ran the Mafia. They know coercion. They know blackmail. They are proficient in the art of intimidation, control of the courts, the media, and government officials. There is no doubt in my mind that Jews have been forcibly removed from countries around the world due to the fact that they have exercized this power against the gentile populace until they rebelled. It is the nature of these true racists to dominate gentiles, and all means justify all ends (which explains their “Holocaust”) Their Kol Nidre absolves them from guilt for any act against gentiles, no matter how egregious. Bernie Madoff, and a host of other Jews have shown that their tribe should never be trusted, yet they are highly placed in every government, media, economic and scientific field. I would hope one day that at least Americans would wake up and smell the bagels. Perhaps….

    11. Dave Baker Says:

      Irma, if you know the ‘truth’, then you should be able to accurately describe what happened during WWII. To me, it is obvious that Jews have not only failed to provide viable evidence of the “Holocaust”, but they ignore all exculpating evidence that has been clearly presented, such as the fact that they used virtually the same atrocity propaganda during WWI, INCLUDING THE SIX-MILLION JEWS KILLED figure! No census data indicates a substantial reduction in the Jewish population between the early 1930s and the mid 1940s. There are no contemporaneous exhibits that specify the Jewish as being condemned to execution by any means, much less gas chambers. Jews did declare war on Germany, so they must have expected the Germans to react accordingly (The German reaction was to kick them out, but the advent of the Russian campaign forced the Third Reich to establish concentration/forced labor camps for Jews/gentiles in Poland to manufacture war materials) As far as I’m concerned, Mr. Zundel had these people over a barrel, and they rolled that barrel right back over him.

    12. Tim McGreen Says:

      I’m so tired of the Holohoax. If someone confronts me about it, I’m not going to cite a bunch of facts and statistics so I can argue with the prick. What’s the point? People are going to believe what they believe regardless of the facts, especially the Jews. You want to believe that 6 million Sheenies were “gassed” by the Nazis? Fine, you can even make it 600 million if you want, because I DON’T CARE. If everyone just said they don’t care about the Holohoax anymore, the Jews would be left speechless…for once.

    13. David Baker Says:

      Tim McGreen, I’m afraid it isn’t that simple. Jews have made the “Holocaust” a standard cirriculum in our schools, and kids have absorbed the lessons they have learned. They now accord pious deference to those poor ‘victims’. Just ignoring or wearily acknowledging this canard cannot make it…or Jews…go away. Their Talmud sets forth an agenda to utilize any means to insinuate their tribe into positions of authority, or at least into positions from which they can exert influence over authorities. Jews have been phenomenally successful in this regard, and much of their success has been derived by their constant rehashing of the “Holocaust”. I cannot prove it happened (which is what I’m trying to do) but I can easily prove it didn’t happen. One need merely refer to the census data, lack of actual witnesses, lack of physical evidence, the citing of similar propaganda used during WWI, and of course the absolute smoking gun that disproves the Holocaust: The fact that Jews have outlawed any doubt expressed publicly about the event in several nations. I agree that revisionism is not going to expose or embarrass those consummate liars, but they will be kicked out of the U.S., and retribution will be made against them by the vilified TRUE victims of WWII.